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As usual, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight. I “know” Jen, and she knows I do it, so it’s not exactly stealing. But then again, it’s not a link up either ;).

~I’m not going to do a newsletter tonight because I need to get the subscription box list updated. I have SO SO SO many boxes to get added including the new Wantable Intimates Box! The September Box sold out in 24-hours, but you can pre-order the October box now! You’ll receive 4 to 5 premium essentials like flirty panties, sporty tanks, essential camis, cozy socks, stylish tights, and comfy soft bras from leading brands like Jockey, Coobie, Pheel, Argoz, and Muk Luks.  I may do a post today or tomorrow of all the new boxes I have added just do you don’t have to dig for them in the list!

Watable Intimates
Wantable Intimates

~Instead of doing responsible things today (like grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning), after dropping off our unsold garage sale items at the Salvation Army, we went to eat at our favorite BBQ place and then to the Apple store for a Genius Bar appointment. There was a little “incident” with WB and B’s iPad yesterday.  Thank goodness for Apple Care!  We also hit up a brand new yogurt place at our local mall (it’s not as good as the others in our area).  It was a fun, but exhausting day.  And I am stuffed.

It was all so delicious.
It was all so delicious.

~Now that I know what school L is going to (aka not that one I wanted), I finally downloaded the school supply list and we went shopping today.  My goodness kindergartners need a lot of supplies!  And that backpack?  Clearly L’s pick.  Clearly.  We’ve got meet the teacher / see your classroom one afternoon next week, so at least he doesn’t have to drag it all with him the first day.

So Many Supplies
So Many Supplies

~I’m working on setting up a new blog e-mail account, but I’m not having much success importing it to to my Mac Mail account.  I’ll get it though, I will!

~Did anyone else notice that their second child just doesn’t like toys like the first did?  WB seems to bypass most “baby / toddler” toys and goes straight for L’s big boy toys.  He plays cars and trains and loves Hot Wheels and Thomas and stuff L didn’t like till he was bigger.  Mainly he just likes playing with L though :).

~OMG, during our busy day today we swung by Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up a reusable / refillable Vue Filter Cup thing and it turns out that they now have a Cost Plus World Market inside!  We used to have the a store near us but it closed a few years ago, which sucked because we loved it.  I was shocked (and thrilled) when I saw a mini little store in BB&B today.  It was just foods (including beer and wine), but it was so fun to walk down all the aisles and check out the goodies!  I can’t wait to go back.

The Goodies
The Goodies




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  1. brandy

    my daughter poured paint on the ipad mini yesterday 🙂

  2. Leana

    We tried that orange leaf (I’m assuming you’re talking about it) and it was decent. Bad Brads is good, but I think Slows is better (not as close though). And I’ve been to that BB&B twice solely for the cost plus section. So fun.

  3. Katrina

    Oh! My boyfriend and I were wondering a couple weeks ago if they had started making reusable Vue cups yet…but neither of us took the initiative to actually look it up. 😉

    I’ll have to go to BB&B to look for one! Thanks!

  4. Nicole

    So true on the 2nd child. Carson doesn’t car about the baby toys one bit. She immediately goes for all the hot wheel cars. We were trying to come up with ideas to buy her for her birthday and Hubs was like we should just buy her some cars because she won’t play with anything else.

  5. Mrs. L

    I think I would perish if there wasn’t a Cost Plus World Market nearby. That’s almost as gold to me as Target!

  6. Tori

    I have a Keurig Vue and have been wanting to get a refillable/reusable cup, so THANK YOU for sharing the link!

  7. Vanessa F

    I love the idea of the new Wantable box… But looks like sizes of the camisoles and unders only goes up to Large 🙁 bummer

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