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~Good morning! Not too much to report here.  Today is L’s last day of Lego Robotics and he has enjoyed the class so much.  If your school district offers something like it, I highly recommend it.  Let’s see, what else.  B is headed out of town soon for his National Guard “two weeks a year” so it will just be the little boys and I the next few weeks and well, that’s about it!  Basically we’ve just been enjoying summer.

~Have you seen the commercials on tv for “Yummy Nummies“?  Well, my kids have and have been after me about buying them for ages.  As luck (?) would have it, we stumbled into them at Target and picked some up.  Based on the commercials (and the pictures on the boxes) we were expecting something amazing.  Instead we got half cooked cookies that tasted sort of okay and gummies that tasted, as L put it, like medicine. We did have fun making them though.

Yummy Nummies

Yummy Nummies

~I still have a bunch of subscription boxes coming this week including Adrift Gifts, BarkBoxbluumBOXYCHARM, The Bride BoxCitrus Lane, Doodle Crate, Dottiebox Miniipsy, Love With Food and lots more!

~Uhh, Amazon Prime Day?  LAME.  I bought a pair of headphones. I, like everyone else, thought there were going to be so many OMGAMAZING sales.  Not even.  It was just a ton of “okay” deals on a lot of super random stuff.  They really should have just called it a warehouse sale.

this. exactly.

this. exactly.

~Congrats to Jessica M. Huba who won the Apple Watch giveaway!  She’s opting for the Apple Gift Card since she doesn’t have an iPhone, but I’m telling you, this thing is cool.  I am sure I am not using mine to it’s full potential though, so if you have one give me some tips!

~Don’t forget that the Hautelook Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive Bag goes on sale tomorrow at 11am EST!  And also, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale launches tomorrow!  They will be having a ton of beauty gift with purchase offers and, of course, all their other great deals too!  Bath and Body Works has one of their great totes online right now too!  Who needed that Amazon sale anyway???

Bath & Body Works Tote

Bath & Body Works Tote

That’s all from here!  What are you doing this weekend?  Are you expecting anymore boxes this week?


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7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Katie Sparks

    PrimeDay was definitely lame! I think I’ve lost faith in Amazone. But thanks for posting about the Bath and Body Works sale, I didn’t know about that one! Also, thanks for the link up again this week!

  • Jenny

    Oh my boys want to try those yummy things and I think they just look gross so I’ve not bought them. LOL now I can say rambling jen says they aren’t good 😉
    We were so busy yesterday I never even looked at the prime stuff. Doesn’t look like I missed out on much.

  • JacLyn

    Ugh, Prime Day! It was so hyped. That picture is exactly correct! Every half hour they would add like twenty new pages of stuff. It took so long to look through, only to find it was hardly anything I wanted. >.< Then when something did go on "sale", the difference in price was so small, there wasn't really a need to buy it right then. It baffled me to see people jump to buy something when it was only like $1 cheaper. O.o I got a couple things, mostly for my girls. I got a 20 piece nail art kit, guitar picks, chewy adult vitamins, a plushie of the Snapchat mascot, and the Batman version of the card game Love Letter. As you said, very random. I'm kind of glad because I didn't want to spend much, but still, that wasn't very fun. :/

  • Alicia

    I think everyone can agree that Prime Day was horrible! What shocked me is that people were actually buying all this stuff, almost everything was sold out! I figured they would have the latest toys and electronics on sale, not a bunch of things that no one really wants, and nothing was even marked down that much! I think it was really just to get more people to sign up for prime and way over hyped!

  • Karen

    What really made me angry about Amazon prime day was that they only had a handful of items available at the lightning deal prices. I added something to my cart the second it was available and I still got waitlisted. On another deal I was in 36th place on the wait list and my chances of getting the deal were “poor.” There couldn’t have been very many available then. I ended up not buying anything and for the first time I am really disliking Amazon.

  • Caitlin

    Prime day was awful! I did manage to get some baby wipes and a skip hop monkey backpack for my son, so it wasn’t completely a lost cause for me.

    There have been so many good sales and boxes lately, and my wallet has been hit hard. I’m a Nordstrom card holder so I’ve already done my anniversary sale shopping. I picked up a beauty blender set (2 full size beauty blenders and a full size solid cleanser) for only $37! I also ordered the #babyguybox, so I can’t wait to see what’s in that, it should arrive next week!