July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc. Review – “Second Anniversary”

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Lip Factory
Cost: $22/month
Ships To: United States (free shipping), Canada ($4 additional shipping) & International ($10 additional shipping).
July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.

Lip Factory Inc., who kindly sent me this box to review, is an exclusive, affordable (it’s $22/month), makeup subscription service. Most months, like this month, Lip Factory sends a mixture of cosmetic products, but once a quarter they send an “All About the Lips” box.  The All About the Lips box should have happened this month, but July is also their anniversary, so the next one will be in November.

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
The Box

Lip Factory ships via USPS.  I received a tracking number on this one maybe a week and a half ago, but it didn’t start actually moving until the past few days.  Once it was picked up I think it took a total of 4 days to arrive.

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
First Look

This box seemed very full! I was quite pleased about that and was excited to dig through everything!

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
The Information Card

The July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc. box was a celebration of their 2nd Anniversary and included the following products:

~Beauty Addicts Sweet Lip Gloss (Lilac & Ginger) ($17/each): $17 each seems really expensive for these little glosses, but that’s the price! They do smell great though and go on very nicely. I like the brush applicator and they weren’t at all sticky. It pretty much just felt like I had lip balm and gloss on. Very hydrating.

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
Beauty Addicts Sweet Lip Gloss

~Eco-Lips Eco-Tints Tinted Lip Balm (Plush Red) ($4.50): Great color. This is sheer which I like, but it does still give you some color and shimmer.

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
Eco-Lips Eco-Tints Tinted Lip Balm

~Palladio Shadow and Liner Crayon ($6) (Raspberry): I am not a big fan of this color for my eyes so I will probably end up trading or giving this to a friend. It’s probably just because I don’t apply it properly, but I feel like this family of shades like raspberry makes me look like I got punched in the eye.

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
Palladio Shadow and Liner Crayon

~Pari Beauty Eye Shadow (ES 70) ($11): This color is bright and fun and will close out the summer nicely! This is actually almost the exact color I am thinking of for an office chair. I actually bought an office chair yesterday only to get it home and realize it’s WAY too big. It will be relocated to our bedroom or the living room just as soon as I can actually find a chair I like.

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
Pari Beauty Eye Shadow

~OFRA Lip Liner (Cherish) ($13): I always mention it, but I am not a big lip liner fan. I probably actually wear it less than eyeliner. The color on this one is a very fun bright pink, which I do like, but I will probably still give it to a friend.

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
OFRA Lip Liner

~Palladio Brow Fix (Black) ($6): I don’t know how Lip Factory knows I will be needing this, but I have big plans to tackle my eyebrows today and have been known to get a little over zealous with the tweezers. “Just one more hair and it’ll be perfect!” “No wait, one more”. “Okay, just one more, I swear.” It goes on and on until it’s too late!

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
Palladio Brow Fix

~J. Cats Wonder Lip Paint (WLP112) ($4.99): This wasn’t listed on the information card so I am assuming it was a bonus gift of some sort for their anniversary? Whatever it was I love it and am happy to get it in such a great color!

July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc.
J. Cats Wonder Lip Paint

All totaled I came up with a value of nearly $80 for the July 2014 Lip Factory, Inc. box.  Lip Factory is $22/month so obviously the value is totally there, but it’s not my favorite box from them ever.  Worth the $22?  Yes and I love that it had a bunch of different items in it.  But nothing jumped out and wowed me with this one like some of them have in the past!

Do you subscribe to Lip Factory, Inc.? What’d you think of this box?  If you don’t subscribe and want to sign up or just want to learn more, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was sent for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Sandy

    Don’t tweeze; try threading for your brows. I am a recent convert from waxing and it is amazing. I am sure you can find a brow threading salon near you. You will never tweeze or wax again.

    1. Jennifer

      The problem is actually getting to the salon. I am not a fan of actually going to get it done!

      1. Sandy

        I know I am the same way so if something last longer it is even more of a success. I act like taking the dogs to have their nails done (5 minutes) is like a chore. Yet I love the results.

  2. Txlilbits

    If you do anything, I’m for salon brow waxing. So fast.
    BTW, the brow gel is clear. Adds no color. No other options available. 🙂

    I love some of those wild ” Alice in Wonderland” JCat lip paints. I got a bold reddish pink color, very pretty.
    My eye shadow was pink- the one where yours is aqua. It was a very pink box, but I love pink so all is good. 🙂

    This was my first month with Lip Factory and I’m very happy with them!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh I used to go all the time. It’s just annoying to go now and drag the kids, etc. B goes like every 6 weeks and gets it done when he gets his haircut. He’s way better at stuff like that than me.

    1. Jennifer

      Oh, I like that! That’s more than just an office chair. That’s art!

  3. Mel

    Omigosh this was my second box from them and I LOVED it! I literally loved everything in the box but my absolute faves were the Pari eyeshadow (great color, rich texture), and the JCat lip paint. I recieved it in a more pink color than you did…and I’m more of a nude girl, I never feel confident with color on my lips..but this a Jcat lip paint looked so beautiful on, I want to wear it to bed even, lol. My husband even commented it was pretty and he hates me in lipstick. So the a Jcat was a stand out for me…I just really enjoyed my box this month!

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