Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code

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Yogi Surprise
Cost: $44.95/month
Ships To: United States (including APO and FPO Boxes)
Coupon Code: Use code “LOVEYOURSELF” or “GRATITUDE” to save 20% off per month for the LIFE of your subscription.
Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Box

Yogi Surprise is a monthly care package designed to complement your healthy lifestyle. Within each Yogi Surprise you’ll receive 6-8 full size products ranging from unique yoga accessories and natural beauty items to herbal tonics, organic snacks and super food essentials.  One subscriber per month will also win that month’s Yogi Surprise retreat. For April, one lucky subscriber will win a 4-day yoga retreat at Lumeria Eco Boutique in Maui.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
The Box

Yogi Surprise ships via USPS Priority Mail and, once shipped, takes just two days to arrive to me.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
First Look

I couldn’t even remember if we’d receive any spoilers for this one so I went into it totally not sure what to expect!

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
The Information Card

The April 2015 Yogi Surprise theme was “Bloom with Spring” and included the following:

~GoodOnya Organic, Gluten Free Breakfast Bar (~$3): These bars are all natural and don’t contain any fillers.  I didn’t dig this flavor though.  I’m not even sure I could accurately tell you if it tasted like any of the ingredients.  I just don’t know about this one.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
GoodOnya Organic, Gluten Free Breakfast Bar

~Rosewood Mala Bracelet with Nepal Drawstring Mala Bag ($25): I couldn’t find this exact bracelet online so I had to use the price from the information card.  I love absolutely love this and will use it to help me focus.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
Rosewood Mala Bracelet with Nepal Drawstring Mala Bag

~Essence of Nature Tree – Free Natural Paper Journal ($7.99): What a cool journal.  The paper is made out of “post-consumer and agricultural waste” and is “tree-free”.  It’s thick and kind of crinkly and just feels cool

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
Essence of Nature Tree – Free Natural Paper Journal

~Essential Living Foods Superfood Trailmix ($5.94): This is made with all organic, kosher and vegan ingredients and has goji berries and coconut.  This isn’t a snack I would normal grab for, but it was okay.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
Essential Living Foods Superfood Trailmix

~Frisky Fish Roll On “Exhale” Essential Oil Perfume ($14): You can carry this with you and roll it on during the day to get a little extra pep in your step.  I found the scent to be a little strong so I would recommend applying this with a very light touch.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
Frisky Fish Roll On “Exhale” Essential Oil Perfume

~Grey Sage Smudge Stick Bundle ($4): I actually received a smudge stick in another box a while ago, but was afraid to use it because I didn’t want to do it wrong and end up with a pile of bad juju or anything.  The information card doesn’t give any special instructions so maybe it’s not required to do it a special way?  I’m not sure?  Anyway, I wish they would have wrapped this in something when they shipped it because little pieces of sage were all over all of the other items in the box and also all over my carpet.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
Grey Sage Smudge Stick Bundle

~Vanessa Valente Crystals Quartz Starter Kit ($9): I’m not sure if the information card matches what I received or not?  The card says it’s a crystals quartz starter kit and the card that came along in the pouch said it’s a yoga healing quartz crystal.  I wouldn’t call one item a starter kit, so I guess it’s a healing quartz crystal?  Whatever it is, it’s tiny.  Like so tiny I didn’t think it was in the bag.  I really totally thought I got an empty bag.  I am certain I am not the only one who is wondering about this so hopefully we hear something from Yoga Surprise on it.

Yogi Surprise April 2015 Subscription Review + Coupon Code
Vanessa Valente Crystals Quartz Starter Kit

All totaled I came up with a value of $68.93 for the April 2015 Yogi Surprise.  However, that’s using some of the Yogi Surprise prices on the information card since I couldn’t find everything online.  I liked the majority of the box (and LOVE the bracelet) and hopefully we hear more on the crystal “kit” soon!

What do you think of Yogi Surprise?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to learn more, click here and use the Yogi Surprise coupon code “LOVEYOURSELF” or “GRATITUDE” to save 20% off per month for the LIFE of your subscription.


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  1. Claire

    So I have a comment about the sage. I can’t personally burn anything myself because of my asthma but sage is one thing that I actually haven’t had issues with. You can google the ways to use it but I follow traditional Lakota spirituality and have used it to cleanse my house just because of all the drama in my life and I’ve even done a cleansing of a person’s haunted house in the past. You shouldn’t be too worried about bringing bad juju into your house or life as long as you keep your mind and spirit open and positive. The best idea is to find a large feather (not a bald eagle feather as those used to be illegal to have unless you were a registered American Indian though that could have changed since they were removed from the endangered species list. Even if you found it on the ground it was once considered illegal just to possess them) but you can find another large bird feather (I prefer ravens feathers because the raven is my spirit messenger) and then get something like a bowl to hold underneath it to collect the ashes (you can still use the ash btw for certain ceremonies). I actually have a large oyster shell that I collect the ashes in. So there are two ways of distributing it, with the feather while it burns in the bowl or, if you’re oober careful, you can waft it in the air. I will just point out that white sage smells exactly like marijuana. I’ve never actually used grey sage and there are certain rituals regarding the ceremony for collecting the sage and bundling it but I would hope Yogi Surprise would take that into consideration. You can look on YouTube how to use it but I would save it for something special. The price does seem awfully low as I’ve paid up to $20 for sage in the past from reputable Lakota shamans that I’ve become acquainted with at pow wows. I try to save it for when I need surgery and then use it over several day of mediation and cleansing to prepare my body and spirit in the event I die.

  2. HeatherP

    Im impressed how creative the curation of this box continues be. I question the values of some things like last months cd i thought was inflated. But the bigger picture to me is that even if the value fell at or below the cost, this is one of those boxes that have personal value because i find new things i really love. So value doesnt concern me int his case.
    I get scared of burning the sage too haha. But i do know its not “witchy” and uou need to open the windows and kind of usher the old bad air out while burning. I may just do it to kind of start a fresh foot in spring.
    I love the oil!! I must have a failing olfactory but i like the oils right under my nose. I like to smell them strong!
    Great box. Cant wait for the special spring box next week!!!!!

  3. laura r

    I’m sure there are many ways to do a sage cleansing, but when I did it I just opened all the windows and doors, lit it and blew it out so it smoked, walked each room setting my intentions and waving the smoke all over the corners/windows/edges. We had just bought our house so I wanted it to be a great experience.. and also, the house was a smoking deal because the previous owners were in a nasty divorce and I didn’t want that kind of energy staying in the house and getting in my relationship.

  4. Sneaky Burrito

    My crystal was only a single crystal, too, but it was quite big — maybe 2/3 the size of a golf ball? My notebook had a hippopotamus on it. So I guess there are different animals you could get.

    I had to quit this box for awhile for financial reasons but I am glad I was able to resubscribe.

  5. Marla Johnson

    I thought the same thing about the crystal “starter kit”! It is so tiny. I think crystals are great but I’ll have to figure out what I can do with this one. I was happy to get the sage. I was thinking my office could use some smudging to rid it of negative energy! I will have to read up on how to use it properly. I put it in a snack size ziploc to keep it from dropping any more pieces in my house. I did like the scent of the oil perfume. Typically, essential oils should be kept in an amber bottle to keep light from affecting them, so storing it in a cool, dark place when not in use is a good idea.

  6. Jamie

    I had to scrape around the bottom on my box in all the sage pieces to find the tiny sliver of crystal. As someone who has a lot of stones, this is definitely not a $9 item. this was my first box and it was kind of a disappointment, Im not even sure if I want to give it another month or try something else. Also, they sent me a shipping notification for 2 day shipping on 4/2 and they did not actually send it until the 10th.

    1. Sara

      The exact same thing happened to me. Was notified on 4/6 that it was shipping and it didn’t come until 4/13. This is my first box and i’m underwhelmed, but am going to give it another month to see how it goes.

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