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~Good morning! It’s a holiday party week around here! W’s was yesterday and L has his (and a 2nd grade sing-a-long) today. W’s class actually sang us all a Christmas song too, but, well, we can’t figure out what they were singing and he’s not talking. It was absolutely adorable and hysterical to listen to them all though. They were all over the place. W didn’t sing a note. He just stood there looking mad. LOL! L, on the other hand, is pumped about his sing-a-long today and has been singing his songs at home, in the car, basically whenever he gets a chance. So cute.

3 Year-Old Preschool Loot
3 Year-Old Preschool Loot

~I’m not sure exactly how many boxes are coming in the next few days, but I know for sure I am getting POPSUGAR (mine is coming directly from FedEx this month), ipsy, bluum, Citrus Lane (I am kind of sad – this is the end of an era), Little Lace Box, Lip Monthly, Bocandy, Awesome Pack, Package from Portland, Something Snacks and a handful of others. I suspect that the week between Christmas and New Year’s will be super slow, but that’s good because I will have plenty to catch up on!

~Just a quick reminder. If you ordered POPSUGAR with their Friends and Family code, make sure you go into your account and cancel your OLD subscription (if it applies to you).  I had a month-to-month subscription and then used the F&F code for a 6-month subscription, which created a new subscription on my account.  Meaning if I didn’t cancel the month-to-month one I would continue to get billed for it.  So just make sure to check your account to make sure you are all set.

~I received my Reddit Secret Santa gift!  I got some LUSH goodies and a Target gift card!  So perfect for me and I am thrilled. I can’t wait for my match to get his gifts too.  Hopefully he likes them. Speaking of Secret Santa make sure to go check out the goodies everyone participating in our Secret Santa are getting!  I *think* we only had two “flakes* (and one of those wasn’t even a true flake) which is pretty good considering we had 174 people participate!!!

Reddit Secret Santa
Reddit Secret Santa

~Is anyone making any DIY gifts for the holidays?  If I have any time (LOL) I would like to try these marbled clay ring dishes from A Beautiful Mess.  They are beyond gorgeous and look easy.  Although, I have said that about a million other projects that were not as easy to do in person as I was expecting!  Has anyone tried these??

credit: A Beautiful Mess
credit: A Beautiful Mess

That’s all from here!  I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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  1. Lauren

    So glad you reminded me to cancel my month-to-month PSMH. As I’m already getting 2 December boxes that I don’t want lol

  2. Jamie

    What a great idea! I am totally scrambling for last minute gift ideas, I think I’m going to try making those ring dishes too!

  3. Jen K

    I just tried to use the friends and family Popsugar code, and it no longer works.

    1. Jennifer

      I think it expired the 15th.

  4. Kelly

    Your accounts of W are hysterical.
    Yay on the Secret Santa numbers.
    Can anyone tell me how to get the heavy lid off of the smith and cult nail polishes?
    I love the marble dish! Could you make it a little bigger for a catch all in kitchen or by the door? I bet!

    1. Jennifer

      You probably could?? My crafty cousin is coming to visit this weekend. I am going to make her help me.

      Just pull the big cap straight up. There is a little cap under it!

  5. Kristin 2z

    Those DIY dishes look so cool, I think it would be a fun thing to do with my daughter and her friends over the holidays. A bunch of 18 year old girls would love it!

    Added my link – I’m so sick of being sick but heading over the border even if I have to go alone….
    Kristin / mini2z

    1. Jennifer

      That would be so fun! They would love it!

  6. Leana

    I’m pretty sure my reddit secret Santa flaked yet again. She claimed she sent the gift but didn’t provide tracking 2 weeks ago and messaged me that she hopes I like it. I said I didn’t receive it and could she provide tracking and she gave me an invalid number and blah blah. It’s bad enough to not send a gift if you get one but then don’t go wasting my time with crazy messages. Annoying. I am done with that gift exchange. At least mine through you and the 3 I did on MSA all came through and were nice.

    1. Jennifer

      UGH! They did ever end up coming through????

  7. Cynthia

    Wow that’s a lot of 3 year old pre-school loot. Do I need to get stuff for my 4 year old to give her classmates? This is my first experience with school. Thanks

    1. Jennifer

      I am WAY late replying to this, but no, you don’t have to! I don’t think anyone expects it? I just think it’s fun to do.

  8. Nichelle

    I’m planning on getting the December PopSugar Must Have box when I get paid at the end of the month but not sure if it will still be on sale. Also, not sure if my relative is getting me the 6month sub.
    If anyone who will get two December boxes I would love to purchase from them. I hope this was okay to ask on here, Jen.

  9. Tiffany B.

    I have made the jewelry dishes. Very easy, however, putting them down inside a small dish and getting the sides equal was difficult. I ended up flipping over a glass pyrex bowl that had an indented bottom and using that. I think I might just do coasters though because you can lay those flat on a cookie sheet on top of some parchment paper. Really cute with a stack of them tied together as a gift.

    1. Jennifer

      Coasters would be a great idea! Did you spray yours with anything? I found that putting them in a larger bowl than the actual clay bowl itself made it easier to help keep its shape.

  10. Jordan

    I actually tried this same exact project. I wanted to make a slightly larger dish for my kitchen, and it was NOT as easy as it looks. I got so frustrated that I couldn’t get the bowl smooth that I gave up. If you try it, will you post pictures? I would love to see the final product!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! For sure!!! Dud you have trouble smoothing it once you got it in the bowl or before?

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