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Thursday Thoughts

~So B and I randomly started watching “Orange is the New Black” last night and I think I found a new love! Halfway through the first episode I remembered that someone commented on here that I would love it and Amanda, you were SO right. It’s amazing. I can’t wait to watch more tonight!


Orange is the New Black

~For some reason I thought today was Friday? No idea why. I just did. Maybe it’s because L is heading up-north today or maybe because this week is dragging, but I was very confused this morning.

~I got my Moxie Jean (that’s my referral link – you get $10 off your order and I get a $10 credit if you order using it) order yesterday and couldn’t have been more thrilled.  The items were exactly as described and were tied all cute.  I got 4 pieces / sets that were brand new with tags and three pre-owned items.  I’ll for sure browse at Moxie Jean and thredUP for amazing deals on some higher end (like say Janie & Jack) dressy things, but I’ll probably stick with my beloved GAP clearance for basic things.

The Order (all was $52) I believe?

The Order (all was $52) I believe?

~Oh and I wasn’t the only one thrilled by the Moxie order.  L was thrilled too.  I got him some footed pjs. He couldn’t wait to put them on for bed last night.  And yeah, he wears fuzzy pjs in the summer.  He had fuzzy Christmas pajamas on yesterday morning and was running all around and then couldn’t figure out why he was all sweaty.  I suggested that he change into shorts, but he insisted it was NOT the pjs.  Okay then.

Modeling the new pjs

Modeling the new pjs

~If you commented on Monday looking for a Graze code and haven’t gotten an e-mail from me yet, don’t worry, you are on the list!  I am e-mailing people as the codes come back to me and it’s moving along nicely.  And I cannot thank everyone who has “donated” their codes to get the chain started.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  If you are still looking for one, leave a comment and I will add you to the chain and e-mail you when I have a code!

~I heard the UPS truck yesterday and looked in the garage after he left thinking I’d find a pair of pants B ordered.  Nope.  I found a Little Tykes Bounce House. What the what?  I quickly tried to remember if I’d won one (umm, no), ordered one (again, no) and came up blank.  And then I thought it was delivered to the wrong house and right away thought I do NOT want to return this (**).  But it turns out it was from my MIL (aka B’s mom)!  He knew she was sending it but had forgotten and never told me.  Best rainy Wednesday surprise ever!!!  The boys loved it!  WB was unsure at first (I think it was the noise), but he was throwing himself down that slide in no time.  Probably because he’d been watching L do it ;).  Thanks again Karen!!!  Oh, when B got home I suggested we set it up and surprise the kids.  He was like yeah, but it’s raining.  Umm, baby, that’s what basements are for!

Crazy Boys!

Crazy Boys!

~What does everyone think of the new gmail inbox?  You know, how it’s separated by Primary, Social, Promotions, etc?  At first I wasn’t into it at all, but it’s growing on me.  It makes me feel more organized and I always like that!

~I have been totally slacking on C25K and need to get back on the wagon and fast!  I won’t even give you an excuse.  I have none.  I suck!  B hasn’t been running a ton either, but at least he’s got a reason (his knee has been hurting).  I think he’s got a 10K this weekend though, which will give him 19 races, with 11 more to go.

That’s it from here.  Don’t forget to link-up your Thursday Thoughts below!




(*) If you e-mail them your codes, they will add up the value and combine them into one new code for you!
(**) I would have returned it of course!

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20 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Tara

    I love orange is the new black! I watched all the episodes in a week and then was sad it was finished! I read it was all ready picked up for another season tho which makes me happy 🙂 Tge book is also good although not exactly the same as the show. Awesome bouncy house I am jealous!

  • Jennifer

    Awesome Bouncy House and what a great MIL! I will look into the Orange is the New Black tv show. I am currently watching Scandal-which I am LOVING. Have you watched Scandal. Season 1 is on netflix, and season 2 is on Hulu. Only 7 or 8 episodes for each season.

  • Lynsey

    I finished Orange is the New Black in like 3 days I WAS OBSESSED! Did you know its a true story!!!!!! I want to read the book it is based on!

  • Tabitha

    Not lovin’ the new Gmail inbox. I typically read the messages from promotions then delete them or move them to primary where I think they belong. I totally deleted the social tab.

    Been thinking about watching “Orange is the New Black”…

  • Krystal

    Orange is the new black is so good! I just finished the season on Tuesday. And alessio was reading with me and wants to know why “Lucas’ papa (dad) is sleeping in that jump house?” Ha!

  • Jenny

    OK you are going to have to tell me what is good on Netflix. I just don’t get it. I keep looking for stuff and can’t find anything I want to watch. Everything I try is unavailable. 🙁

  • Kristyn

    Hi Jen, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now (I love all of your reviews), but this is my first post! Can you please put me on the list to receive a Graze code? Thanks!

  • Toni

    That’s funny because I just started watching Orange is the New Black and I am seriously addicted Im almost finished now with the series.

  • Suzanne

    I did not like the new Gmail inbox at all! I changed mine back to the original view. It just easier for me to see everything in one place.