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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate / referral links. Read the full disclosure.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate / referral links.

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~Morning! Is it really only Thursday?  It feels like this week has gone on forever.  B and I are still on the Challenge and I am happy to repeat I am feeling way better than I did 10 days ago (i.e. before we started).  It must be all that water I’m drinking.  This is likely a very stupid question, but that’s never stopped me from asking before, so what’s your favorite water bottle? I have a bunch, but I don’t know if I have a favorite.  I like the fruit infuser ones, the Kor Aura ones, Tupperware ones, etc., but I don’t know that I have a favorite.  I do know that I like them to be clear.  I like to see where my water level is at.

~Target Cartwheel.  You use it right?  I am back to using it like I should have always been and it’s awesome.  Also, Target has some great clearances happening right now. You might have to hunt a little to find stuff, but I found the grey pouf I had been after for L’s room (it was on clearance for $14.98 – regular $49.99) and a Nate Berkus faux fur throw I have been eyeing for ages for $10.50 (reg. $35).  Good deals!

Target Cartwheel

Target Cartwheel

~I still have a bunch of subscription boxes coming this week including Austin Lloyd, Barkbox, my second Birchbox, Citrus Lane, Dottiebox Mini, GLOSSYBOX, ipsy, Kiwi Crate and Love With Food. This is the busy subscription box week of the month for sure.

~Did you see the Bachelor this week? This season is wild. Ashley is crazy. What on earth was she talking about? And the alien / big nose girl? What? Are these planted by ABC or are these girls for real? I would like to believe they are plants, but I am just not so sure about that.  And did you see that Jordan, who got booted, is all mad that the producers kept giving her booze?  Well actually they just provided the house with a lot of booze, no one made her drink it.  This show.  I cannot get enough.



~In more trashy tv news, have you been watching The Real World?  Oh man, it’s about to go down.  It seems like Tony is going to have his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend in the house with him for a bit along with Madison, who he’s been hooking up with.  Pretty glad I am not him right now. I am also all caught up on the Challenge – Battle of the Exes. Next week is going to be rough.  It looks like it’s the show Diem gets airlifted out ;(. I’ll get my Kleenex ready.

~On a totally different note, I saw Scratch & Grain the other night on Shark Tank and thought, hey wait, I have that stuff.  They were in the Love With Food shop last month!  They are cookie mixes, but instead of having all the ingredients premixed in one bag, they all come individually packed.  So you are making them from scratch, but without having to measure and buy everything.  Perfect for little bakers who like to mix and pour things like L and WB do! I get oddly excited when I see items I “know” on Shark Tank.

Scratch & Grain Cookie Mix

Scratch & Grain Cookie Kit

That’s all from here.  I’ll be back in a bit with some reviews, but I hope everyone has a great day.  What are your weekend plans? Do you have anything exciting going on?

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20 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • mellomelon

    Huge Shark Tank fan here 😀 I didn’t like the Scratch and Grain pitch. The sharks were right. The name is weird. It makes me think of cat food. And I didn’t like how the owners were making it seem so expensive to buy ingredients to bake cookies from scratch. Flour, eggs, sugar? These are called staples for a reason. Most people have them in their homes and use them for multiple things. I understand the convenience of having everything pre-measured, but overall was not impressed.

    • theramblingjen

      Super weird name. I wonder if they will have them change it. Do you think Bantam Bagels is going to change their name? They wanted them to change too right??

      • mellomelon

        Yeah, they wanted the bagel people to change their name, too, but I think the name is fine. I wanted to try them, but shipping was $20!

        As to the water bottle question, I use a Takeya glass bottle. LOVE IT. It’s been dropped a few times and hasn’t broken or cracked. I love glass bottles.

  • Tiffany

    I love my lifefactory glass bottle! i bring it everywhere.. have dropped it a few times and it hasnt broken.. i dont know but drinking out of a glass bottle taste soo much better then plastic or metal 🙂

  • Stacey

    I’m obsessed with my glass ello bottle. I’m buying at least two more because water tastes so much crisper! 🙂 Its also the perfect design. Tall and skinny, has a one handed flip lid, and its easy to clean.

  • Andrea Karwandy

    So here is a question for you! Since I got the Popsugar Target box I have that Target gift card, which can’t be used in Canada. The friend that let me use her mailbox is going down to Detroit this weekend and will be going to Target. What amazing treats have you found lately that I should have her get me?? I know you’re the person to ask ;).

    • theramblingjen

      I am so sorry! I was slacking on comments and just saw this. What did you end up having her get you? I would have suggested fun fitbit bands to some of their C9 gear!

      • Andrea Karwandy

        She got me an Orla Kiely yoga mat bag, which will be really handy. I also had her get an eos and chapstick flavor that we don’t here. I was hoping to get some of the “Have Your Cake” Slim Fast bars since we don’t have them here, but they were all sold out! She got an awesome FitBit band for herself that I’m jealous of, so I might have to see what I can find online soon for that kind of thing.

  • PA Anna

    It feels like a long week. It’s Target Cartwheel worth it? I’ve seen people struggling to use it in the stores because of the poor cell phone signal and it seems more of a hassle. I was surprised by the amount of boxes received this week. Dottie Box mini came today along with Bramble box. Based on your list I am guessing I should be receiving BarkBox, Kiwi Crate, and Love with Food. I have to check out Bachelor.

  • Michelle Roberts Mcgraw

    If you like cold cold water- the BEST reusable water are Zojirushi ones!!! Seriously! they are the ONLY water bottle I use now. Keeps ice all day, no sweating or dripping on the outside. Available through amazon- watch the sizes! I have the small ones that I love to put in my purse, I have medium size ones that I keep in my car. and I have a HUGE 100oz one that I keep for long days or at the soccer field or long days of four wheeling. They are expensive but totally worth it!!!!

  • Rona Berry-Morin

    I totally agree with the previous comments about Scratch and Grain being a convenience or novelty. I enjoy baking, usually have all the ingredients in the pantry so this would be a product that I wouldn’t purchase.