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Dear MSU, I’m so ready for the game tonight! Again, let’s not make this a close one. I should be used to this by now, but I never will be!

Dear Groupon, Your “Banana Bunker” post on Facebook yesterday?  Stop it.  I was dying.

Dear L, I am so glad you are feeling better!!!  And I think you are even happier about it than I am!

Dear Giant Giraffe at Home Goods, I can’t believe no one has bought you yet.  It’s been weeks and weeks. And yet you remain.  If you go on Yellow Tag Clearance I might just have to rescue you. No idea how I would get you home since you are about 9 feet tall, but it’d fun to watch me try to cram you in my car!

Dear The Longest Train Track Set-Up Ever, I can’t help but wonder how long you are going to remain up in my hallway?  I’ve tripped over you about a dozen times so far, yet the kids insist you remain up.  I should probably just get used to you!

Dear WB,I would love to know how you not only found videos of people unboxing toys on YouTube Kids, but also why you are so interested in them?  I just don’t get it.

Dear Coca-Cola, Do you really work as a hair treatment?  I don’t know, but I am certainly going to find out.

Dear My Sock Drawer, Why were you such a mess? Oh I know why.  Me. But I finally realized that my plan of saving all the socks till they could be reunited again didn’t work.  The socks never reappear once they are lost.   Ever.  You look way better now!

Dear Frozen, Thank you for being the one movie that my kids can always agree on and will always sit nicely together and watch.  I owe you one Elsa and Anna!

Dear West Virginia, Did you know there was a game last night?  I bet you’d like a do-over on that!



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  1. Chrissy

    My husband just used Coke to get rid of build up on his car battery – please don’t put it on your hair!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I mean I have ingested it….

  2. Amanda

    Dear Target/ Lilly Pulitzer,
    I am so excited for your collaboration, especially after seeing the full look book last night (it’s up on now). Everything is full on beautiful Lilly, and the price points are AMAZING. I am also giving you applause for carrying all those plus size items, I just think that’s awesome

    1. Jennifer

      OMG it’s all so gorgeous. I was looking at it last night!

  3. Tara m

    Oh my kids are obsessed with the toy opening videos! I just don’t get it!

  4. mary m

    Oh no…Not the unboxing videos. Tho my 3 yr old is more a fan of the blind bag opening. Her favorite is Hobby kids. She likes to make her own videos as well…..

  5. laura r

    I don’t know about coke for your hair, it sounds like it would dry it out! But I do now that mayonaise is great for your hair. I used to spend pretty much every weekend and summer with my grandma at her retirement home when I was growing up and all the little old ladies swore by mayo to make their hair soft and shiny- and it works! Around the same time, I also learned that it works at suffocating head lice. My childhood best friend always had lice so by default, I nearly always had lice and we tried everything to get rid of it. Most memorable was the mayo and then after it rinsed out and dried, vacuuming my head with a regular vacuum! And the vacuuming felt good! My hair and scalp felt so good.

    My 6 year old niece watches the mystery Littlest Pet Shop bag opening on YouTube.. but I don’t think that’s as weird as the other LPS videos she watches- of grown women playing with the LPS toys.

  6. Mary Rang

    After waiting for the final score on the Arizona game last night, I totally sympathize with you about close games. My family is big on Arizona, in fact my Dad used to coach at their summer basketball camps for kids. I also live in Wisconsin right now, so the Wisconsin/Arizona game tomorrow is going to be crazy for me. =)

  7. Stacie

    For some reason, I really want you to get that Giraffe. I hope it goes code yellow!

  8. Debi B.

    I have never heard of Coke for the hair, but beer is great!
    I use to use it all the time
    Google it
    Take a picture of the Giraffe, I want to see it too

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