Thursday Thoughts

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Thursday Thoughts

~L’s “Meet the Teacher” was yesterday at school and it went great! He happily marched in his classroom and introduced himself to his teacher and we loved exploring the school. His classroom looks great, his teacher is super nice and I signed up to be a room mom ;). I gotta do it now while L still thinks it’s cool to have me around. I think he’s getting excited for next week ;). Oh, and those are his new keens he’s wearing with shorts.  Better for the playground than flip-flops and he seems happy with them.

In the gym!
In the gym!

~thredUP received the bag I mailed in (last week) and the estimated processing date, is, wait for it, October 2nd.  So instead of the 3-5 days they say it takes (they should really just change that), it’s 5 weeks!  I expected it though so I don’t mind.  I’ll make sure to post a link to the payout when I finally get it!  Oh and they did send me a 20% off coupon code which I have already used to buy L five long-sleeved button down Polo shirts!

The E-mail
The E-mail

~I’m been slacking on some winner announcements so here you go! The winner of the Petit Vour box is Lauren (not sure of a last name) ( and the winner of the Ray-Ban Aviators is Alyssa A. Dexxxxy (! Congrats ladies. You should have an e-mail from me in your inbox! And if you are waiting on a prize from me, it’s been mailed so be on the lookout!

~Did anyone else watch the season premier of Teen Mom this week?  I’m not even sure where to start with that!  I really like Katie and Briana and I’m not sure about the other two yet.  Mackenzie just seems young and Alex, well, she’s got her hands full with what’s his face so I can understand why she seems a bit stressed.  But those 200 worksheets she’s behind on seems a bit crazy!!!!

Teen Mom
Teen Mom

~I mentioned it on Facebook the other day, but Stella & Dot has launched a Girls (intended for ages 3-8) line!  The pieces are adorable and makes me think I need a little girl.  I don’t do in-home parties, but how cute would a Mommy & Me Stella & Dot party be with pieces for all the little moms and all the moms to try on??


~And finally, what are you doing for the holiday weekend?  We are headed up-north (L is headed there today), but I’m not sure when.  B has to work tomorrow (I think), so we’ll see!  Do you have any big plans?

That’s it from here.  Don’t forget to link-up your Thursday Thoughts below!

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  1. Kayleigh

    Glad L liked his teacher! That makes things SO much easier. Ugh, I was SO hoping I won those Aviators!!! Haha

  2. Jenny

    Oh I’m sure he will have a blast at school. I have my first parent/teacher meeting next week for N. LOL I hope to get a better feel for his teacher but so far I really like her and I hope we get on the same game plan for him.

  3. Kelley

    So glad L likes the Keen’s and you guys found some! As I told you all 3 of mine wear them and once I bought my oldest a pair I had to buy the other 2 some ! 🙂

    Can’t believe school is about to start here next week too (all the older kids went back 2 wks ago.) I’ve got 2 in preschool and had to go to 3 diff preschool activities this week!

  4. Tabitha

    Just checked out the Girls Collection on Stella & Dot and it’s so adorable!

    Not watching Teen Mom 3. I can’t get sucked in again. I watched all of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, including all the stuff from way back when they were on 16 and Pregnant. I didn’t watch anything with the new teen moms so I don’t really feel invested in their lives like I did with the previous girls.

  5. Jen

    He looks so adorable! So glad the teacher meeting went well.

  6. Margaret

    I wish I didn’t get so sucked into those MTV shows but yes, I too watched Teen Mom 3. The girls are just so young and delusional or perhaps I’m just old and realistic. Either way, I’m sure I’ll keep watching. Are you caught up on the Challenge?

  7. Alyssa

    Thank you so much again for picking me as the ray ban winner!
    I just finished watching the premiere of teen mom 3 so far it looks like its going to be full of drama. And how the heck does someone get 250+ worksheets behind in school? That’s just insane to me but the only girl I really remembered was Mackenzie from her cheerleading outfit and her boyfriend being a bull rider and him getting in some kind of accident in his truck. The rest I didnt remember much about but they are all drama not too sure teen mom 3 will make it past 1 season to be honest.

  8. Jennifer

    School starts for us on September 6th. As the mother of two daughters…I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I watched teen mom!

  9. Ashley C.

    So glad that it sounds like L is going to have a great school year with a great teacher — even if it wasn’t at your first choice of schools. He’s going to do great!

    You got a chance to watch TM3! I’m with you on all of it. Briana … she’s the one that has me wondering a little bit and HOPING for the best, but not banking on it. I mean … she starts off trying to do something to protect herself AND her daughter, and then he sends ONE LITTLE MESSAGE — a message that, if you saw their original episode of 16 and Pregnant — is completely out of character for him, and she quickly dismisses the case. He knows what he is doing by stringing her along. Oh to be young!

  10. Sarah L.

    I absolutely love the “Color Crush” necklace and bracelet set from Stella and Dot! Excellent color combo for fall. Bought it as a Sweetest Day gift for our daughter 🙂

  11. Mrs. L

    I too have to work tomorrow so I think Sunday will be chores and Monday will be the down day with maybe us BBQing that evening.

    Don’t watch Teen Mom. I knew one of the “16 and Pregnant” girls and after watching that had to swear off those kind of shows (cuz I was swearing too much at the TV!)

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