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~Good morning! Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday!  I took the kids to SkyZone in the morning to jump which they loved and then we had dinner at my parents house.  B sent flowers (he’s away again this week) and L surprised me with a handful of super pretty purple stones that he had gotten at the zoo a while back. He says he picked them out just for me and was saving them for me until my birthday.  He’s so sweet.  He also helped my Dad vacuum my car which *might* have been the best birthday present ever.  It was such a mess.

Little buy - big foam pit

Little buy – big foam pit

~Ugh. I missed Big Brother last night!  I kind of forget that I can record shows now that I have cable so I only caught the last 10 minutes.  I assume I will be able to catch up pretty easily tonight though.  Did anyone watch?  What did you think of the cast?  And while we are talking about trashy tv, let’s discuss The Bachelorette!  Oh man.  Listening to Kaitlyn and Nick “talk” in the bedroom was beyond awkward.  For me anyway.  Turn those mics off!  I am looking forward to the conversation where she tells the other me about what happened though.  That should be super awkward!

~I am plotting another giveaway and I am curious, do you think I should do one “big” item or a bunch (well a few) smaller items? I am leaning towards one big item, but I want to hear what you think!

~If you are a Citrus Lane subscriber, make sure you check out the “Add to Box” feature  this month.  They have three Mystery Box options in there for $15 (boxes promise a $30+ value).  I am kind of thinking about trying the Playground Ball one, just to see what’s all included in it.

Citrus Lane Add-To Box

Citrus Lane Add-To Box

~It has turned out to be such a bust subscription box week!  I am still expecting Your Secret AdmirerFor the Faithful, Five Four Club, Hammock Pack, Birchbox Man and  Doodle Crate for sure.  I believe that FabFitFun is supposed to ship this week as well.

~My garage sale I was thinking about for this weekend isn’t happening (I have no idea how I thought I could do that), but I want to get rid of some larger items that are collecting dust in the garage.  Where do you all sell your stuff at?  Craigslist, local Facebook swap groups or consignment shops?  I’m talking baby / kid stuff like strollers, a pack-n-play, video monitor, etc.  Any ideas?  And if you bottle fed, what did you do with all the bottles when you were done?  I have a zillion that are just sitting in my basement and I am thinking I could donate them somewhere? Do places take used bottles?  With a new nipple on it and a bath in the steamer it could be as good as new.

That’s all from here!  What are you doing this weekend?


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14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Jenny

    You can probably watch BB online today if you want. They only let 8 people in so far and they are an interesting mix but pretty boring so far. More enter tonight and the beginning of the takeover starts I think. Random thought but I think the Big Brother has a better couple rate then the Bachelor does. I mean how many people have gotten married or stayed together off the Bachelor compared to the couples that have met in BB? I think BB might win that LOL
    I sold most of my babystuff on local FB group. I tried craigslist and some sold there but the people seem to be easier on the FB group. At least that is my experience around here. Good luck.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Your FB groups must be normal. Mine all seem nuts. Everyone yells at everyone about who said “Interested” first and so on. It’s wild.

      I can’t get into this cast!

  • Kristin

    I have had success selling on both Craigslist and my local FB group.

    There is a women’s and children shelter in my town that will take donated bottles. They just sterilize everything that they get. I think that the homeless shelter does as well. You can look on their websites and it normally outlines what they are willing to accept.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Do you do porch pick-up on Craigslist / FB groups? I don’t mind people coming to pick up my stuff but I don’t want to try and arrange times to meet up. It’s always so hard!

  • laura r

    Did you get your birthday gift from Sephora yet? The NARS lipstick pencil/crayons.. I thought for sure I’d prefer the dark red and hate the light mauve-ish color but the opposite is true. I love the light one and wear it daily. I’m not sure I can pull off the Cruella.

    I don’t have kids, so I don’t have kid stuff, but when I sell stuff I usually just take it to this local bookstore- they sell books, dvds, cds, records, casettes, vhs tapes, magazines, nick nacks, toys, musical instruments, jewelry.. pretty much everything in addition to books. I could probably get more money if I put it on CL or ebay but it’s just so much easier to sell to them and then get store credit to buy more books. I bought my boyfriend a brand new acoustic guitar from there for his birthday last year and paid $0 out of pocket after trading a bunch of books and movies and I think some little art too- and I still had credit leftover. I always say I’m going to have a garage sale for clothing and other things, or put them on ebay/CL, but I never do. And then eventually, I just give my sister all the stuff I don’t want any more. She has a teenage daughter and both of them are around the same size so it works out well.

    This weekend I don’t work either day and it’d be nice to get out of town to escape the heat but a company is coming out to survey/measure our roof to see if we’d qualify for some solar panels/grant thing ($0 cost to us! + we’d get much smaller electric bills). I’m pretty sure we do qualify, our roof has perfect angles for catching the sun.

    Since you have cable, you might have an “on demand” section that shows recently aired episodes. I know Cox does and it’s channel 1- usually they add episodes either the next day or in about a week. AND PLL season 5 is on Netflix, which I knew, but season 6 is on Hulu+ too!

    Sorry for the novel, lol, if only I wrote this much on my blog.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I did not go get it yet! Do they still let you get it anytime during the year? I hope so!

      What happened with the solar panels? Did you qualify? That sounds really cool. I would be curious to hear how much it reduces your bills? That’s awesome.

      I swear I am still on Season 3 of PLL. I don’t know how much of it I can take knowing that we still don’t know who A is. I want to yell at this girls to stop doing this on their own!

  • Sabrina

    I hate how the Big Brother cast is no longer diverse 🙁 I would love to see them go back to the earlier seasons and cast normal people. The show is now so typecast it’s hard to watch. If I want to see a bunch of beautiful young people stuck in a house together I will watch Real World 🙂

    Have you heard of the store Once Upon A Child? I believe they have those in Michigan. They will purchase all of your gently used baby/child items. They even buy books & DVDs.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I can’t really get into this season! I liked the earlier seasons better when they had real people on – not characters!

      I know we have a store like that around here. I should check and see what I could sell some of my stuff for there! Thanks for the idea!

  • Heather

    The Bachelorette is a hot mess this season! I agree that the bedroom sounds were very awkward / unnecessary… and I’m not a prude – I don’t even really judge her for what happened, but I did NOT need the sound effects. I read online that they turned off their mics but the sound came from the boom mic on the camera outside the door… gross!

    • Jennifer Post author

      SO GROSS. I would have for sure at least checked to make sure that the camera dudes were gone. I can’t imagine they stayed all night?