February 2014 Golden Tote Review + March Sale Starts TODAY!

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February 2014 Golden Tote
February 2014 Golden Tote

Golden Tote, who kindly sent me this tote for review, offers monthly totes of clothing for women. Totes are available on the first Monday of the month (meaning the next one is available TODAY) and two tote options are offered. The $49 tote includes 2-3 items (up to a $250 value) and you are able to select one piece for your tote. The $149 tote includes 5-7 items (up to a $600 value) and you are able to select two pieces which are guaranteed to be included in your tote. I was lucky enough to receive the $149 tote for review and was so excited when it arrived last week.

February 2014 Golden Tote
The Box

Golden Tote ships via UPS from California and took about 4-5 days to arrive. They offer overnight and two-day shipping as well if you just cannot wait to get your tote.

February 2014 Golden Tote
First Look

Every Golden Tote order comes packed in your own Golden Tote, so you can’t see too much from the first look.

February 2014 Golden Tote
The Tote

Just a better picture of the tote!  I love the tote itself and have one from a tote I received last year that I still use.

February 2014 Golden Tote
The Clothing

Inside the tote are the your clothing selections.  It took me a minute to recall what I ordered, but it all came back to me.

~Under Skies Black Print Top: I am not sure about this one.  Sometimes I look at it and think there is no way I can make this work, but other times I look at it and think yeah, I can do this.  The material is very soft and I think that’s what is making me like it.

February 2014 Golden Tote
Black Print Top

~Hourglass Lilly Retro Chic Jersey Tunic (My Selection): I loved the pattern on this so much that even though I knew it probably wouldn’t fit me well, I went for it.  It’s certainly not going to work as a dress, but maybe with leggings?

February 2014 Golden Tote
Retro Chic Jersey Tunic

~Renee C. Fun & Flirty V-Neck Top (My Selection): My picture is making this look a lot bolder than it really does in person.  The style card has this paired with solids, which I think is exactly what I would do with this as well.

February 2014 Golden Tote
Fun & Flirty V-Neck Top
February 2014 Golden Tote
Style Cards

~POL Grey Open Front Sweater: Love this sweater.  Had it been one of the items we could have selected from I certainly would have went for it!

February 2014 Golden Tote
Grey Open Front Sweater

~Renee C Grey Maxi Skirt: Again I could not have picked a better item for myself for this tote.  I am super excited about the maxi skirt and consider them a summer staple in my wardrobe!

February 2014 Golden Tote
Grey Maxi Skirt

~Under Skies Grey Tunic Blouse: This one I think is just a no for me.  I love the jersey material on it, but I am not overly into the area with the buttons on it.

February 2014 Golden Tote
Grey Jersey Tunic

I didn’t do a cost breakdown for this tote, but I received six pieces for $149, which works out to about $25/piece which to me is a great deal!  I should also mention that Golden Tote does allow you to return your tote if you aren’t happy, however, it’s all or nothing.  You need to return the tote in full and can’t just return a few pieces.  Golden Tote does a Facebook Trading Group though if you are interested in swapping our pieces with other members!

What do you think of Golden Tote?  Are you going to pick up a Tote for March?  As I said, the sale starts at 9am PST / 12pm EST, so be ready!  They have released a few sneak peeks, which look great!

March Golden Tote Sneak Peeks
March Golden Tote Sneak Peeks

If you are interested in ordering or just want to check out the sale, click here.  If you are o the fence about something I’d recommend not delaying because things do seem to sell out quickly!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was sent for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Cheryl

    I ordered with lightening speed because I wanted that elephant dress!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! Glad you got it!

  2. Macy

    I am skipping Ellie this month and just ordered my first Golden Tote! I picked the chic v-neck dress. Wouldn’t it be great if more “boxes” were available to try for one month instead of having to subscribe??

    1. Jennifer


  3. Clarisse Mello

    great tote!!! I just ordered the march 149 tote.. I couldn’t resist the chevron sweater in taupe!!! and I love the navy dress with the embroidery. Can’t wait. Did you order?

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t yet! I am on the fence. My afternoon was crazy, so I need to sit down and go through everything later tonight!

  4. Jennifer C

    Since you posted about the Feb sale last month I have been totally obsessed! I LOVED my Feb tote and I was counting down to 9am this morning to order March! Thanks for sharing this – I would have never known about Golden Tote otherwise!

    1. Jennifer

      I hope you love your tote!

  5. Jenny

    I like your selections but the all or nothing is hard for me. Depending on the cut some things just don’t work. Such a hard decision on all of these clothing boxes.

    1. Jennifer

      It is hard! I haven’t joined the GT swap group, but I may check it out to see what all is in there.

  6. Shelby

    I LOVE that dress. Someday I’ll have to try this one. It does make me feel better now that you mention about $25 per piece.

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, it doesn’t seem so pricey that way!

  7. Michelle

    Oh wow ! I didnt realize it is all or nothing ! So do you pick how often you get it or is it EVERY month ?

    1. Jennifer

      You can pick if you want to order. It’s not automatic.

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