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Today I’m smiling because:

~We made it through another week of school! Trust me, this is reason to smile. Kindergarten = hard work for everyone. I’m also (still) smiling because L is loving it!

~I found the Goodbyn bynto boxes I use for L’s lunch every day on clearance at Target yesterday! Some people reported finding them 70% off, but they were only 50% off at “my” Target. I’m headed out this morning to the best Target on earth to see if I can find some more for my cousin who wants them for her kids.  And since someone will ask (I know I would), I found these in the regular lunchbox aisle.  They are part of the Back to School items that are on clearance, so check the back to school area too.

Goodbyn Bynto
Goodbyn Bynto

~The season premier of Shark Tank was last night!  I love that show and when they show the updates to people who have been on in previous seasons?  That’s even better.  I want some Sweet Ballz!

~It’s less than 48 hours until the next Breaking Bad!

~It’s (almost) certain, my Detroit Tigers are going to the play-offs!

~I have read “27 Reasons Why Parent’s Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Text” probably a dozen times and it has me in tears every time.  If you haven’t read this yet, you are missing out.


~I have started putting things I have received in subscription boxes away for Christmas gifts and am hoping that this will cut down on a bunch of my shopping this year!

~My PopSugar Fall Style Box is FINALLY in my state and should be here either today or Monday!  I almost forgot that box was coming it’s been so long.

~I’m kind of sort of liking the new iOS operating system!  I know, I know.  But the new camera features sucked me in.  The ability to take a square pictures is amazing and the new ringtones are a great change.

That’s it from here!  What’s got you smiling today?

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  1. Kyra

    I found the Goodbyns at my Target too! I got a small and a large and only had to hit 2 Targets, though I found several other goodies as well.
    I’m liking ios7 but the calendar is not my friend, I like the old one better.

  2. Lauren

    Because my mom brought me lunch AND took my daughter to see her great grandma! I’ve been enjoying my time working on some crafts and cleaning up!

  3. Suzanne

    Love the 27 reasons parents shouldn’t be allowed to text. I sent my MIL a smiley face using symbols & she thought it was “curse words”! I almost died laughing!

  4. lisa

    the new iOS system made me seasick for the first two uses, but now I really like it!

  5. Angela

    That text thread is hilarious lol I’m over here keeled over on my couch XD and yeah I love iOS 7! I keep finding new little thingies like when you double click to manage apps and the you can simply swipe up on an open app to kill it. Or how you can swipe left or right to go forwards or backwards in the browser. So cool.

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