Kloverbox Back To School Box Review

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Cost: Monthly Box: $25/month. Back To School Special Edition Box: $50 (one-time purchase)
Ships To: United States (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)
Coupon Code: ROASM10 to save 10% off any subscription.
 Kloverbox Back To School Box
Kloverbox Back To School Box

Kloverbox is a great way to try premium, all-natural and organic products for beauty, health, nutrition and convenience. With their monthly subscription you will receive the best natural, cruelty-free and organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products. Monthly boxes are $25/month and will have a value of a least double the cost of the box. This review is on their special edition Back To School box.  The box was a one-time purchase of $50 and was specifically designed for children ages preschool to age 8. The assortment of goodies will include eco-friendly school essentials, organic health & nutrition and some unique finds kids (and adults) are sure to love!

Kloverbox Back To School Box
The Box

Kloverbox ships via USPS Priority Mail.  This box was scheduled to ship at the end of August or the beginning of September.  It arrived yesterday (the 15th of September), so it was slightly later than I was expecting.  I don’t necessarily mind that it was delayed, but I do wish they would have sent out an e-mail about it.

Kloverbox Back To School Box
First Look
Kloverbox Back To School Box
Second First Look

Both of my boys are in school now (L is in 2nd grade and WB is in 3 year-old preschool), but this is L’s box.  When we signed up it asked for the name of your child so I put both of their names in there.  I didn’t know that the box would contain customized items – I just thought they were curious on the ages.  Turns out Kloverbox was doing customized items in the box and ended up sending me boxes for both of my boys (although I just paid for one). They told me to go ahead and keep the second box which I thought was very kind of them.

Kloverbox Back To School Box
The Information Card

The 2015 Kloverbox Back To School Box contained the following items:

~2 Snuppet Snack Puppets ($10/each) ($20): These were a spoiler item that were released by Kloverbox, so I knew they would be included.   All of the designs for these USA made, non-toxic and reusable are adorable so it didn’t matter to me which we received.  These are too young for L, but will be perfect for snacks for WB.  I suspect if I packed a snack that was super good in it for L he’d use it, but he wouldn’t grab it to use it he had a choice.

Kloverbox Back To School Box
2 Snuppet Snack Puppets

~STATE – The Clinton Pencil Case ($20): These are designed for kids, but listen these are so high quality and so well made that any adult could use them as well.  I am planning on getting L a desk for his room and this will do a great job containing everything.  Also, STATE hand-delivers a backpack – packed with essential tools for success – to an American child in need for every STATE bag purchased. Now that is awesome!

Kloverbox Back To School Box
STATE – The Clinton Pencil Case

~Spark & Spark 48 Waterproof Labels ($22): Any subscription box that does customized items like these gets a gold star from me.  It’s got to be so difficult to do, but it paid off because I love these.  They are simple, but they do their job. I am going to get to work on labeling some of his lunchbox items today.  He’ll still forget them at school, but this way I will know which water bottles and goodbyn containers are his when I look in the lost and found ;).

Kloverbox Back To School Box
Spark & Spark 48 Waterproof Labels

~Real Kids Shades – Kid Surf Sunglasses ($12.95): These sunglasses are a little too big for WB, but they actually fit L nicely.  I may actually hook these into L’s backpack so he has them for the playground if he needs them.

Kloverbox Back To School Box
Real Kids Shades – Kid Surf Sunglasses

~Zoe Organics Breathe Balm ($14): This is the most interesting product of the bunch for me.  It’s 100% organic and is supposed to help soothe coughs and allow you to breathe easier.  Thankfully no one here is sick, but it’s really only a matter if time before someone needs this.  The kids next door are already sick so it’s clearly coming for us. LOL.

Kloverbox Back To School Box
Zoe Organics Breathe Balm

~Smarty Pants Kids Vitamins (Sample): The last item in the box was Smarty Pants kids vitamins. These are taste great and L has always loved them.

Kloverbox Back To School Box
Smarty Pants Kids Vitamins

All totaled I came up with a value of $88.95 for the Kloverbox Back to School Box.  I expected the value to be higher, but between L and WB everything in this box will be used.  I do think they should have broken this one out by age group a little more though.  Because the snuppets are too old for L (he’s 7) and pencil case is too old for WB and probably most other preschoolers since he doesn’t need to bring his own supplies.  I did think that the items included were high quality and I love that they included personalized labels!

What do you think of the Kloverbox Back to School Box? This box is no longer available, but if you are interested in subscribing to their monthly box or just want to learn more, click here!  And don’t forget to use the coupon code “ROASM10” to save 10% off your subscription purchase!


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  1. Candice

    I got one for our preschooler and I was pretty disappointed with the box overall especially for the cost but we’ll use everything and the balm is working out for my 9 month old right now ?

  2. Jen K

    We got our box on Monday, and I’ve been waiting for your review since then! Ellie is also three, and like you, we’ll use everything, but I wasn’t very excited. It’s too bad because Kelly is such a nice person.

  3. Debbie S.

    My son is in Pre-K 4 and I was underwhelmed with this box. The case looks so grown up. I love the idea of the company donating backpacks, but just found it to not be very exciting for a kid. This is the end of the sunglasses season here so I didn’t see how that followed the “back to school” theme. The snuppets are cute, but would’ve preferred one snuppet and maybe something else that fits the theme. I do appreciate the labels and the breathe balm as they will definitely come in handy.

  4. lisad

    So glad I skipped this but I hope those who got it enjoy!

  5. heidi

    In my 5 years of getting sub boxes this one was the biggest dissapointment. Sorry to say it but just being honest.

  6. Amy

    Pretty disappointed with this box. It was my first Kloverbox purchase, and I don’t think I’ll be ordering again.

  7. Amanda

    I haven’t received my box yet but not excited about this one. I could have use $50 at marshals and made out like a bandit compared to this ?

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