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~Good morning! It’s back to reality around here. B’s traveling and it’s back to school for the boys this morning. I have a bunch of decluttering / donating to do, plus I need to start thinking about / planning for the Spring Mom2Mom sale! Ahh!

~Don’t forget that today (through 12pm Central time) is the last day to order the Advocare All-In Challenge and get your freebies!

AdvoCare All*In Challenge
AdvoCare All*In Challenge

~Just a handful of subscription boxes have shipped so far this month. I am expecting Julep, Fabletics, Honest Beauty and that might just be it! It’ll be a slow beginning to the week, but I suspect things will pick up later in the week as everyone gets back to work and boxes start shipping. I am really hoping we get some information on the January POPSUGAR box soon – at least the inspiration!

~If you have been checking Target Christmas Clearance prices in Brickseek or Fyndly, be warned that they are off. I think most (all?) stores at 70% their (Christmas) clearance stuff and some even might be 90%, but just like in the olden days we’ll actually have to go there and see for ourselves.

~Last week at the antique mall (really just a building downtown stuffed to the brim with antiques) I picked up a cool old crate for the living room.  I didn’t really have a set plan for it (other than that I loved it), but I ended up flipping it on it’s side and using it for blanket storage.  I think worked out awesome.

The Crate
The Crate

~I used a Grace & Stella Foot Peeling Mask that they sent me in their latest subscription box last week. I totally thought it didn’t work (I thought that with Baby Foot too though), but yeah, it works. And it’s gross! I don’t know what’s worse, thinking it’s not going to work or how gross it i when it actually does start to work. Have you ever used a Baby Foot type product? They are completely fascinating and work amazing, but getting there isn’t pretty.

Foot Mask
Foot Mask

~You guys, Teen Mom OG is back tonight! Eeek! I will watch that Train Wreck as long as they keep putting it on my tv. It just can’t turn it off.

Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG

That’s about it from here.  What do you have going on this week?


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  1. Jennifer

    Regarding the foot mask/peel, does the skin really shed like that on day 3 like the picture on their website? I don’t know if I could live through that! It’s disgusting!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes. But it’s usually more like a week after. It’s so vile.

  2. Jen K

    Did you prefer this mask over the Baby Feet or vice versa? I’m considering using one, but I am concerned about some of the harmful effects I’ve read about as I have sensitive skin.

    1. Jennifer

      I really didn’t see any difference? This one was coconut scented, but I couldn’t even tell that.

  3. Ragan

    I used the Grace & Stella foot peel, too. Like two weeks ago. My feet are still peeling just a little bit on top (most of it is finished by now). It started working for me after maybe 3 days. I forget the brand name of the other one I tried but I think this one was a little better (and I didn’t do all that water soaking they recommended). I had to vacuum up (big) skin flakes from the bathroom carpet…

  4. Valerie

    I?ve done foot peels before ? they?re really popular in Asia and have only made it big over here the last couple of years. I find the ones that are right from Asia to be superior in that the peeling is 10x worse but over 10x faster ? you see results within the 3 days and it really only takes 2 days to finish. I do ?em in winter because I?m already wearing socks around the house so cleanup isn?t much of a big deal. Using an exfoliating brush while showering is a very easy way to help get the peeling done, and no skin flakes around the house!

    Baby Foot is the most popular name brand, but I prefer the Etude House and Kose ones.

  5. Amanda

    Is it too late to become a distributor and then buy this bundle by today for the freebies? My boyfriend and I are thinking about doing this ?

    1. Jennifer

      Yes. It expired today at noon. You can still get the bundle, but you don’t get all the freebies.

      1. Amanda

        Dang, I read 12pm and thought of midnight instead ?

  6. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Ready for “Teen Mom OG” just wish Farrah wasn’t on it anymore…I just get tired of her crappy attitude… lol

    I’m not sure if you saw or not that Mohammed and Danielle from “90 Day Fiance” split up…shocker! lol I missed seeing Devar and Melanie on the “Dr Phil Show” in Dec.. Did you see it? I’ve tried to look for clips but can’t find aired Dec 10th… I miss that show!!..I saw that Kyle and Noon got a cat (on her Instagram) and they look happy.. 🙂

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