Little Lace Box February 2015 Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the February 2015 Little Lace Box!

Little Lace Box February 2015 Spoilers
image credit: orlandomag

Thanks to Instagram user “orlandomag“, we have spoilers for the February 2015 Little Lace Box!  Based on my best guesses, here is what’s included:

~Whitley Earrings ($58) (ETA: I’ve also seen different style earrings and Kitsch bracelets ($32) being sent out).
~CeeCee and Bee Tub Truffles ($21.99) or Beekman 2802 Bling Bath ($15).
~Dancin’ Goat Skin Care Hula Bliss Lotion
~Beekman 1802 Orange Zest Goat Milk Hot Fudge ($12) (assorted flavors)
~P. Press Papers Arrow Note Cards

ETA: Here is another variation of the box:

Little Lace Box February 2015 Spoiler
Little Lace Box February 2015 Spoiler (thank you hellbentkt)

And just a reminder, the March Little Lace Box subscription window is not yet open. If you want to be notified of when sign ups are open, you can subscribe to their e-mail list and, of course, I will also be posting about it! If you want to sign up for an annual subscription, those are always available.  ETA: Looks like those are sold out now as well! And with both options you can use the coupon code “Rambling10” to save $10 off your first box!


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  1. robin

    OOOOH! I can’t wait to get this box in person! This will be my first LLB. I have only subscribed to Popsugar (which I looove) but I have become addicted and had to sign up for a few more boxes this past month! Have you tried Mommy Mailbox? I just got my first box and love it! Very anthropology-ish!

    1. Jennifer

      No, but I am super curious about that one! What was in it this month??

  2. Amanda

    The Orange Fudge is Beekman 1802, the same guys that made our fruit spoon in the last box. I looooove their stuff, and their story. The Beekman boys are fab.

    1. Jennifer

      It looks SO good!

      1. Melissa

        Got my box at work. Decided to see how the fudge tasted. They claimed it was good but I think the LLB girls think everything is fabulous probably. Then I tried it. Now there’s only half a jar of fudge left………

  3. Jessica

    Yessssss! Tub truffles are too cute and the earrings are so elegant. Our shower broke and I had to take a bath before work this morning (lol) and it would have been so much better with the truffles. Is the unidentifiable object some kind of stationary? Love this box, per usual!

    1. Jennifer

      I think it’s notecards, but I can’t figure out the brand!

  4. Michelle

    The yearly subscription has been marked as sold out on the website for a few days now just fyi

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you for the update!

  5. Samantha

    Looks like a small Dancin goat lotion in hula bliss (other scents on the website as well) and Whitley designs earrings RV $58ish. Many pretty designs on the website. SO excited!

    1. Samantha

      And orange zest goat milk hot fudge! But there are other flavors as well so not sure if it’ll vary.

    2. Jennifer

      Yep. I just don’t know about the last one!

  6. Barbie

    Wow, people on MSA are tearing this box apart? (and pretty much every single other box lately)

    After getting French Box last week this box looks like a piece of heaven to me lol

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! I think you gotta wait to read the letter and touch everything before you really decide on a box!

      1. Barbie

        Exactly! Plus, there are so many girls willing to purchase the boxes if you don’t end up liking em. I sold my December box in about 5 seconds when I realized I couldn’t use the items. It was a very painless transaction!

    2. Callie

      Yeah, it drives me crazy when people complain about what they receive in mystery subscription boxes when it’s just a matter of preference! One person was upset because they have a Jacuzzi tub and the bath bombs might mess it up. So I shouldn’t get bath bombs?

      I do think that if it’s a matter of quality (Frenchbox) or bad customer service (people are saying LLB asked for preferences citing earrings as an example, which seems odd if they were going to send earrings to everyone) but come on. It’s $40. And if you don’t have $40 to throw away, that’s understandable, but don’t sign up for a mystery subscription box. Geez.

      Thanks for letting me vent over here. 🙂 I have enough negative stuff in my life – I read these sites for some enjoyment!

      1. Callie

        Now someone is complaining that the earrings are 14k gold “filled” vs. all gold. What do people expect for an item that is one of five or six in a $40 box? I just don’t get it.

        1. Rachel

          Gold filled is a large step up from costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is gold plated, or less.

      2. Jennifer

        It looks like some people are getting Kitsch bar bracelets. Maybe they did take it into account? I’ll post a picture of the bracelet ASAP!

      3. Jennie

        I could not agree with you more.

        Here’s one thing that’s really bothering me. I know that many of the women who get subscription boxes are subscribed to a lot of them and they have the money to do that. Which is great! I personally do not. Thing is, if you subscribe to a lot of boxes, you’re going to be very overloaded with a lot of products and I see a lot of people complaining that they have two much of a certain category. To someone like me who isn’t rolling in dough, that complaint is really kind of offensive. So I shouldn’t get something because you have TOO MUCH from other sources? What?!

        It’s the sort of tone-deaf complaint that reminds me of when one of the doctors my husband works with complained to him that the 2015 Lexus models were released right after he brought a brand new 2014 one. Now, objectively, I get why that’s a little frustrating. However, we are driving a beat up 2002 Sonata which we share. To hear someone b**** and moan about something like that to us is just… it’s really gross. It’s incredibly inconsiderate.

        Just… I wish that people would be a little more mindful of things like that. If you are privileged to have lots of extra money to spend on boxes like this and you whine about what you get when the value and quality is higher than what you spend, I’m going to think you’re a spoiled brat.

        1. Callie

          Amen. Let’s hope they stay over there!

    3. Melissa

      That whole tearing boxes apart is the whole reason I love this blog so much. So much more positive!

  7. lisad

    I love LLB and POPSUGAR. If you don’t then quit complaining and find a box you like. While I like to read reviews, I hate to read negative winey ones. I could use a drink lol! I will have to say I’m glad I’m not seeing that in extreme here.

    1. lisad

      Just as a follow up, I really enjoy reading your blog and I tried the new Starbucks drink and wow, it was fab!

      1. Jennifer

        OMG it is so good. I had it again today. I am obsessed.

  8. HeatherP

    I need the box in my hands. Everything in this box is put together so thoughtfully. I cant say at the monent this one is for me. Last month TOTALLY me. But i need it in my hands. Im sure i will value some of these lil treasures tho. And when i read the paper that comes with it i value the goodies more.

  9. Vicki

    I hope I get the earrings and bath truffles. honestly have big wrists and don’t love to wear anything on my wrist. I must be one of the few people who likes everything in boxes to be the same for everyone or I have box envy!

  10. Amanda

    Both of those curations are lovely, and I am psyched about the fudge. There seems to be a big difference in monetary value between the two of them $58 for earrings and $32 for the bracelet. And $22 for the bath truffles vs. $15 for the Bling Bath. That’s a total of $33 difference between those two boxes, I think that’s a lot. I will take the earrings from the first example box, and the bling bath from the second, lol, that is my box wish.

  11. Rachel

    This is so well put together.. I can’t wait for mine tomorrow! 😀

  12. Steph

    Despite the price discrepancy with the variations, I think I’m all around jazzed for this box…whichever box I get . I think I might like the bracelet better, but any jewelry is fun for me.

  13. Rachel

    I’m hoping my jewelry is silver earrings, because out of all of the options that is the only one I wear. I’m just glad I wasn’t subscribed the month the box was all gold jewelry! Orange goat milk fudge sounds awesome. If I get bath something I’m going to have to get off my bum and finally get a bathtub plug to take baths (which my husband will be pleased about). I can’t say I’m as excited about this month’s box as I was last month’s, but overall I think I’ll still be good.

  14. Kate

    Yay! I knew I did the right thing by cancelling my monthly PopSugar and going with LLB instead. I’d be happy with either version of this box (although would prefer earrings to bracelet, both are sweet and go along with the style of the boxes they have sent in the past). Usually when I order a new subscription box, it goes down hill the month I join. So glad that is not the case here – I’m very happy by looking at the pictures, can’t wait to get it!

  15. Shana

    I personally don’t love this box. I signed up after seeing December’s box and haven’t loved anything since. it’s just not for me but the trade value is there. If anyone wants my box let me know.

  16. Nicole A.

    This was my first LLB box and while I don’t love it, I’m not going to knock it, it’s just not for me. I’ll probably look to sell or trade it. You’re right, they really are tearing it up on MSA, they seem to do that a lot on there. I love that this thread is so positive and keeps it cool. Well done ladies, lol!

  17. Alexa

    I received my LLB today! I got Whitley earrings in silver (love!), Beekman Bling Bath goat milk bath salts, Beekman goat milk hot fudge, Pink Arrow stationery, and the bonus – Dancin’ Goat Hula Bliss hand & body lotion (2oz).

    1. Helen

      OMG, Alexa, that’s the exact box I’m hoping for! *Fingers crossed*

    2. Kathy

      I have three boxes like yours! With 3 different sets of small silver earrings….unfortunately I only wear gold and requested Gold, ( told them I am allergic to Lavender)…. 2 products and the entire box smells/contain Lavender, as well as being allergic to goats milk products 2 products! LOL! So these will not be staying in my home, if anyone wants to buy? Jet me an email or look at web auction site.

      1. Jessica

        I told them I’m allergic to chocolate and still received the fudge.

  18. Callie

    I got mine it’s the first version with the gold earrings and the truffles and I love it. Hopefully once the complainers read the letter (detailing shipping and production barriers and advising no new subscriptions for March) they’ll chill out a bit!

  19. PA Anna

    I received the orange zest chocolate sauce. It tastes good.

  20. Jessica

    This was my first box, and I loved everything except the fudge since I can’t eat chocolate.
    I was slightly confused on the huge price differences between the earrings and bracelet. (I got the earrings.) And I’m super excited to try the bath salts. Even though the truffles have a higher value, I’m super happy I received the bath bling, especially one I read it has glitter in it!

    1. Jessica

      Also, the dancing goat company has an incredible line of products. I get their stuff from our farmers markets.

  21. LorLila

    I received my LLB yesterday and mine had the dainty silver infinity-design earrings, tub truffles and original fudge, along with the pink arrow note cards & hula bliss lotion that every subscriber received. Initially, I was just okay when the first pictures of February’s LLB contents were revealed, but after receiving my box, I am very happy with it! Of the variations available, I got what I wanted!

  22. Jessica

    This is not my favorite box. What is this swap I keep hearing about? Got the gold earrings and I don’t wear gold, I also told them I don’t wear earrings, cause I have large gauged lobes 🙁 anyone want? (I saw a couple other people put up their emails for sales) :

  23. Rosella McGilsky

    Hi Everyone!! I am owner/creator of Dancin’ Goat and I just LOVE seeing things about my brand. (Likes and dislikes)

    I am a skin therapist, so I created my products specifically for the skin and use only local fresh goat milk in my products. This is to support the small farmer.

    This year I am launching a “Farmers Market Skincare” line that will be seasonal. My first product
    for the line is now available for purchase.

    I extend a 15% off coupon to all of you, just use code 15GOATS at checkout.…. and shipping is FREE over $39!

    Thank again and feel free to email me with any skin questions to see if I have a product that can help you!

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