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~Since it’s Memorial Day I must first say thank you to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.  I won’t forget and this country hasn’t forgotten either.

~We’ve been up-north these past few days, but B, WB and I got home last night to get a few things done around the house so we can relax today.  L is opted to stay one more night with my parents up there. The weather up there was bit chilly Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were totally gorgeous.  The kids had an amazing time and even though L is still up there, I know he is already counting down the days until the next trip up.

The Weekend
The Weekend

~My goal of getting ALL caught up on subscription box reviews while up-north did not happen.  I don’t even know what I was thinking.  As a result, it should be a busy week around here.  I have posts to do for Ivy Kids, Homegrown Collective, Little Thinker Box, Socialbliss Style Box, Hazel Lane, Birchbox Man, Just Add Honey, PaperDots, PupBox, The Bride Box,  Trunk Club, the Tyler Florence Fancy Box and probably one or two more I cannot think of right now.  This week I am expecting Phone Case of the Month (I think it’s unlost now), Stitch Fix, Julep (hopefully)!  That’s a lot of boxes isn’t it?  Wow!

~I FINALLY finished my last book “Family Pictures” by Jane Green and I quite enjoyed it! I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending and would have preferred a few more details on what all went down (I don’t want to spoiler it if you haven’t read it), but it was a good easy read!  I have moved on to my next book, but I’ll get into that more in this weeks Newsletter, which will go out tomorrow morning.

~I mentioned last week that I placed that huge Bath & Body Works order and it’s here!  It arrived like two days after I ordered it which is amazing.  I am telling you, these Coastal Cool collection candles?  Get.Them.  My mom wasn’t so sure, but I talked her into ordering and she was super pleased with them as well and already wants to go back to the store for more!  And yes, I bought every candle in the collection.  For $8.80 for a 3-wick, how could I not get them all?  The sale is still going on and if you buy online you can go through ebates for an additional 2% cash back.

The Haul
The Haul

~Kim and Kanye.  So I am still a little confused about the exact timeline of this affair.  So first the “wedding dinner” was at Versailles (or was it somewhere else and they just got a tour of Versailles?) and then they chartered a few private jets for everyone to fly to Florence for the actual wedding?  Is that right?  I read somewhere that the wedding cost was well over $15 million.  That seems like umm, a bit much no?  And OMG her brother Rob left because they were giving him a hard time about his weight or something?  And Brody didn’t even bother attending at all.  I am so looking forward to seeing this on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  And I must know, do we think this marriage is going to last?

image credit: Radar Online
image credit: Radar Online 

~Is the Bachelorette on tonight or no because of the holiday?  I am hoping this is a yes because this season seems to have a pile of drama coming and I’m ready for it.

 What’s up for your Monday? Any big Memorial Day plans?  And of course, what subscription boxes are you expecting this week?

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  1. Jenny

    Chilly weather? What is this you speak up LOL We won’t see that again until maybe Oct but more then likely it will be Nov. 🙁 We did have great weather here this weekend too.Mid 80s and low humidity. The low humidity is a luxury I do not take lightly. 🙂
    I’m am a little envious of your b&bw haul. WOW I do agree I like this collection too. I smelled them all when I was in there the other week too.

    1. Jennifer

      I went a *little* crazy. But it was all such a good deal! I think it went down to like 45 the first night we were up-north!!!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    The Bachelorette is on tonight. Every season I say I won’t watch but then I get sucked in.

    1. Jennifer

      I cannot wait!

  3. Teena

    I give their marriage 3 years. What about you?

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t even know if I give it that???

      1. Teena

        You know this is her third marriage?

        1. Jennifer


  4. Beth

    I hate to be all doom and gloom, but I just don’t trust Kanye West, so no, I don’t think the marriage will last. I feel bad about Rob — it sounds like he’s depressed. Weight gain is so common with depression.

    I feel so strange commenting on this, because I’ve never watched Keeping Up with the Ks. They’re just so public in Us and People magazine!

    1. Jennifer

      I feel bad for Rob too. It must really be crazy to be a Kardashian! and I don’t think they will make it either!

  5. jenn

    one of my friends LOVES those candles. her favorite is tiki beach.

    1. Jennifer

      They are amazing! And so is the same of your site! I love it!

  6. Cheryl

    I feel bad for Rob. He was so adorable on Dancing With The Stars! But now I think he’s really depressed and no one in the fam is paying him much attention.

    I’m hoping that my Glossyboxes come this week, I NEED those BG gift cards!

    1. Jennifer

      I know. He always seemed so nice. Being in that family cannot be easy.

  7. Ashley C.

    Bachelorette is on tonight — my DVR is set and ready to record that an the new 16 and Pregnant! Seriously jealous of your BBW haul — I can only imagine how summery delish those candles smell!

    1. Jennifer

      Did you watch?? OMG Craig! So.drunk.

  8. mirta

    at the end I just got turquoise waters and euc mint waves, I felt there were too many repromotes and I wasn’t into citrusy scents. we had 2 for 25 and I had 20% off so it ended up $10 plus tax for each, I also took aloha waikiki and paris daydream backups.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s not too bad. Do you have lots of B&BW’s there?

      1. mirta

        I know of 7 in town plus more in the burbs but there may be more! I don’t drive so I know the ones I can reach 🙂 you know what would be cool? if you go to a trip to Canada sometime to make a post comparing canadian and US target store :))

        1. Jennifer

          I should see if there are any Targets right across the border!

      2. mirta

        There might be one here!
        3100 Howard Ave
        Windsor, ON

  9. Alice

    My theory is that they wanted to get married in Paris but could not satisfy the 30 day residency requirement that France requires and had to move the actual ceremony to Florence. Maybe they picked Italy because its supposedly where they conceived North and has no residency requirement. (Umm so I only know residence requirement from watching something on Eva Longoria’s wedding years ago in France. See you can learn something valuable from reality shows….)

    1. Jennifer

      That totally makes sense. Their wedding didn’t have the star power they were hoping for. I bet they were pissed.

  10. Mrs. L

    I was a amazed at Kims dress…sexy without being slutty. Who woulda thunk LOL. And as for Rob, reports now are saying he was embarrassed to be in the photos. Plus the stupid paparazzi was hounding him about his weight every second he was out in public. They say his family tried to get him to stay but he just wanted to get out.

    1. Jennifer

      I read that, but it seems silly since we have all already seen him??? I want to see a full dress picture!

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