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~Ugh. Monday! Spring Break is over. B has to work today and it’s back to real life around here. Boo! Luckily next weekend is Easter (and two of my boys birthdays), so we’ll have a long fun weekend to look forward to!

~I reported on it last night, but if you missed it, B got that classic car he’s been dreaming off since he was a little boy. It’s currently sitting in the garage just waiting for B to make it fabulous. Pretty sure I won’t be seeing B for a LONG time ;). Although I have to say this is much much better than those two cars he wanted to get. Much better.

Happy B
Happy B

~Let’s see, what subscription boxes are coming this week? I am expecting my Women’s Large Fancy Mystery Box today (OMG I cannot wait), a Fancy mystery review box, Citrus Lane, Kelly Rowland Fancy Box, Pijon Box, FAIR Treasure, Love With FoodKiwi Crate and a few more we’ll get to later ;).  I would assume my ipsy is coming as well, but I haven’t gotten any shipping e-mail on that, so who knows?

~Okay, did anyone watch Shark Tank last week when “Hold Your Haunches” was on? I.need.these. Seriously, when are they going to be on QVC? They got a deal with Lori and Barbara so it’s only a matter of time. They showed that Corda-Roys bean bag / bed thing and I realized that yes, I still need one of those too! I love that show.


~Let’s talk about skin care routines.  I want to know what products you use, how often, and in what order.  I am getting serious about taking better care of my skin and want to know if I am doing it right.  LOL!!  I have been washing (or using facial wipes) morning and night and then I do a moisturizer, serum and eye cream.  And I do masks whenever I remember.  Is this right? Help me!

~If you missed any of my reviews from the weekend, make sure to check them out!  You’ll for sure want to check out the April PopSugar Review because that includes a giveaway and the April Birchbox one because I really liked that box and it has a fabulous coupon code!  If you want to make sure you have entered all the giveaways I have going, just click here and you will see them all! I am going to start marking them ended and / or untagging them so it will be even easier to find them all.

 What’s up for your Monday?  How was your weekend?  What subscription boxes are you expecting this week?

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  1. Courtney Carothers

    As far as skin care goes I wash, exfoliate (2x a week), then use a serum, moisturizer, and eye cream (in that order) a.m. and p.m.

    1. Jennifer

      Ok, I am not too far off then!

  2. Kristin

    Today is Redditgifts matching day!!

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t wait!!! What time do they usually send?

      1. Sindhu

        I’m doing it too! Can’t wait!

  3. Kara

    I use serum first, eye cream and them moisturizer.
    Also, use a really like exfoliant (never the hard scrubs) 🙂

    1. Kara

      Geez. Too early. *then moisturizer & use a really *light exfoliant.
      Boo… to drink more coffee.

      1. Jennifer

        LOL. So drink coffee and then do all that??

  4. Beth

    I have fair skin with a touch of acne roscia that is incredibly sensitive. I had pretty much figured out my skin care routine – then went to a dermatologist and fine tuned it – but he was impressed with what I had figured out on my own. So…..most of the time I hate it when we get skin products in boxes – but if its all natural – I’ll give it a go. So, for me……

    AM: Wash with Cetaphil while in the shower. Post shower, I actually am using the Jerlique serum and it hasn’t caused any issues – before that I used an all natural – oil based serum. the Jerlique doesn’t have enough moisturizer in it – so I follow it with just Aragon Oil (Josie Moran). And then finish with eye cream. At night – I make-up remove first with coconut oil (yep, the same kind you cook with); then I wash with Cetaphil again (I had been using the Bliss from FabFitFun until it ran out – it didn’t seem to bother me) – the only difference is that I use the Clarasonic Mia at night (sensative brush). I was doing the same serum – oil – cream routine — but have switch up to the night time serum from the Nina Garcia box – again, it seems to be working for me.

    I only use SPFs in powder form on my face – I break out otherwise so anything with SPF in – unfortunatly, goes into my gift pile 🙁 Anyway – that is it – pretty simple really. I’ll use masks every once in awhile but its hit or miss if it aggrevates my skin (the one we got in the bottle that looks like cleanser is one I know I can trust).

    Thats it — pretty simple really. I went through a lot to get to that routine though- lol.

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t even know you could remove makeup with coconut oil?? I wonder if I should go see someone to see what they recommend…

  5. Kristin

    At the earliest, 10 AM eastern time. They are located in Colorado, so it is their office time there.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I deleted the other two!

  6. Kayla

    I was taught that for your skincare go from thinnest consistency to thickest. 🙂 so if your serum is thinner then your moisturizer, then put the serum on first, because the thinner the consitancy, the quicker it will soak into your skin, and if you put the moisturizer on first the serum might not soak in as much as it could. Does that make sense? I’m not even sure if its right, LOL!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh I like this theory! It makes sense and is easy to remember!

  7. Beth

    I got my free first Julep Maven box. The mystery Julep box is on its way though! I’m not planning to keep the Julep subscription since I’m not big on nail polish, and I already got one dud I’ll need to find a home for, but it was fun to try!

    The Love With Food box came too, but I’m waiting til Will comes home from school so we can open it together! There’s nothing like pulling into the driveway and seeing that red box next to the door.

    1. Jennifer

      I got 3 boxes in the mail today and my husband (who got the mail) was like, ohh, you didn’t get much today. I was like come on, that’s a lot of good stuff right there!

  8. Mary

    I am very into natural skin care lately, and loving it. I use the oil cleansing method at night where I literally rub castor oil, sweet almond oil, and job ops oil all over my face for 5 min. The I wipe that off. I then use a real moisturizer because I haven’t found an oil I love for moisturizing, but I’m hoping to find an oil mixture to use as a moisturizer one day. I then do a coconut oil vitamin e mixture as an eye cream. In the morning I just rinse my face and use a witch hazel tea tree oil toner. Followed by some moisturizer. My face and ski has never looked better so I’m happy! I just use straight coconut oil on my skin for lotion.

    1. Mary

      I meant joboba oil.

    2. Jennifer

      Well something tells me your skin looks fabulous! Do you make the mixture of the oils up yourself??

      1. Mary

        It is getting there. 🙂 I have the skin of a teenager. I have never been able have skin that didn’t break out, and finally I’m getting away from that! I do make it up myself. I know some people on etsy sale premixed oils, but I had to make a couple different mixtures to find one I liked. This goes through how to make a good mixture pretty well though.

        1. Jennifer

          Thank you!!!

  9. Cheryl

    For skincare I do cleanser or facial wipes, serum (vit. C for brightening), moisturizer and eye cream and then exfoliate 2x a week. And if I’m too tired or lazy to do anything, I just make sure that my face is clean!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks!! Seems like I am not too far off.

  10. Kristin S

    Definitely use your serum prior to moisturizer. Most good ones have hyaluronic acid which helps yor skin absorb the moisture. 🙂

    1. Jennifer


  11. April K

    You want to use the serum before you moisturize.
    I use and anti-age serum and then a PM moisturizer. That locks the serum in and doesn’t leave it on my pillowcase (as I like to say).

    1. Jennifer

      Okay, so wash, serum, moisturize? How often do you do a mask or a scrub?

      1. April K

        Yes, wash, serum, moisturize.
        The microdermabrasion paste that I use can be used up to three times weekly.
        I also have a microderm at home tool that really takes off the dead skin (disgusting when I clean the filter). Totally addicting!

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