Friday iPhone Dump

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If you feel like linking up and showing off your weekly iPhone pictures grab the button and link-up below!  If not, that’s cool too. Oh and I have gotten a few questions about make my collages below.   So basically I grab my nine pictures and make them into a square collage in Picasa.  Then I add some grid spacing, add the numbers and then crop them into three groups of three pictures.


1. All week L has been rocking red and green outfit combinations.  He has a surprising number of them actually.  And I just let it all happen.  He looks good!

2. We don’t see much of the neighborhood dogs in the winter, so we were all very excited when Gucci appeared in our backyard.  He is seriously the nicest dog.  I think he misses the kids!

3. I started making cookies after I got home from taking L to the doctor on Monday and even though these two were sick, they wanted to help so badly.  I finally just got some stuff out for just them and let them go for it.


4. My FB feed was filled on Christmas morning with tree / present pictures so I felt like I should take one too!  And can I just say that we had the best tree every this year?  That thing has barely dropped any needles.  It’s amazing.  L did such a good job picking it out.

5.  We finally made it out to look at Christmas lights!  Granted, it wasn’t until Christmas night, but still.  The kids liked it and that’s all that matters.

6. L brought this home from school in a bag last week and was so serious about not telling us what it was (unlike his Santa shop gifts).  I think it’s my favorite present ever!


7.  This was my first Rainbow Loom bracelet and I felt so accomplished when I was done! You would have thought I won the lottery or something when I was finished.  I was like EVERYONE COME LOOK, I MADE A CHILDS BRACELET!

8. This guy loves him some Thomas the Train on tv. It’s like he has tunnel vision when it comes on.  Thomas and Elmo.  The rest he could care less.  But if hears the Elmo or Thomas theme songs come on, he’ll come running!

9.  WB can climb up the ladder to L’s top bunk.  All on his own.  How fabulous.  NOT.  He’s never upstairs by himself or anything, but the second we walk in L’s room, WB beelines for the ladder.

How’d your week look in pictures?  I can’t wait to check it out!

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  1. Brianne Flowers

    Where is that town, with all the lights?! That is amazing.

  2. Ashley

    That’s one of the things I miss most about living in Rochester! Besides Kruse & Meur and the proximity to Somerset, of course!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!!! what about their fabulous outdoor mall??

  3. Susan

    That ornament is too cute. My daughter Alyssa made one almost just like it in her kindergarten class this year. Their teachers must’ve read the same craft magazines.

    1. Jennifer

      Pinterest must be the best thing ever for crafts for teachers!

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