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It’s time for another edition of Tuesday Troubles. I’ve said it before (like every week), but this should be named “things i’m annoyed / confused / want to complain about”, however I couldn’t figure out how to make any of those into a snappy title, so Tuesday Troubles it is. And yes, I do realize that these aren’t true “troubles”. I know that many of these for sure could be defined as first world problems!

~Facebook. So I will be on the Disney website looking at hotels. Or at Staples looking at pens. And then what pops up as ads in my Facebook feed next time I go on there? Disney stuff and office supplies. Seriously, how do they know? Do I even want to know how they know? It’s totally creepy. Yet of course, it won’t stop me from using Facebook.

~I am totally stumped on a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband (he only reads the posts that have his initials in them, so hopefully he will skip by this one). I did a watch for Christmas. He gets lots of subscription boxes already and has the all ties he could ever need. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, but I’d like to get him something to open. Thoughts? Ideas?  Is a spa day lame?  I think he’d be all over that, but is it the way way out?  Ahhh!! What are you getting the guy in your life?

~So on one of the deals sites (and elsewhere I guess) I go on, every once in a while I will come across a post with someone referencing themselves in the third person.  “crazydealshopper got a great deal today at WalMart”.  I do not get this AT ALL.  It’d be like me saying “Ramblings of a Suburban Mom likes this box” instead of “I like this box”.  Why why why???   I can’t stand it when I hear people doing it when they talk, but seeing it typed out drives me even crazier.  Ramblings of a Suburban Mom does NOT get this at all (*). Ahhhhhh!!!  So annoying.

~So I’ve been doing some thinking about the Subscription Box List and what to do with old boxes that are no longer in business.  I have been leaving them on the list(s) and crossing them off, but there are getting to be so many that I just don’t know about that plan anymore.  I am thinking about maybe moving them in their own category, like Closed Boxes or something along those lines.  Would that make the list any easier to maneuver?  Any other ideas?  I don’t want to get rid of them totally but I am not sure the current system is working anymore.

~I’ve been to Disney many times, but you all had such amazing dining recommendations for me yesterday for places I have never heard of, so I want to know more!  Tell what is the ONE thing I must do / see at Disney World.  It can be a place to eat, a ride to go on, a snack to have, a great place to take a picture, some super secret something, anything!  I cannot wait to hear these!!!

That’s it from here for now! What’s troubling you today? Is your area getting hit with this crazy weather that seems to be sweeping the country? L’s got another day off today (it’s so flipping cold out) so have some more (indoor) Snow Day fun today!!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

(*) That was a joke!!! I would never refer to myself in the third person and certainly never by the name of my blog!
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  1. Brianne Flowers

    You have to go on the Spiderman ride at Universal. I am sure L would love it.

    1. Jennifer

      He totally would. I don’t know if we’ll make it to Universal on this trip though. There is just SO much to do!!

  2. leana

    Oh, for Disneyworld (I booked my October trip already!) have you been to the drive in sci-fi theatre restaurant in Hollywood studios or the 50s prime time cafe there? The food is decent but they are just really neat, (esp for the kids).

    Also, is it bad that I spend 2 Days at Epcot..one for the future world and one for going to the lands and eating all day basically?

    1. Jennifer

      I actually haven’t spent a ton of time at Hollywood studios with kids! I need to look into Prime Time Cafe. Everyone is recommending it!

  3. Nicole

    That’s a lot of cold days to miss school! I live in Alberta, and we have school until it is -40. No weather-related days off yet this year.

    Enjoy your day.

    1. Jennifer

      You guys are tough up there!!!!

  4. Polly

    Haha the fact that you had to put an asterisk just in case people didn’t get it makes me smile 🙂 Stay safe in the snow! xx

    1. Jennifer

      I couldn’t even handle the thought of someone thinking I actually would say that!

      1. Tiffany

        LOL i laughed at this too.. and laughed reading it because thats a HUGEEE pet peeve of mine too!

  5. Kaellan

    I like the idea of having the subscription boxes not in service anymore to have their own category.

    1. Jennifer

      I think I do too!

  6. Maggie

    You have probably already read this, but sometimes you can make an early morning breakfast reservation before the park opens (make sure it’s not a day that that specific park is open for extra magic hours). We did that last year for breakfast at Cinderella’s castle and it was amazing! We have pictures in front of the castle all by ourselves with no one in the background. Plus the breakfast is huge so you can hold out for lunch a little longer and try to miss a little bit of the crowds at the restaurants.

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think that I realized you could get in the park earlier by doing that! What a great idea!

      1. Tiffany

        You Can do this!! We do it everytime we go to disney! its brilliant! 🙂

        1. Jennifer

          What is it??

  7. Wenyan Yuan


    I am not sure if you already know this, but the link above is a site for disney fanatics. Tons of good information there. They even have a board just for Disney restaurants.

    I personally recommend the Grand Marnier Grey Goose Orange Slush in the French section of Epcot. I have to get one everytime I am there. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Oh, we’re talking now!!! Too bad that’s not considered a “snack” on my meal plan!

  8. Kelly M.

    We loved the hoop dee doo musical revue! It’s a high energy dinner show and I’m sure the kids will love it. They hand out tambourines and all the kids get up and dance. It’s always fun to laugh and sing while you eat. We love Disney!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, I remember that when I was a kid! I will have to look into that one!

  9. Jessika

    At Downtown Disney there is a store that has nothing but the clearance items from all over the parks. It is called Marketplace Fun Finds. They even have grab bags, that have pretty good stuff in them. Every time I go to Disney I have to that store and buy a grab bag.

    1. Jennifer

      Seriously? This sounds magical. I want in on this action for sure! I cannot wait!!!!

    1. Jennifer Haberstroh Vergin

      I need him to play a sport!

  10. Jenny

    I love the idea of moving the”retired” boxes to their own section. It would help clear up some of the space but if someone was looking for something they would still be able to find it.
    The ads are their due to your cookies. LOL M can always tell when I’ve been on his computer he says since when he gets back on he can find all the Disney stuff he would ever need. I need to remember that around my bday and holidays. Go on his computer and surf for what I want over and over so that it pops right up there. 🙂
    I just asked the boys their favorite parts of WDW and N said Star Tours and Jedi training and C said meeting Mickey mouse. FYI the Mickey at the MK talks to you. It is so fun.

    1. Jennifer

      Wait, when did he start talking?? I didn’t know this! I won a trip to Disney once which included a private meeting and pictures with Mickey Mouse outside the castle before the park opened and he didn’t talk to us then.

      1. Jenny

        He started when he moved up to main street last year. It is really cool. He had my boys roar with him. No idea how he knew my boys love to roar.
        And you won a trip! !! That is awesome.

        1. Jennifer

          Ha! It was awesome. It was a trip for 8, with airfare staying at Beach Club. Included a meeting with Mickey AND a private guide at MK one day. She took us all around and used her special fast pass for every single ride so we never had to wait. It was awesome.

  11. Alicia

    I live in Orlando and I have an annual pass so I go all the time. I’m not sure which parks you plan on going to, but in Animal Kingdom the Lion King show and the Finding Nemo show are both AMAZING. They are really my favorite. In Hollywood Studios, the toy story mania ride is really fun and the Fantasmic show is great. At Magic Kingdom, they have a card game called The Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom where you go on missions to save Magic Kingdom from the villains. There is also a pirate one similar to this as well in adventureland. Epcot is not the most fun for kids but they have a phineas and ferb game where you get a cell phone and help them solve mysteries which is fun and you can also get a mask and go around the world getting stamps and decorating them.

    Sorry for the novel, let me know if you have any questions :).

    1. Jennifer

      I am pretty sure we will end up going to them all. We don’t like to go totally park crazy though. More like go in the morning. Come back to the hotel and swim and stuff and then back around dinner time. We thought Toy Story was cool last time we went so we totally need to do that one again. I need to look into The Sorcerers! L would love that!!! And the P&F one too! Thank you!

  12. alyssa

    I’m guessing you provably already know this but just in case you dont, Disney has their own line of princess inspired makeup much like the ones that were sold at sephora. But this line has exclusives that can only be bought at Disney!
    Makes me want to go to Disney just for the makeup and the cute little vinyl Mickeys.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh really??? I will look!!

      1. alyssa

        I looked it up its called Beautifully Disney.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

  13. Um, I’ll take that creepy fb thing one more step – I’ll look at something on ANOTHER site (lately Neimans or Saks) and, the next time I go on FB, THE EXACT ITEM I was looking at will be in an ad in the middle of my news feed. WTF?? Totally out of control.

    And, speaking of fb ads, is that WB on the Citrus Lane one?? Have you seen it??

    1. Jennifer

      So creepy!!!

      And I haven’t seen it! Is it WB??

        1. Jennifer


  14. Erika

    Go to http://www.ourlaughingplace.com. They have a transportation wizard to help you go to and from everywhere, how long it’ll take and all the ways to do it. Even if you’ve been there a lot, it’s fun to know the other routes to go, especially if you have some time to kill and want to take a scenic route, like the boat. Oh, and we LOVED Beaches and Cream at Beach Club resort. It’s an old fashioned soda fountain shop with delicious burgers and awesome ice cream sundaes. L will love it. They Even dress the part. We went the Sunday night we arrived as a meal on our plan and it was fun to just mosey over there, eat, and explore before the fun began in the parks the next day. Also, in case you didn’t know you get a TON of food on the meal plan, even sharing with WB, you’ll have tons, don’t feel like you’re going to run out of snacks/options, I swear you’ll never go hungry 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds like a cool website! I will check that out! I have been to Beaches and Cream, but I don;t think L remembers. It is so cute!

      And totally agree on the food. It’s ALOT!!!

  15. Jenn

    Toy Story Midway Mania (it’s at Hollywood Studios). RUN, don’t walk to get Fast Passes for it. It is a GREAT ride–it’s a shooting/arcade game and ride the way Buzz Lightyear is, but much, much better. Even if you have to wait in line, it’s fun b/c of the theme (you are “shrunk” to the size of a toy and are in Andy’s toy box). When we went to WDW in 2011, we rode it…6 times. Yes. 6. And of the 6, we waited 40+ minutes for 3 of those times with a 3-year old and it was still worth it.

    1. Jennifer

      6 times!!! I think we did it once when we went a few years ago but we loved it!!! We’ll totally hustle there!!

  16. I’m also an Orlando girl who goes often, I really enjoyed the new beauty and beast experience (although can’t recall what it is called) – it’s new and I think kids would love it since it lets a handful participate! That would be a must-see that I would tell someone. The lion king show as well as the safari are on the top of my list too!

    1. Jennifer

      I’ll look those up!!

  17. Kyra

    I just bought Disney passes…that would be neat to run into you there! I live 2 hours away and haven’t done Disney since 3 years ago so no tips here. However there is a Lululemon outlet and a VS outlet nearby! Lots of good outlet shopping there!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I’m all over that lulu outlet I went on the last trip too. Love it!!!

      I’ll message you when it gets closer too!

  18. Barbie

    For your hubby?
    The boxed set of 007 movies? I think if mine had his way that’s what he’d get.

    One year I bought the entire series of his fave show on DVD and vowed that I would watch it with him ( I HATED the one episode I saw ) and now I even like the show.

    A pound of his fave candy? hmm? guys are so hard to buy for!

    1. Jennifer

      So hard!!

  19. Theresa H

    Blizzard Beach is a super fun, winter themed water park!! A must go for Disney!

    1. Jennifer

      Do they gave stuff for little ones?

      1. Theresa H

        The few times I have been there, I believe there is a toddler area, as well as smaller slides and rafts; that type of thing. Here is the website http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/destinations/blizzard-beach/
        It may be a better thing to go to when the kids are older, as there are more options for activities.

  20. Sara

    I never know what to get my husband for V day. This year I think I am going to make something I saw on Pinterest that involves small liquor bottles and you arrange them on sticks in pot to look like “flowers”.

    1. Jennifer

      I want to see when you are done!

  21. Tammy Tinsley

    I think one of the best valentine gift I gave my husband was a combo for me and him. I gave us a Russian Banya Spa time. It was awesome you will have to go read about it. We went to this one http://www.izbaspa.com/. It was a 15 min soak together in a hot tub, then a 20 min massage, then a 20 min sauna with herbal infusions in the air then a 20 min body scrub followed with a shower. It was amazing and so much fun doing it together. We then went and had lunch together then went home and just enjoyed the rest of the day together.

    1. Jennifer

      How cool does this sound??

  22. Kelly

    so…. a couple things… It annoys me when I am on another site and the ad’s show things i recently looked at on that site… sometimes it has shown something that I was looking at as a gift for my hubby and he was right there… grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    So as for Disney… my chrismtas gift was a year pass so i go every week (i call it the Disney workout 😉 )…. so to see characters…. at Magic Kingdom definately go to the Circus area and in the tent you can get Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Donald. They are there all day and usually not that long of a line… get a fast pass to see Magician Mickey… he talks!!
    at Hollywood Studios go into the Animation area (its the building in the back where The Little Mermaid and Disney Junior is… you can skip the movie and go through the art store… tons of characters back there… Mickey… the Incredibles, Wreck it Ralph, and Minnie… now Minnie is a secret cause right now they have no sign for her… but shes in a room near Mickey and we have NEVER waited for her… and you in the room with just your party and shes in there in a sparkly dress.
    Now also… in this animation building there is a drawing class… This is a awesome class! every class you draw a different character and get to take your drawing home.
    Also… down the brick streets in front of the Action stunt car show… when we went a couple of weeks ago they had surprise characters out there… they werent on the map/times schedule…. but it was Pinnochio, Genie and Aladdin, Stitch, Jesse and Minnie.
    If you want to go on Toy Story… you have to run to the Fast Pass station (which is now Fast Pass +) and get your times…. Toy Story usually runs out of Fast Passes by 10:00. We arrived at 9:30 at the kiosk and our return time was 3:00 PM!!!! If you dont get a fast pass, wait time is usually never under 75 minutes. (and thats slow season right now)
    @ Animal Kingdom…. The lion king is currently closed, but Finding Nemo the broadway show is awesome!! We have to see it everytime and i get chills everytime too. There is also a book that kids can get when they enter that they can get “badges” (stickers) for many stops throughout the park (they go learn a fact about a animal.. or answer items in the book and you get a badge)
    @ Epcot… I love the orange chicken in China, yummy!! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      You are an expert!!! I need to save all of this! Thank you!

  23. Ravensrookery

    If you want to get some great advice about WDW use http://www.easywdw.com
    The site is run by a guy named Josh who is very sarcastic and funny and he gives great advice on what not to miss and to maximize your time so you are not waiting in lines all day.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

  24. kay

    Last year I made a candy bouquet for my husband. I thought he was going to think it was kinda lame but he LOVED it (like this http://www.pinterest.com/pin/231653974554941487/ ). It was super easy (I used a vase I had, then just taped candy to BBQ skewers)
    I got him a growler of beer too. I always get him beer.

    1. Jennifer

      That is so cute!!!

  25. Chelsea

    Ideas for VDay:

    1> Spa day is fun but you could also do a couples massage. It is very nice.
    2> Gift certificate for his car getting detailed.
    3> On Pinterest I’ve seen the 14 v-day candy presents where each day he gets a candy and a note…like a box of nerds and “I love how you are so nerdy and geeky like me” or somethign like that.
    4> For father’s day I made my husband a crab leg and stead feast. We stuffed ourselves with crab legs…seriously…we couldn’t finish it was so much.
    5> Does he like scotch? A nice bottle of scotch?
    6> A “whatever you like” day where he can choose three activities for the day for you to do together.
    7> Does he have a sport he’d like to try? Maybe sign him up for a Mixed Martial Arts class or floor seats at the next boxing match or great seats at a hockey game?

    1. Jennifer

      Well I certainly would enjoy a couples massage! Ohh, he does really like the limited edition stuff that Caskers offers. I could totally do that. Good idea!!!!! All these are great! Thank you!

  26. Lisa

    I would recommend the Disney Family Magic Tour at Magic Kingdom. It does cost extra but is totally worth it. It starts with a cast member telling you that you are going to look for all the hidden Mickeys in the park. Then the big guy (Mickey) calls and say that Captain Hooks hook has been stolen and your group has an hour to find it. You then go on a scavenger hunt through all the lands. At the end you find th character who stole it. We found Peter Pan and Wendy. We got to talk with them and take pictures. Then Peter and Wendy took us on It’s a New World. We got to cut the line and have our own boat. My son got to hold the hook and sit with Peter and my girls got to sit with Wendy. My kids still talk about it. Just don’t let L in o the surprise. I just told my kids we were going on a tour.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh that is totally something to look into when the kids are older. Well, when WB is older! Where do you sign up for something like this? I won a trip once where we got a Private Guide to take us around the park, but this sounds even more amazing!

      1. Lisa

        If you go to Walt Disney World s website they list tours and events. My youngest had just turned 3 when we went and he loved it.

        1. Jennifer

          Thank you!

  27. Debbie Richardson

    There is a book you can get before Disney about the Hidden Mickeys hidden all around the parks. It’s fun to try to find them and check them off in the book as you find more on each trip. Also love the new Vera Bradley products available only in Disney. So cute!

    1. Jennifer

      I think the Hidden Mickey’s is so cool! I will need to look into that book!

  28. Beth Rang

    Our thing to suggest is don’t skimp on the pool time. When Will was L’s age, the pool time was his absolute favorite.

    1. Jennifer

      Totally! I am guessing we’ll be back at the hotel every afternoon. WB can nap and L can swim!

  29. Nicole

    Hi Jen,

    Its called Facebook retargeting. Its the companys way of enticing you to come back and they may even do it at a discount. Our companys clients do something like this. I cant wait to hear about Disneyworld we are over Disneyland so thats our next spot. If you want a even better time do the cruise well worth everything and more. Until the kids our 18 we will be going to the East coast for our Mickey fixes lol

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, we did the cruise last Spring! SUCH a fun time. We did the 7 night on the Fantasy. What a gorgeous ship! We did a 3 night one on the Dream a few years back as well!

  30. Yvonne Jones

    You are a victim of of what we in marketing call “remarketing”. When you shop on current sites they place cookies or trackers on you and *follow* you around the web (Most AD companies pay to follow people for either a certain amount of days or a certain amount of ADs). Almost all big time companies do this. Clear your cache and cookies more often and you will see it decrease. I’m not aware of what “Adblock” does but they more than likely block cookies which is something you can do for yourself but they take care of the hassle. However, if you are using Adsense for your page this is probably how you get a lot of business. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Interesting! I knew about other sites, but I guess I didn’t know Facebook did the same!!!!!

  31. Diana Garza

    Gaston’s Tavern – we are obsessed with The Beauty and the Beast.
    My favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s A Small World. Also, at Hollywood Studios go see Beauty and The Beast live on stage – it’s amazing!

    1. Jennifer

      Love Pirates of the Caribbean! Can you leave without singing those songs? I think not!!!!

      I will check out the other two suggestions!

  32. Frances Tolley

    We loved Animal Kingdom…we stayed in the lodge there and could see the animals from our balcony and pool! It was so much fun!

    1. Jennifer

      The lodge looks SO cool!

  33. Kathy

    I was looking for a specific box type (time-of-the-month) for my daughter, and it was VERY helpful having all the current and discontinued boxes listed in one place. I don’t think I would have even know to look elsewhere for a dc’d list. Whichever way you choose, your lists and reviews are really appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you for the kind words!

  34. Kali

    Hi Jennifer- I’m going to Orlando (from California) for a work trip in a couple of weeks and taking my niece and nephew so we can go to DW. We’ll be going to MK, AK, Epcot, and Universal- whew gonna be tired! I’ll let you know if I have any recommendations for must see stuff. P.S. I am all over that grey goose slushie a previous commenter mentioned in Epcot (France). For sure will be needing one of those :)!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, please let me know!

  35. Amanda C

    Make sure you visit Mickey in Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom…he actually talks to you! 🙂
    Hair cuts on Main Street in Magic Kingdom are fun too! You can make reservations.
    Make sure you eat at Be Our Guest in MK (its a quick service for lunch) and get The Master’s Cupcake…they “grey stuff” is so yummy!

    I could go on and on with things…we LOVE Disney and just booked a trip for November at the Animal Kingdom Lodge! Super excited! Hope its a great trip for you family!

    1. Jennifer

      I need to google “the grey stuff”! It sounds scary, but I believe you!!!

  36. Bethany

    Ahh Facebook ads creep me out, too! What scares me are the ones from Nordstrom that post a picture of an item I’ve looked at recently then say something like, “Go ahead, treat yourself” or something like that. Okay, so V-day. I will probably make my husband his favorite meal (chicken cordon bleu) because it’s a total pain to make and he knows it, but you’re right that it’s fun to have something to open. Maybe some kind of personalized item (like with family pics) he can take to work? For Disney, I also recommend trying to find all the hidden Mickeys! We got really into it last time and had so much fun. I also love the Norway ride at Epcot, Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom, and the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios. This is making me want to go to Disney!!!

    1. Jennifer

      It’s like Nordstrom is telling me it’s okay!

  37. Bobbi

    Don’t know if you know this or not but if you see the characters from Toy Story while you are there. Yell: “Andy is coming”. The characters will fall over and pretend to be toys.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG they will? I need to remember this!

  38. Melissa

    Don’t know if you already follow/ read the MouseSavers stuff, but just saw this in my news feed: “Wow! FREE Disney Water Park tickets for each guest when you book a new 2014 WDW Vacation Package of $2000+! Details: http://bit.ly/1jJDVkM

    We used a lot of their tips for our trip last year. 🙂 Have a blast!

    1. Jennifer

      I already booked! But we got a Military rate, so it wasn’t bad (or that expensive).

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