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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~This week has been a fun one so far.  B was off work earlier in the week which was fun and we finally got a chance to go eat lunch at Green Dot Stables!  It’s a fabulous slider place in Detroit and is always packed.  We tried a bunch of different ones (catfish, swordfish, korean, etc.) and loved them all.  So good!  If you ever visit Detroit you should go here.  Actually, call me.  I’ll go too!

Green Dot Burgers
Green Dot Burgers

~Kim Kardashian. Can she stop already?  I mean for real.  Her latest photo shoot / magazine cover is beyond over the top.  That doesn’t even look like a real person.  I’d post the picture, but it’s so NSFW.

~You may have gotten this e-mail already, but PopSugar is giving 50 lucky subscribers a $100 Nordstrom Rack gift card in this month’s box!  I wouldn’t be sad if I got that in my box that’s for sure!  There is also a new coupon code “NOV14SELECT” which will save you $10 off a 3-month subscription.

November PopSugar Giveaway
November PopSugar Giveaway

~Let’s see, what other subscription boxes are on there way here this week.  I should be getting Austin Lloyd, my other BirchboxBoxycharmDottiebox Mini, ipsy, Love With Food and a few more I can’t recall off the top of my head. I have bluum, Citrus Lane and PopSugar on the way too, but I don’t think they will be arriving until next week.

~Has anyone heard of Hampton Creek “Just Cookies”?  I saw them on Kathie Lee and Hoda last week (what? I love that show and it’s on during nap time) and I have been on the hunt since!  It’s all-natural, dairy free (no eggs), has no allergens and I cannot find to find / try it!

Hampton Creek Cookie Dough
Hampton Creek Cookie Dough

~You know what else I need to find? The new (well new to me) Crème Brûlée Vaseline Lip Therapy. It popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday and looks awesome. My google search revealed that Walgreens is the place to get this, so I am going to try and snatch some up later today!

Creme Brulle Vaseline
Creme Brulle Vaseline

~And finally, what do you think of the resampled “Your Box” section on Birchbox?  Did you notice that you can only get a max of 50 review points per month from now on?  I get why they are doing it, but I will miss those rare, but amazing 8 item boxes!  I think I have gotten *maybe* two in the years I have subscribed to Birchbox, but it was always incredible when it did happen.


That’s it from here! What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Cymbre Martin

    I have to disagree with you about Kim Kardashian! I think it is empowering that she takes ownership of her body, as a feminist I think women should have the power to keep it to themselves or to use it as their own.

    1. Jennifer

      I’m just tired of seeing her! I think Kiera Knightly and her topless no photoshop picture was awesome!!

      1. Loren

        Forgive me for bringing down the mood, But I was just reading this article and I’m certain the author’s right that Kim has no idea of the connotations behind her photo shoot, but…it’s pretty racist and degrading.

  2. Becka

    That totally bummed me out when I saw that you can only get “up to” 50 points for BB reviews. Oh well, it’s still a great day. With all of the codes they offer (and their amazing LE boxes as of late!) it is still possible to score amazing deals. Big fan of Birchbox, here.

    1. Jennifer

      They are still awesome!

    2. Sneaky Burrito

      I got 60 points for reviews this month. I went to my box page, then used that to go to the pages for individual items, clicked “write a review” and did the same as always — for all six items. I think “up to 50 points” may have just been an unfortunate wording choice on their part because it doesn’t actually seem to be true.

      1. Jennifer

        This would be fantastic news if it were true! I haven’t gotten my box on the account were I have 6 items, so I haven’t been able to test it yet!

      2. Becka

        Yay, that’s great to hear! I will try it out today 🙂

        1. Sara

          Oh yes, that would be a bit of a bummer if they restricted it to 50 points per month. Those extra review points add up so fast! I actually wondered if that model was sustainable, because I can bank $20 in points over just a few months. Between the points and their discount codes, I get the best deals at Birchbox and I wonder if they’re losing money.

          I have been in love with their LE boxes lately and I like how they’re always adding items to their store. . the mix of beauty, home, and lifestyle is spot on!

      3. Cassie

        I was bummed to read that but I got 60 points for the items in my box this month too. So hopefully it was incorrect wording on the site.

  3. Tristian

    If I am not mistaken I saw that cookie dough on Shark Tank! It looked good but was not able to get a deal. Sad because I wanted some!

      1. Tristian

        Ah! and I looked online and saw that they only sold in 3 states. Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. So not anywhere me living in Georgia.

        1. Aimee

          Jennifer – if you’re anywhere near Grosse Pointe, I know for a fact that you can find cookie dough cafe at Fresh Farm Market! I raved about it to my cousin who lives near there, and then she made me find out where she could get it. I don’t know Michigan too well, but I made her a list of places not too far from Detroit that she could pick it up! Hopefully you can find some soon!
          Tristian – if you have a Fresh Market or Harris Teeter nearby, you can pick cookie dough cafe up there! Just Cookies is also available at Target!

          1. Jennifer

            I couldn’t find the Just Cookies cookies at Target here. Just the Just Mayo. Maybe soon though???

            And I just checked the Cookie Dough Cafe site and I think they *might* have them at a market near me. I may just go check today. They have added a ton of locations since last time I looked!!!!

  4. Avalon

    You know I was in Walgreens I picked up the Vaseline Creme Brulee and then I put it back down. I just think there should be a limit on how many lip balms I buy and do not use…lol. But I may buy it if I see it again…..lmao

  5. Jenny

    Those sliders look awesome.
    I agree I’m over all the Kardashians. I’m all about her being comfortable enough to pose nude but I’m so over here. Based on her normal outfits I would never guess she had that body underneath. Her clothing does nothing to flatter her at all.

  6. SoKnitpicky

    If you go to the Hampton Creek website, you can enter your location and it’ll tell you the nearest stores.

    1. Jennifer

      I did, but so far I have only seen the Mayo, not the cookies. Hopefully they will appear soon though!

  7. Erin

    There is tasteful nudity/photographs (which I am all for, love the PETA adds) and then there is pornography. She didn’t do it to empower women, she did it so this magazine could “break the internet”. What message does that send? Let people use your nakedness to get more “likes”? Not good, go away weird naked person.

  8. Jill

    I bet Kris Humphries mom is so glad they were able to rid their family of Kim Kardashian.

  9. Lindsay

    I can’t understand KK’s popularity. She has no talent other than being good at selling herself for publicity. I wish she would become irrelevant. She doesn’t do anything for society, she doesn’t empower women and she doesn’t do enough for charity with all the wealth she keeps bringing in.

    And then she goes and complains about the publicity and the paparazzi ruining her life, when she’s the one phoning them to come take her picture because she needs to sell her outfits and sell herself! Ugh. This is a debate for another day lol

  10. Elizabeth

    I totally missed that you can now only get 50 points for reviewing your Birchbox. I understand why they are doing it but I wish they waited until after I got my box with 7 items this month 🙂 I love the way they redid the box portion of the website. It’s so much easier to see what you’ve gotten in the past.

    1. Jennifer

      It sounds like it was just poor wording and you can still get all your points!

  11. Kayla

    I actually took a survey for PopSugar a couple of weeks ago and I won a $15 giftcard! So cool!

    1. Jennifer


  12. Julie

    Do you happen to know when Hampton’s Lane boxes typically arrive? I ordered for the first time (seriously so excited for everything in the box) and on my account it says “shipped” but I can’t get any tracking info

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t actually know?? Do you have FedEx online? I bet it you can see it if you sign up for their delivery manager service.

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