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~Good morning! Does anyone else feel like it should be Friday? It seems like it’s been a long week. And then L having Tuesday off school threw everything off too. I mentioned it before, but I went to the teacher inservice on Tuesday on behalf of the PTO, so the boys got to hang out with their Nana. And those lucky ducks got to go to Chuck E Cheese and the mall for lunch. That’s a good day when you are 3 and 7!

Fun Day!
Fun Day!

~Have you heard about Farmer’s Fridge? I saw it on the news the other night and think it’s the coolest idea. They have vending machines with everything else so why not salad? It looks like they are only in Chicago right now, but it sounds like they want to expand so hopefully they will be in Michigan soon!

credit: Farmer's Fridge
credit: Farmer’s Fridge

~I don’t have too many more boxes coming this week, but I am expecting the Allure Beauty Box, Fabletics, Dottiebox and DatesCrate. A handful of others look like they are on their way, but probably won’t arrive until next week.  I am really hoping that the Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box ships soon, but so far I haven’t gotten any notifications on it.

~You guys, the new Bullseye Playground at Target is incredible. It replaced The One Spot and as much as I loved the One Spot this is like 100x better. At least the stuff they had there right now was. I don’t even know what to say.  Other than go there and check it out.  I got the boys holiday ties ($1 and $3) and a bunch of adorable little decorations which were all also $1 or $3!  I can’t wait to see what else they do down the road there.  I also got to see all of the gorgeous Sugar Paper line at Target yesterday.  I don’t need a planner, but the notebooks and portfolios will be on my Christmas list!

Target Bullseye Playground / Sugar Paper
Target Bullseye Playground / Sugar Paper

~I mentioned the other day that I was planning on doing the Reddit Secret Santa and a few of you mentioned that we should do a gift exchange here.  What do you think?  Is that something people would be interested in?  If we get enough people I am totally down for setting it up and making sure it runs smoothly.  Let me know!

Thats it from here!  I hope everyone is having a great day!


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  1. Rose D.

    YES! I love Secret Santa’s!

  2. Susan

    I am in for a secret santa

  3. Nora

    I’m in for secret santa

  4. Maddy

    Ooh great idea!

  5. heidi

    would love to do a secret Santa on here!

  6. Tiffany

    i would LOVE to do a secret santa here!!

  7. Tara m

    I would be in for a Secret Santa!

  8. JT

    I’d definitely be in for Secret Santa!

  9. lisad

    Sound like fun yes for me!

  10. Zelene

    Loved the Bullseye Playground, Did you see the plaid Letters (like Ornaments) I bought with my kids letters, I wanted mine but I can never find a Z 🙁 or it is very popular or someone think there is not people with Z name. And I bough the plaid jacket for my cat, she is not happy, but I am, she looks amazing 😀
    I would love a secret santa here, so I am in.

    1. Rose D.

      Is there a way you can post a picture of your cat in this jacket please? Maybe on the Facebook page? 🙂 (I want to see if my cat needs one. I am thinking yes.)

      1. Zelene

        Sure, I will take one today 🙂

      2. Zelene

        I did not upload the pic to Facebook, but I uploaded one in my instagram account, look for zelene_l and it is the last one 🙂

  11. Kristin 2z

    Yes to secret Santa
    I did Reddit last year and my person barely acknowledged the gift I sent. I really investigated her likes but she wanted a Pony and I think she was disappointed with the stuffed one she got but I sent her a bunch of other items picked from her likes and interests.

    Salad vending machines sound really cool!

  12. Kelly

    I’m definitely for Secret Santa

  13. Britney

    I’ll so Secret Santa! What fun!

  14. Kara

    Oohh,Yes!! The secret Santa sounds like fun. I will join in.

  15. Wanica McNeil

    Sign me up for Santa duty

  16. Desiree

    I’m in as well!! Always wanted to and it seems fun!

  17. Megan

    I’m in!! I don’t really reddit, but love the idea of a big secret santa/gift exchange!!

  18. Sindhu

    Yes, I’d love to!

  19. Kyla

    I’ve already said it, but yes for secret Santa! I, too, was never thanked by my giftee on Reddit last year, and I sent that gift while I was in extreme pain from a root canal. 😛 But I know you will do things up right, Jen!

    1. Jennifer

      I would hunt people DOWN!! LOL!!!!

  20. stephanie

    i would do a secret santa on here, i feel like the girls on your site have better taste than other lol and we are a tighter knit community it’d be awesome !

  21. Andrea

    If you do a Secret Santa through here, Elfster is a great website to use! I’m participating in three this year (including the Reddit one) and am so eager to get matches! I can’t wait to start shopping.

  22. laura r

    I’d be in for secret Santa! I never did the Reddit ones because of anonymity but I think it’d be fun.

  23. maria olvera

    I would totally be in!

  24. Staci H

    Doing secret Santa here would be awesome! I would be up for it. And those salads look way too cool ? I’m a sucker for salads.

  25. Laura K

    Count me in!

  26. Kelsey Ellen

    For sure on the secret santa! N has a scale so the fact I don’t even have to go to the post office makes it a definite

  27. Judy

    Im in for secret santa!!

  28. Nichelle

    I love participating in Secret Santa, I have never done Reddit only participated at work. If we do it on your site, how does it work, Jen? I would be interested in joining in…..

  29. Rachel G

    I’m in for SS as well. Maybe we could break it up into price brackets? even just two, one small and one higher.

    1. Callie

      Good idea! Don’t want to exclude people from participating on either end.

    2. Jennifer

      I am not sure. I am thinking just a minimum amount of you “have” to send and then if you feel like you want to go over you are free to, but you just need to go into it knowing you may only get the minimum. I don’t want to make it too complicated and I fear that people may sign up for the higher one and if they flake then I would have to cover that!

  30. Chrissy

    Yes! I’m obsessed with Secret Santas!

  31. Kim Rose

    I want in on the Secret Santa! Fun!

  32. mary m

    yes to secret santa!

    1. mary m

      I just tried signing up and it says there is an error on the page, but doesn’t show what. GRRR

      1. Jennifer

        For the Reddit one?

        1. mary m

          Yeah. I’ll try signing up later when I’m not at work 🙂

  33. Caitlin

    I’d be in for a secret Santa here too! I love this site and it would be fun to intract more with some other readers.

    Love the new bullseye playground! I went this morning and wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS! But my son wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t have time to really look. Next time though! Looks like you got some good stuff 🙂

  34. Robyn

    I would love to do Secret Santa!

  35. Callie

    Yay! Glad people are into it. If someone signed up here and flaked they could never comment again. LOL. But why would you do that? I can see if someone died or you lost your job or something, but then just tell the person – I’m sure they’d understand. Anyway, I like the idea of two price ranges – some people won’t want to spend a lot, others might want want to invest more.

    1. Jennifer

      People ALWAYS flake! That’s just the way Secret Santa goes! Or people would sign up for the “higher” one and only send the amount for the lower one. I’ve done tons of secret santas and people always flake. Always.

      1. Rose D.

        Yup. It’s like day into night. Someone will flake. It’s not intentional, life just happens. I think one price range is less exclusionary, and then people can always go over. It’s the luck of the draw!

        1. Jennifer

          Always. Always. No matter what.

  36. Jenny

    I would totally be in for a secret santa 🙂

  37. MJ

    I would be more excited about doing Reddit Secret Santa if I had actually gotten a present last year. I was jibbed.

  38. Kristin

    I would love to do the secret Santa with yall!

  39. Cindy

    Did u c the amazing cowl scarves 3$ bullseye playground…and I’m sure u saw everest toy dept too.

  40. Elissa

    I’m totally in for secret Santa… Would love to have different participation levels

  41. Janaya M

    YES for the secret santa!!! 🙂

  42. Tabitha

    Obviously in for the secret Santa.

    I read about those salads awhile back; awesome concept.

    Didn’t get to browse Bullseye’s Playground yet as I was in a hurry the last time I was at Target. It looked amazing when I hurried by though.

  43. Mieke

    Yes, I’d be all over a secret santa!

  44. Jessika

    I like the idea of a Secret Santa!!

  45. Alicia

    Yes to secret santa! I’m definitely down, it won’t be through Reddit will it? I never go on there but I’m I come here everyday. I love everything Christmas!

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