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~I am just not with it yet today. I stayed up way too late watching a movie and checking out the Cyber Monday deals online.  So many deals.  My inbox has been insane these past few days.  I really need to try “Unroll.Me” again.  It worked once for a month or two and then all of a sudden everything was back?  I am willing to give it another go though because my inbox is a mess.

~So the movie I watched was “Two Night Stand“.  It doesn’t get great reviews and listen, it’s not going to win any awards, but I loved it. Like I LOVED it!  Adorable movie.


~Let’s see, what is actually happening this week?  Well, I have jury duty (don’t be jealous), we have plans to see Santa (that never happened last week), L has conferences / half-days and I need to get the Subscription Box List updated.  I have so many new boxes to add! Jury Duty may actually help me out with this because they have wireless and I hear there is a lot of sitting around.  We’ll see.

~Has anyone ever “Elf’ed” their neighbors or been “Elf’ed”?  I want to start it up in the neighborhood.  I was thinking I could maybe do some homemade Christmas Cookies and a  little basket of other stuff?  I guess I would have to start with neighbors that would know it was me because most people probably wouldn’t eat random cookies that were dropped off on their porch huh?


~I have an assortment of subscription boxes arriving this week including Wantable Makeup, Accessories and Fitness (a trifecta!), the Bespoke Post Black Box (from their Black Friday special), Julep and Koala Crate for sure.  I also have a bunch of reviews I am behind on, so be ready for lots of posts this week.

~I’ll be back in a little bit with MORE Cyber Monday deals and 1st of the month subscription box selections.  What are you up to this week?  Are you dragging this morning like I am?

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  1. Melissa M

    Cyber Monday Deal! – JUS by Julie everything is 50% off, even full cleanses! Code: CYBER50

    They have amazing 3 and 5 full day cleanses and even a 5 day ’til dinner cleanse to ease you into it. Ive done a few 3 day ones (thank you groupon) and they really are a great post holiday kick start!

    They are pretty pricey regularly ($150 for a 3 day) BUT with the code its $75 for meals for 3 days! you cant beat it!

    I just thought it would be a good deal for anyone interested in a juice cleanse for the first time!

  2. Dianna

    Just a heads up, SpouseBox is now available to order- I’m a military wife so I thought this sounded like a fun box and I just ordered it 🙂

  3. wendym

    I couldn’t sleep until 1 am trying to scope all the good deals & I’m a wreck. I’m still looking for a cheap fitbit! I decided to scrap any more online deals (I signed up for BF Target boxes (2) & Popsugar) & go shopping this morning. TjMaxx, Macys and maybe Target if the parking lot isn’t jam packed.

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh. I was up till 3am! I’ll pay for this later I am sure!

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