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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~This week is flying! Well, sort of. L was home on Monday and Tuesday because he was sick and now, there are only two days left until the weekend. Not too bad ;). It is freezing out which I am annoyed about, but what’s new? There was an article on saying that Detroit is having the most extreme weather this winter of any city on the country. At least we are tops on the chart for something!

~I got my Paxton Cove washi tape orders yesterday!!!  As of early Tuesday AM there was nothing happening with the tracking and boom they appeared in my mailbox yesterday.  And I am thrilled with the assortment I received.  So much so that I have forgotten how annoyed I was with the shipping delay.  And don’t even ask because I have no idea what I am going to do with all this stuff.  I got a little over excited about the deal(s)!

Paxton Cove Washi Order(s)
Paxton Cove Washi Order(s)

~I just realized that the Oscars are Sunday and I have not seen ANY of movies that were nominated.  I really need to fix that this weekend and watch at least one of them.  Have you seen any nominated movies?  What should I try and see?  Obviously it’s going to have to be something already on iTunes or at RedBox or something because the movies just isn’t in the cards this weekend (B has National Guard).

Cannot wait.
Cannot wait.

~Our internet has been SO slow lately and U-verse couldn’t fix it over the phone yesterday so they are coming out today and frankly, I am dreading it. I hate having repair / construction people in the house when I am home.  It’s just so awkward.  Like I am in their way or something?  I hope they can fix whatever this issue is quickly because whenever they come out, it seems to be an ALL day event.

~I still haven’t had a chance to catch up on the new Teen Mom specials, but I am working on it.  I did read about Adam’s (as in Chelsea’s ex) car accident.  That kid, I cannot even.  I am certain that good old Randy is so glad that Chelsea is done with that idiot.  And did anyone else hear that Snookie is pregnant??  Congrats Snookie!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.50.54 PM

~In addition to adding some new subscription boxes to the Subscription Box List (and revising some descriptions on some others), I am planning on updating to show where the boxes ship to (if they ship to places other than the U.S.) or if there are restrictions on which states they ship to (for example some boxes don’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii).  That will be a slow process, so don’t be looking for it anytime too soon!

~Lots of boxes I wasn’t expecting are on their way to me (or will be soon), including (March) Wantable boxes, Social Bliss Style Box, Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box, and Silly Rhino.   Ohh, and I believe that Her Fashion Box has also shipped, but that’s coming from Australia and I don’t have tracking on that yet, so we’ll see when they arrives.  Have I ever mentioned that I think getting all these boxes is the coolest thing ever?  For real.  I know how lucky I am!  Are you expecting any boxes the rest of the month?  What are you waiting on?

What’s going on for your Thursday?  Do you have any weekend plans?  Let me know and of course, link-up!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Ally

    I finally got my shipping e-mail for Glossybox and it looks like it’ll be here tomorrow 🙂 They were really cutting it close with the “February” box…..Hopefully Julep will ship quickly and we were get out boxes next week….I really need the lip scrub now and something to look forward to with all of this snow that is expected to come this weekend 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      I kind of expect that with GLOSSYBOX! I am always surprised when they are super early sending out boxes!

  2. Erika

    Did you see the. Socialbliss spoilers!? Love this box from what I see!

    1. Jennifer

      I did! I think I like what I’m seeing!

  3. Jenny

    I’m so bad I haven’t seen anything either. I need to start watching something.
    Love your washi. I need Anchor or cruise ship washi for my planner and my trips.

    1. Jennifer

      YOu do need little boat washi! How cute would that be???

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe next year I will aim to watch them all???

  4. cindy

    im so envious of the washis soooooooooooo cute all of them. will def ck out their deals. saw someone on pin store in a silverware drawer caddy. id like a clear acylic flat bx with lid so i can display them on a wall like art. blue jasmine capt phillips on red bx both good can never go wrong with tom. nebraskas at red bx also. philomenia good august osage depressing wolf of wall street practically porn . good movie watching weekend cold.

    1. Jennifer

      It’s freezing!!! Who wants to go outside in this mess!

  5. Jen

    I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated either!

    1. Jennifer

      I never do. Maybe some of the animated ones…

  6. Karisa

    There is a great web-site, where you can watch movies for free and it is legal 🙂 They have several of the movies that are up for Oscar. A lot of movies are on the site before you can get them anywhere else, not sure how they do this? Good thing U-verse is coming today since you need good internet speed. 12 Years a Slave was added this week.

    1. Jennifer

      UGH. They did not come today. My hours were between 8-12. So at 11:45 i get an automated call that they will be late and it won’t be until maybe 2. And then of course they could be here for 2-3 hours. Not going to work. I had to reschedule. So annoyed.

  7. Kestelle

    I thought of you today. I saw chevron Toms as a partnership with Jonathan Adler. I know know if your a Toms fan, but the chevron pattern was cute.

    1. Jennifer

      I will to google those! They sound cute!

  8. Alexia561

    Love all the cute washi tape you received! I caved and bought a few rolls at Target, yet have no idea what I’m going to do with them.

    We haven’t seen any of the nominated movies either, but I think it’s been a few years since we’ve actually seen the top movies. Guess our tastes aren’t “highbrow” enough or something! ha!

    1. Jennifer

      My tastes are SO not highbrow enough!

  9. Mrs. L

    I have Washi Tape envy over here. I actually use mine (it’s that whole scrapbooking thing LOL).

    Oscars. As for best picture I’ve only seen Gravity (which my Aunt told me was the one that really should be seen on 3D on the big screen). The other movie everyone says to see is 12 Years a Slave or Dallas Buyers Club. We are going to watch Despicable Me 2 tonight. Not into deep thought movies this week LOL.

    1. Jennifer

      I used some today. Like maybe a foot total. I thought that was good ;).

  10. Erica

    YAY! I would love to see shipping restrictions! Hawaiians get no love sometimes. #islandproblems
    I’m the same with wanting to watch as many Oscar nominated movies–I saw a few this year and really loved American Hustle. Captain Phillips is good and available in Redbox for sure. Gravity and 12 Years a Slave should be too? I think Nebraska was available right away, maybe on Netflix, it had such a small release. I didnt see that one though. Try to get American Hustle!

    1. Jennifer

      Since it’s like two degrees here right now, I have trouble feeling badly for those on the islands. LOL!!! But I will work on it I swear!

      I’ll start with American Hustle!

  11. Vicky

    I really loved Gravity (my pick for best picture) but not sure if it will have the same impact on a regular sized screen. 12 Years a Slave was wonderful but definitely tough to watch emotionally. American Hustle is a ton of fun. Same with Wolf of Wall Street, but that one is super long. Her is such a cool concept and surprisingly believable, but it did not have the same emotional impact on me as the others. All of these movies had some of the best acting performances I have ever watched.

    Still haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club or Philomena. Off to see Nebraska tonight!

    1. Jennifer

      You are good!!! I am going to be lucky to get two in before Sunday!

  12. Beth

    Just got my Social Bliss! I LOVE it!!! If it comes down to it – from what I’ve seen, definitely sticking with Social Bliss and cancelling Pop Sugar (let’s face it – I’ll probably keep both – but if I had to choose….no contest the past 2 months!).

      1. Beth

        Yep! Just 1 of the jewelry. Mine was gold. Everything else was exact.

  13. mirta

    haven’t ever seen or used a washi tape yet, is it sticky, can I use it on a package I send instead of normal tape? that’s about the only thing I can think of I’d use it for I guess 😛

    1. Jennifer

      It is sticky, but often times it’s respostionable, so someone would be able to open your package. It’s more for decoration!

  14. Danielle

    This is super off topic… but I’m secretly obsessed with attending a baby/kid expo. Although, I have never been to one! I am curious about the free “swag bags” and what goodies are at the booths! Have you ever been to one or know someone who has? Is it worth it?! Let me know if you have any inside scoop! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I have not! But I would so want to for the swag bags!

  15. Christi Petersen

    I live in Sioux Falls (where Adam & Chelsea live) and I just want you to know we don’t all drive like that! 🙂 This weeks episode shows him driving off in his car with license of #1 Dud, and I had to laugh, yep that’s him! I hope this time he actually serves some serious time because his record shows that he needs to be off the roads!!!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I need to watch. He is a complete dud.

  16. Sarah

    My boyfriend and I have made it our mission this year to see all 9 movies nominated for best picture. We’re almost done! We’ve only got two left, and we’re going to watch them on Friday and Saturday. Of the ones I’ve seen so far, I would personally recommend Dallas Buyer’s Club. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto did an amazing job. “Her” was also pretty interesting, and definitely unique, but I don’t think it’s out on DVD yet.

    1. Jennifer

      I think thats on iTunes so that is totally doable!!

    2. Jennifer

      Dallas Buyers Club should be doable!!!

  17. Bethany

    All that washi!!! I’m regretting only ordering one set from Paxton Cove–you got so many great designs! So excited for all the boxes you have coming!! I’ve been on the fence with Her Fashion Box but will love to see your review.

    1. Jennifer

      I regretted only buying two rolls from the $4.99 deal, so I didn’t want to make that mistake again with the $9.99 deal ;).

  18. Kayla

    I just got an invite to socialbliss….. I didn’t care for January’s box but am so bummed to have missed February’s! Do they give previews on march’s before hand or do you have the option to skip? I’m kind of on the fence on this one!

    1. Jennifer

      They don’t give previews!

  19. cindy

    forgot to mention HER creeped me out and the r redford one was like a silent film hadnt seen nebraska don jon not that great either. cant wait for the new jessica lange to come to town, its a curly haired flick. even winters tale wasnt as good as id hoped. capt phillips and las vegas and monument men great and beyond the candleabra douglas was hilarious

  20. Andrea

    I always love the Thursdays when I can link up with Thursday Thoughts. I actually linked up and wrote my post yesterday (Thursday), but I came back tonight (Friday) to make sure I’m following everyone and to comment. I realized that it’s sometimes more difficult to find bloglovin, google +, Facebook, etc. buttons to follow bloggers on WordPress.

    I saw someone did a post about a pre-k box, but I can’t remember what box it was. Do you know some good ones for an age 5 boy? H. is home with me now-it was pretty hard to justify really expensive private school tuition now that I’m home. We don’t have public school in Cleveland until kindergarten. I’m trained as a teacher, but in counseling and admin, so I don’t know where to begin for kindergarten readiness! This is the first time since I was 16 that I’m not working, and it’s for health reasons, but my first priority is making sure he’s ready!

    1. Jennifer

      Hmm, there are a few. I am thinking you are thinking about Little Thinker Box though!

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