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Dear Thanksgiving,
You were fun!  I think I am still full, however, it was worth it.  Also, why don’t people eating stuffing more often.  You are a delicious treat!

Dear Nationwide Insurance, Those commercials you have with that giant baby? Yeah, I laugh every single time.  So does L.  We love that baby.

Dear Post Office, I am dreading coming to visit you today. But there are things to be mailed that I cannot do from home, so we will be seeing each other all to soon.

Dear GAP or some other store, Fingers crossed you have some amazing sale on your “warmest” snow pants / jackets sometime between now and Cyber Monday because, umm, it looks like I forgot to L new snow pants this year. Oops. So if you see a kid up-north in too short pants and a too small coat, he’s mine.

Dear Diet Pepsi, Why can’t I just quit you once and for all. I have stopped buying you for at home, but if I see your deliciousness while I am out and about, I am doomed.

Dear Shoppers, My goodness you were all out in full force last night.  We drove by the mall(s) Target / Toys R Us, etc.  and every packing lot was FULL.  But Walmart, you were the craziest of the all.  You couldn’t have paid me to do in there last night.  I hope you all got some amazing deals!  You deserve it for braving that crazy.

Dear All these iPad Deals, Which one of you is best?  Will there be more I don’t know about?  Why have I already ordered two of you (one of you is getting returned) because I keep finding “better” deals out there.  Stop it!

Dear B, When you texted me after your 5K and 10K’s yesterday morning to say you ran into some guys I went to high school with and were going to go have some beers with them, I will admit I was a tad concerned.  But then I realized who you were talking about and all was well.  You just never know what stories might come up in conversation………

Dear Target, I look forward to visiting you today and seeing what shape all those shoppers left you in last night!  Not sure what I am setting out in search of, but I’ll figure something out.

Dear Starbucks and Fabulous Starbucks Workers, Thank you for being open on Thanksgiving.  We needed your caffeinated drinks more than you could ever imagine on the way to dinner yesterday.

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  1. Nicole

    We went to Wal-Mart last night right at 6:00 pm when all their deals started and sadly the Target we went to afterwards was WAYY crazier. Everyone at the Wal-Mart was calmly waiting in line with very minimal shoving. I saw three different “fights” at target. Def. didn’t see that one coming. Hubs and I are pretty quick though. We get exactly what we came for while the other gets in line.

    1. Jennifer

      Well what did you get????

  2. Beth

    Was your post office terrible? I live in a small town and ours was super quiet. I needed to pick up the large flat rate boxes so I can start getting my Christmas boxes ready to ship out by in the next week or so. The USPS guy was wearing the strangest turkey hat. I should have asked if I could take a photo for Facebook!

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh. I went to the gas station that has a post office in it and it was a complete mess! So crowded!

  3. Jenny

    M and I went to highschool together but he’s a year ahead so we ran in kindof different circles however I’m sure there are some people I so wouldn’t want him to sit around and talk to for too long. 😉

    1. Jennifer


  4. Berit

    What’s the scoop on an iPad deal? I started to order one through our work discount program, but didn’t seem like much of a discount

    1. Jennifer

      There were a bunch of deals, but I think they are all done now. I picked up ones at Target and on Friday, but they all sold out so fast!

  5. Berit

    I ordered one through Apple store and got a $75 gift card

    1. Jennifer

      That’s a good deal!

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