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~Good morning!  It’s been a very productive week so far.  B and I are working on cleaning out the basement and took a big load of donations to the Salvation Army yesterday.  Last night we took the kids to Dave and Buster’s (L’s pick from his Chore Monster rewards) and had such a good time.  Wednesday are 1/2 price game days so it’s double the fun.  WB selected a straw cup and a piece of candy as his prizes and L picked a Plasma Ball.  Good stuff!


~I still have a bunch of subscription boxes coming this week including Amor Naturals, Bespoke Post, Birchbox, FabKids, ipsy, POPSUGAR Must Have Box and a bunch of others. I noticed that my POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Must Have Box is in process on FedEx and it weighs 11.2lbs!  I so cannot wait to see what all is in there.

~I decided to give in and start slowly decorating for Christmas.  I figure if I do it over the next week or two I won’t be so annoyed with it and I won’t have to spend a full day doing it Thanksgiving weekend.  So yesterday I did my apothecary jars.  I am really into metallics and a sort of woodsy cottage look this season so I did gold and white for my jars this year.  Thinking up ideas (and then actually finding the items) isn’t always the easiest.  I *try* to not always use the same stuff, but as you can see bows are a constant.  Mainly because they are SO cheap!

Christmas Apothecary Jars
Christmas Apothecary Jars

~B and I watched Vacation the other night and it was one of the stupidest movies ever.  And I loved it!  LOL.  Totally my kind of movie.  Trainwreck is next on my list.  B doesn’t want to watch it so I guess I am on my own for that one.  I also really need to start reading Troublemaker – the new Leah Remini book.  Hopefully happens this weekend.

credit: imdb
credit: imdb

~I am starting to hear about Black Friday subscription box deals so in the next few days I will get the “Black Friday” tab up and running.  It will be in the Menu bar above to the right of “About”.  It’ll have ALL the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in summary format.  I will also post about them individually as well.

~Don’t forget to get signed up for Secret Santa if you want to participate! We’ve got 136 participants already and I would love to see more!  Also, PLEASE PLEASE make sure to update your profile to let me know if you are willing to ship internationally. It’s no big deal either way, I just want to know so I can get the matching right.  Also, I have started a Facebook group for Secret Santa participants.  I will get everyone who signed up added in the next few days (I think I have everyone’s e-mail in Elfster)!  You don’t have to join, I just thought it would be fun if we had a place to share!

~From the sounds of it, everyone was missing the Cynthia Rowley makeup bag in their Birchbox Luxe List Box and I got a shipping notification yesterday (after I contacted Birchbox about it) that the bags are on their way.  They noted it was a warehouse issue and that the bags should have been included in the box.  I just wanted to update in case you are waiting on your box or waiting on a reply from Birchbox.

Birchbox Limited Edition: Luxe List Review + Coupon Codes
Birchbox Limited Edition: Luxe List Box

That’s it from here!  I hope you are having a good day!

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  1. Kyla

    Just to let you know, I can’t ship internationally. Also, you won’t find me on Facebook just to save you the trouble. 😛 but if anyone wants to see me on social media I have social media and I am s_kyla_rk. 🙂

  2. Britney

    I love your apothecary jars, so pretty! Vacation is on my list to watch, now if I could only find the time. It looks like a movie that my husband will want to actually purchase and not just rent. I will also be on then lookout for Troublemaker on my next trip to the book store… Go Leah Go!!

  3. Kyla

    I meant I have Instagram! Lol

  4. heidi

    Love the jars! I contacted Elfster because I’m having an issue updating my profile. They are aware of it and trying to fix it however can you please mark me off as US shipping only? Thank you!

  5. heidi

    not on Facebook either!

  6. Kristin 2z

    For those here that are doing the Secret Santa, the Facebook group (should have a link to share at the bottom of the group for non members – I’m not sure) but it’s so we can all see the gifts everyone gets. I’m in a wonderful secret group and we do this with our 4x a year Secret gift exchanges. It’s just a way to get ideas and see what people are getting. I love seeing people’s reveals.

  7. Cindy

    Train wreck is great..b would love it too

  8. Kristy

    How do we update the profile to indicate our shipping preference? I can’t seem to find it! ?

    1. Jennifer

      Just add it in a note somewhere.

  9. Kim

    I loved Trainwreck! I’m not a big fan of comedy movies but Amy Schumer is brilliant!

  10. Melissa J

    No Facebook here either 🙁 I’ll try to get my Elfster profile to update, it’s been giving me trouble, so just in case, I’m a US only.
    Dying to know where you found your apothecary jars – that is such a wonderful look!

    1. Jennifer

      I am *trying* to see if I can throw a temporary forum up here so that non-FB people could share too. I’ll look into it more tonight.

      I bought them YEARS ago (seriously like 10 years ago) from Sams Club or Costco. They came in a set and were super cheap. Like $25? Sadly I haven’t seem them since and I am in constant fear of breaking one!

      1. cindy

        Thrift stores the Sam or goodwill for jars!

        1. cindy

          The sal army not Sam. Lol sorry

          1. Jennifer

            I knew what you meant! I have never found any good ones there! I need to go more!

  11. Elizabeth A

    LOVE the apothecary jars. I usually go Christmas crazy around here, but this year it’s going to be a little hard to go all out. That’s an easy idea and I also like your thoughts on doing it a little at a time. Thanks for getting me in the decorating mood!

  12. Cassie

    I’m so excited for the gift exchange! And your apothecary jars look incredible. 🙂

  13. Aoife K

    So I’m unable to get on Elfster for some reason, but I’ll update my profile when possible. No international for me, though. Sorry! I’m shipping gifts back home to Ireland and it’s costing a fortune! My FB is under a different email, but I really want to be a part of the group! Will there be a link to it somewhere? Maybe on the Elfster page?

  14. Emily

    I wish I could afford to ship internationally but as a broke college student I have very little money or availability of funds to ship internationally

  15. Kelsey A

    I can’t wait for the exchange!

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