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Dear My Parents, Happy Anniversary!!!!! I won’t say how many years it’s been, because frankly, it makes all of us look quite old, but it’s been a LONG time! Luckily for you two kiddos, I don’t have any of your old wedding pictures in my computer or I’d be posting those too!

Dear Everyone Else, Happy Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have a Valentine, no worries, we can all chat about the Games and eat chocolate together on Facebook tonight (B has school)!

Dear L, I don’t know how you do it, but once again, you have gotten sick just before vacation. Hopefully this goes away just as quickly as it came.

Dear MailPeople, Where were you yesterday? It took two trucks and three stops, all after 5pm to actually get my mail to me. What’s up? Where is my lady?  I miss her.

Dear Jeremy Abbott, Listen, when you crashed on that jump yesterday I am pretty sure I thought they were going to have to cart you off the ice on a sled or something.  But you got back up and finished skating.  And you nailed it.  Amazing.

Dear Parents at L’s School, STOP waiting in the bus line for your kids.  I am certain it’s easier that way.  For you anyway.  For the rest of us, it makes it 100x harder to get in and out of the parking lot.

Dear Slopestyle Skiers,  I am so distracted by your pants falling down that I cannot even tell what you are doing.

Dear Me, When did you get so old?  First complaining about the club like atmosphere or abercrombie kids and now this.

Dear Matt Lauer, You are now the busiest man in Sochi. You are on my television non-stop.  You may not do this with the fluidity of Bob Costas, but you certainly have this under control.

Dear More Restaurants, Please consider getting drive-thrus.  We need you. And we need you even more in the winer.

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