So What Wednesday!

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This week I am saying So What If….

~Target Valentine’s Day Clearance is 70% off and I am not even tempted (okay maybe just a little) to go to the store and check it out.
~I googled Jade from the Bachelor’s Playboy pictures the other night when she was showing them to Chris.  I bet I am not the only one who did either.
~I am excited that B’s flight got canceled yesterday because it meant he didn’t have to go out of town this week.
~While I have zero idea why PopSugar is down for maintenance for the next few days, I can only hope it means that a new Limited Edition box will be released when they are back up.
~I have spent way too much looking up gallery walls on Pinterest.  And I am no closer to having an idea what to do with mine!
~I never trust those “Compare To” prices on tags at TJ Maxx so I usually end up standing in the store googling or scanning stuff with my phone to see what the real cost is!
~Everything that is ever missing in this house is always under the couch.  I have no idea why we even look anywhere else.  It’s under the couch. Always.
~After I paint my nails I walk around waving my hands in the air and acting like I do anything because I don’t want to wreck them. Then after about 15 minutes I forget and they end up smudged.
~I liked it better back in the day when Groupon just had ONE local deal per day.  It seemed more special back then!


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  1. Stacie

    My nearest Target is 35 minutes away. So depressing. But I think I am going to see if Walmart has any candy left tonight… I can’t say no to cheap chocolate. My TJ Maxx always underestimates the compare at price. Case in point: My Michael Kors sweater I’m wearing today. The actual Michael Kors tag was still on it that said 150.00. TJ’s said compare at 75.00. (I got it with a yellow sticker for 31! Woohoo!)
    Ditto on the nails.

  2. laura r

    Did you see Starbucks has a “subscription?”,default,sc.html More like mail order scheduled delivery but whatever..

    I never pay attention to the “Compare to” prices either.. I usually just hit up the clearance and tell myself what I want and how much I’d pay for it.. usually I’ll find a cute shirt, think “oh I’d pay $10 for that!” and if it’s $10 or less, buy it.

    I look like such an idiot when I paint my nails.. like I cannot function for at least 2 hours after painting them.

  3. Sneaky Burrito

    I’m now tempted to go to Target. It’s directly between home and work. I don’t *need* chocolate. But I want chocolate.

    I use Seche Vite fast dry topcoat. It never takes very long to dry and I don’t get smudges.

  4. PA anna

    I use a nail dryer which helps with the smudges. I need to check out the topcoat that Sneak Burrito mentioned. I went to Target yesterday with my older son who needed stuff. I bought candy to give to my husband for our anniversary which is in a couple of weeks. I should had waited until today!

    Groupon doesn’t have many deals for my area. I live in a boring area. It’ll be interesting to see if PopSugar is added a LE box and how quickly it sells out due to the popularity of the Target collaboration.

  5. Melissa

    I keep meaning to buy the topcoat that Sneak Burrito mentioned too but not getting around to it. Seems like I ALWAYS manage to smudge my nails somehow. But I also chip them really fast (I must be hard on my nails) so I’m constantly painting (and smudging) them.

  6. Laura Diniwilk

    Haa, I checked out the pictures too. I feel like watching them look at the pics/video was one of the most awkward moments of television history. If I were Chris I would have declined and then googled as soon as I got home. Do you read Sharleen’s blog (from Juan Pablo’s season)? She recaps the episodes, and it solidified that she is tied with Michelle Money for #1 favorite contestant ever (I am also a MMandLShow fan).

  7. Laura Diniwilk

    Oh and Seche Vite is amazing. If you are on the fence about it, DOOOO ITTTT.

  8. Erin

    I always mess up my nails too so I started only doing shellac/gel at home! About $40 to get the lamp and everything and totally worth it. Plus you can still use your regular polishes and just do a shellac top coat.

    1. Jennifer

      There was another good one a while ago that went really in depth on how they get merchandise. There are a lot of places that make items just for TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Cynthia Rowley comes to mind right away. Some are leftovers from stores too. It all depends. But yeah, that stuff from the GAP / Banana, etc. outlets are outlet specific! I don’t think it used to be like that years and years ago, but as they realized how much people liked “outlets” they started it! I remember going to like a Polo outlet back in the day and it was like factory defects and seconds and that kind of thing!

  9. Jenny

    I’m doing the same thing with gallery walls. I want to do one in my family room and I look and look and just can’t decide. They are all so cute but I’m afraid mine would just look like a hot mess.
    I’d love to go to Target but its getting ready to snow here again so that means NC shuts down. LOL at least we should have a good selection for 90% since noone can shop right now.

  10. Mieke

    I use the zoya fast dry drops that come in a kit with the base and top coats, and they’re basically amazing! My nails are totally dry and smudgeproof, I love it! I’m afraid to look and see how much they cost for when I run out, though 😛

  11. Kelsey A

    What app do you use to compare prices from TJ Maxx on your phone?? Or do you just google?

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