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~Good morning! How was your weekend? Hopefully it’s still the weekend for lots of you. B has the day off so he and L are headed downtown to the Auto Show. They have been going together since L was just a baby. They both love it. Although one year when L was around 3, he asked B what time the “show” started. LOL. He knew there were going to the auto show and was expecting a performance. So cute!  WB and I are going to pal around and maybe go to Starbucks since I never got a chance to try that Flat White over the weekend.

~No mail today, but I am expecting a few subscription boxes later in the week. I should be getting bluum, Kiwi CrateKloverbox, PetBox and surely a few more I cannot think of right now.

~Did you get that e-mail from PopSugar about our February Must Have Boxes?  They are shipping via FedEx Ground for February to help with delivery times and try to get boxes to us by Valentine’s Day!  And then in March it will be back to the normal FedEx Smart Post. There were some updates about billing and address change cut-offs as well.  If you didn’t get it, let me know and I will post the full e-mail in the comments below.

February 2015 PopSugar Update
February 2015 PopSugar Update

~Congrats to “Jen Brklacich” who won the Target + PopSugar Must Have box giveaway!  I don’t normally do winner announcements, but I know everyone will be curious about this one so I did!  Congrats Jen! The entries for this one were crazy, so I am thinking about putting together a similar box for another giveaway down the road.

Target + PopSugar Must Have Box
Target + PopSugar Must Have Box

~Let’s see, what else is going on?  B and I are on Day 13 of the Advocare Challenge and are still doing well.  There was a little straying this weekend, but nothing too crazy and we’re right back on track.   I am excited for the craziness that is sure to happen on the Bachelor night.  I like to try and talk B into watching it with me because his commentary cannot be beat.  It’s hysterical.

~Have you heard of “Nanotips“? It makes any gloves touch screen friendly. You paint it on the tips and it lasts for 2-4 weeks.  Cool right?  Touch-screen gloves can be so expensive and it’s not always on all the fingers.  I am dying to know if this stuff works.  Bobby Thomas said it did on Kelly Lee & Hoda, but I want to see it for myself.


~That’s about it for this morning.  What do you have planned for this week?

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  1. Izzy Dasti

    I don’t know what’s going on with popsugar but I ordered the Jan box with that 50% off coupon, never got an email confirmation, I emailed them & haven’y heard back 🙁

    1. theramblingjen

      They’ve been slow to respond to e-mails lately. I wouldn’t be too worried yet.

    2. Courtney C

      Same deal for me!!! No subscription confirmation, no shipping confirmation, no nothin’!

      1. Izzy Dasti

        It’s kind of frustrating but Jen says not to panic yet!

      2. theramblingjen

        Is it showing up in your account online that you ordered it?

        1. Courtney C

          It shows up under “orders” but nothing under “subscriptions”. I’ll give it a couple more days!

          1. Izzy Dasti

            Mine was the same way & they finally just answered me that the order was ok so I’m yours is too

        2. Izzy Dasti

          I actually just got an email back that they did receive my order & that I should get tracking soon. They said they are super busy. Mine showed up the same way Courtney’s did.

  2. Jennifer Holzmeyer Louthan

    oh my fun today is the mound of laundry that we brought home with us. LOL I can’t wait until I get to platinum status on Carnival and I can get free laundry 😉 I will totally take them up on that a day or two before we get off the boat so that I have less to do when I get home.

    1. theramblingjen

      For sure!!! That would be such a nice perk!

  3. Heather Poccia

    Im wondering if on this weeks list of boxes is The Little Lace Box? I am a new subbee to that box and have been anxiously awaiting. I am so excited to get the Fresh Start box from bb and im also due to get Boxycharm. Popsugar seems to have some vustomer service issues still. Not major. But. My account got messed up from a box return and i have been having issues with communication. I still love the box and as long as my sub isnt interrupted im ok.

    1. theramblingjen

      You are totally right. They should be shipping this week too!

    2. Melissa

      I got an email from LLB saying boxes weren’t shipping till next Monday? Ugh, it is so hard to wait…

      1. theramblingjen

        Ugh. That is a so hard to wait!!!!

      2. Heather Poccia

        Ohhhhh poop. I hate waiting. Im especially excited because its vintage inspired. I can not wait. Thanks for the update!!!!

        1. Melissa

          Did you get an email saying the boxes went out yesterday?? Yayyyyyyy!

          1. Heather Poccia

            I got mine!!! I should have my box tuesdayish!! I got my Frenchbox alert too. So excited.

  4. Traci Ann

    This week I should be getting my FabFitFub box, I got Love with Food on Sat. I am cutting back on boxes since I just bought two tickets for tough mudder and want to start saving. I am waiting for PSMH to get back to my on a voucher question, it has been over a week. On fb they said, they will get back to me when they can. middle of the week, it will go to private message.

  5. briannan

    Jen, would you mind posting the full Popsugar email? I’ve had some weird address things the past two months (my box has been going out as Austin, MS instead of Austin, TX – so wondering if this addresses it. December box I eventually received, but looks like January’s is in Georgia right now! 🙂

    1. theramblingjen

      Here is the full text:

      Happy New Year!

      Thank you for being a Must Have subscriber. We are so excited for what is in store for 2015! We are constantly working on ways to improve the overall Must Have experience. One of the changes you?ve requested is improved delivery time.

      In order to provide you with faster shipping, we are now requiring that all changes to accounts be completed prior to the 23rd of the month before your next box is shipped.

      This includes logging in to your account to make any updates to the following:

      Billing information

      Shipping addresses

      Subscription cancellations

      Starting with next month’s box, billing will now take place the last week of every month, starting the 25th of each month (i.e., billing for the February box will begin on the 25th of January, and so forth).

      Additionally, all February boxes will be shipped via FedEx Ground to facilitate a quicker delivery time. We will ship out all February orders as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee delivery byFeb. 14. Please note that FedEx Ground does not deliver to PO boxes or APO addresses, so these orders will ship via FedEx SmartPost. Starting with the March box, all boxes will ship via Fedex SmartPost.

      If you have any questions, please contact

      Thank you,
      POPSUGAR Support

      1. briannan

        Thank you so much!

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