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As usual, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight. I “know” Jen, and she knows I do it, so it’s not exactly stealing. But then again, it’s not a link up either ;).

~I made a trip to Target yesterday and OMG, so many great finds! You don’t go there in two weeks and it’s like an entire new store.  They had a ton of their fall stuff out and I found a ton of things including:

Caramel Apple Cookies & Frosting
Caramel Apple Cookies & Frosting

First up is Caramel Apple Cookies and Caramel Apple Frosting.  OMG, say what? I couldn’t get these items in my cart fast enough.  We haven’t gotten a chance to make these yet, but it’s happening this week.

Pumpkin Spice m&m's
Pumpkin Spice m&m’s

Were these pumpkin Spice m&m’s out last year?  I can’t remember.  I saw pumpkin spice and knew I had to try them.  Frankly I don’t love them.  They taste like pumpkin spice like they say, but I suppose I just like my m&m’s to taste like chocolate (and salt).  B likes them though and agrees that they do taste like pumpkin spice.  I’d recommend you try them if you haven’t already.

Starbucks Via Pumpkin Spice
Starbucks Via Pumpkin Spice

Not only does Target have Pumpkin Spice Via packets, they also have a deal going on right now that you get a free journal if you buy 3 Starbucks products (bagged coffee, via packets, bottled drink 6-packs, etc.)!  You KNOW I had to get that free journal!

~In case you missed it, I posted the PopSugar Fall Style Must Have Box spoilers yesterday!!!  Click here if you want to check it out.  If you don’t want to check it out, I will say that everyone seems to be very very excited by this box!

~I received my Offer from Twice for the bags of clothes I sent it. I should have taken pictures of everything, but I didn’t.  I received an offer of $48.50 for the bag I sent it.  They accepted 8 items and didn’t accept a handful because they were “dated”.  Considering that everything would have just ended up getting donated anyway, I am quite happy with it.  I think it took just under two weeks from when  mailed it in to get it processed and get paid.  They pay immediately via Paypal if that’s what you select.  You can also get a check or opt for store credit and get an extra 25%.  Or if you hate the offer, you can pay $5 and get the bag returned to you.  I am still waiting on my 2nd bag payout from thredUP, but have been finding some amazing deals from them and from Moxie Jean in the last few days!

My payout
My payout

~You may have notice that my Instagram feed is gone from the sidebar.  I was (am?) having some problems with the widget I use for it, but I am hoping to reinstall soon.  In the meantime if you want to follow me on Instagram, you can do so here. I only have it set to private so that I can see when people follow me and them follow them back.

~It took forever (no seriously, it took ages), but I have my Monthly Subscription Box List totally updated.  I verified every link in it, updated with new boxes and noted if any existing boxes on the list have closed.  I don’t delete those because I know people sometimes wonder what happened to them.  I’m planning on sending out a newsletter later tonight and will list all of the boxes I added in there.  Oh, and I added a new category for “Regional” boxes.  I don’t do it often because it’s kind of a pain, but it was totally necessary here!

That’s it from here.  What’s on your mind tonight?

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  1. Meredith

    I haven’t been to target in about 3 weeks, but after this postI think I may need to head out there tomorrow!! Ugh, I love target. Haha

  2. Jenny

    You did just post about Twice. LOL I’m hoping to have my bag soon and I need to stalk their site and see what I should send in. I have no idea what all will fit in the bag. I’m hoping to do decent and then I can either cash out or get myself something. I haven’t decided yet and it really depends on the payout I think. I’ll go from there. 🙂 Excited for my first bag to go out.

  3. Lauren

    Uggh I was really disappointed by the pumpkin spice M&Ms. I guess it’s my own falt because I saw them and got my hopes up really high, but to me they just tasted like regular M&Ms with a hint (more like an aftertaste) of pumpkin spice. :/ That caramel cake looks amazing though. I will definitely be picking that up the next time I go to Target!

  4. Stacey

    All those fall foods look so good, the UK needs to get on board with pumpkin spice, they don’t really sell anything pumpkin flavour here!

  5. Sue

    Ooooh, I want to try the pumpkin spice M&M’s. They don’t sound like they are getting rave reviews but I still want to try them!!

  6. I love fall for the Pumpkin Spice extravaganza that takes over everything. From September to November, I have to increase my coffee budget because I cannot resist the pumpkin spice and gingerbread lattes that are EVERYWHERE!

  7. Mrs. L

    Oh, I have to look for the Caramel Apple stuff! I only have time to hit Target once this week (I know, how lame of me lol) so I’m waiting until later in the week when I can hit both Target and Cost Plus at the same time. Hopefully a few things will still be available!

  8. Mrs. L

    So I snuck in a trip to Target today. NO Halloween stuff yet…it will be next week they said (haven’t they been saying that for weeks?). The Halloween cards are up and there is a ton of stuff in the Dollar Spot. NO Caramel Apple cake and frosting though 🙁

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