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~Good morning!!!! Do you know what today is? It’s the start of March Madness! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  If you haven’t filled out your Bracket yet for our Bracket Challenge, you still have a few hours. Here’s the deal:
*Go here and get signed up (18+ US Residents Only*).
*Then go here and enter your name and ESPN Tournament Challenge name.
*Make your picks and finalize your Bracket BEFORE the first game tips off today at 12:15pm ET.  If you don’t do it before then you are out of luck.
~At the end of the end of the tournament the top 3 in the standings will receive prizes.  During the Tournament I will also be selecting 10 winners at random (using and them matching the number pulled up with the order you entered your information in the google docs spreadsheet).
*Prizes:  1st Place: 3-Month PopSugar Must Have Box Subscription ($109.85) 2nd Place: Lululemon Gift Card ($75). 3rd Place: Spring 2015 FabFitFun Box ($49.99).  10 Random Winners: $25 Gift Card to Target, Starbucks, Birchbox, Nordstrom, or iTunes (your choice).
And remember, you don’t have to know a thing about the NCAA, The Tournament, Brackets, etc. Just come and play!  It’s fun.

~Those of you who subscribe to FrenchBox, did you get your replacement items from February yet?  Mine arrived on Monday and I am okay with them.  I think. However I still haven’t received my February Box from them and they haven’t replied to my e-mail asking about it so there’s that.  I will post if / when I hear something!

FrenchBox February Replacements

~So I registered WB for preschool this week.  Is this an event in your area like it is around here?  Registration at the school I wanted him to go to started at like 8am last Saturday, but people started lining up at like 3am to get their spots. Yeah.  For real. I wasn’t super picky on the days / times I wanted (not picky enough to wait in line for 6 hours anyway) so I opted to NOT line up and instead went in on Monday morning to see what was left.  And happily, I got nearly exactly what I wanted ;).  YES!

~A few things 1) The Winner Dinner Plate I posted last night on Instagram is by FredFlare and can be purchased on Amazon (and elsewhere I am sure) 2)  L did great on his report card and I had a great conference with his teacher this week so we celebrated with some frozen yogurt.  They were thrilled. 3) I don’t think I mentioned it, but I dyed my hair over the weekend and got caught up in the Michigan State game and ended up leaving the dye on just a little too long.  Oops.  It’s a little darker than I intended ;). and 4) This is a picture I took when we were downtown last week and then ran through the Waterlogue app I mentioned yesterday.  Super cool right?  I’m obsessed.

This and That
This and That

~I’ve still got quite a few boxes coming this week including Limited Edition: Birchbox + babyGap, bluumCitrus Lane, Lip MonthlyLoot Crate, Mission Cute, Phone Case of the MonthUrthBox, and Yogi Surprise. I think we’ll be getting spoilers for the PopSugar Resort Limited Edition Box either today or tomorrow which I am so excited about!

That’s about it from here!  L has a half day today and I think we’re going to the movies so I’ll see you later!


(*) E-mail me if you’d like a full copy of the Official Rules.

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  1. brandy

    bahahahah i ended up on the adult boxes page when i clicked the comment bubble. i don’t know how i managed that! how many days/hours a week is your preschool? i don’t know if my husband can handle the preschool back and forth on top of everything else. he takes A to crossfit twice a week (yes seriously, she flipping LOVES it) and then adding soccer onto that. i don’t want to stress him out.

    i need that app!

    1. Jennifer

      That app is the best!!!

      Who would you even send to preschool though?? Wait, how old are the kids going to be in the fall?

  2. Jori

    Yay, so excited for March Madness!!!

    1. Jori

      Omgsh what a weird picture I have! Haha, I love it!

  3. Chrissy

    Finished my bracket! It was surprisingly fun, given that I know NOTHING about college basketball, lol. 😀

    I really feel like French Box should have done more for you guys – maybe credited the next month as well? That was just an awful and sloppy box.

  4. Britney

    I entered! And ever downloaded the app! Lol… I know absolutely nothing about college basketball, but I’m sure this will be fun anyway. I just wish my husband had been here to help me a little when picking teams! Good luck everyone and SIC ‘EM BEARS!

  5. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I just entered. I hope I’m not too late. I think the games just started. Thanks for this fun contest!! 🙂

    1. Bridget Heiple Reich

      Never mind, I see I can’t join the group. Darn! 🙁

  6. Rachel G

    The website was like super mobile friendly for a few weeks while you were doing all the maintenance but now it’s all back to normal, which makes it hard to read on my phone.

    1. Jennifer

      I know! I can’t win with that. It was mobile friendly before, but the way it was formatted was showing up weird in some web browsers. So now it works in all the web brewers the way it should, but it’s not mobile friendly again ;(. I am going to keep working in it I swear!

    2. Jennifer

      Okay, I changed it around a bit. Let me know what you think. It doesn’t look cute, but I think it’s more friendly!

      1. Rachel G

        Its super mobile friendly right now! It is missing the banner and stuff but it’s so much easier to read without constantly resizing the page to be big enough to be able to read the words and then zooming out to see the pictures.

  7. Mrs. L

    I got my Pop Sugar Resort Box today! (see my instagram). I’m so used to spoilers that this was the first box in ages that I had no clue what was in it! Looking forward to what you think.

  8. missyb111

    Am I under tine right group? I’m under RamblingsofaSuburbanMom not SubscriptionBoxRambling. Which one should I be under? thanks!

      1. missyb111

        So I did go through your links. Can you see if I’m listed? I had all my teams by the deadline, I just think I joined your old group or something. My name is : MissLiss111 1

  9. Kathy

    I didn’t receive my FrenchBox either, but when I contacted them they got back to me almost immediately. From what I understand the boxes that weren’t sent before all the issues were not going to be sent & those people will receive the next box. Maybe I just hit them at a good time, but I had excellent customer service. Hope you hear from them soon.

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