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~Good Morning! We’ve got lots of things happening here this week. B should be home in a day or two, I have tons of M2M Sale stuff to do (although I did get a good chunk of it knocked off this weekend), grocery shopping needs to happen and I have an assortment of other “To Do’s”.  On the bright side, I have ever single piece of clothing we own folded and put away so that’s good!

~This week I am expecting Five Four Club, bluum, Loot Crate, Birchbox “Why Not…Stay In” Limited Edition Box, Hammock Pack, Petit Vour, Treatsie and Splendies. Not a bad subscription box week!

~Speaking of subscription boxes, don’t forget that the POPSUGAR Special Edition Resort Must Have Box goes on sale tomorrow – February 23rd. I would guess it will happen around noon EST? We haven’t gotten any spoilers on it yet (and I am not sure if we will), but I will post when it goes on sale and, of course, if I hear of any spoilers.
Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.09.35 AM

~Is anyone else excited to watch “Fuller House” this week? All 13 episodes will be on Netflix this Friday (the 26th). Full House used to be on Friday nights too didn’t it? Are you planning on binge watching or are you going to spread it out a bit? I am probably going to just watch one or two at a time. Do you like when Netflix releases a bunch of episodes at once or would you prefer they released one a week (like it was a Network tv show)?
Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.24.21 AM

~POPSUGAR put together a little slideshow about the “perfect house” according to Pinterest and I thought it was super interesting. I am drawn mainly to the under stairs storage. Does anyone have this in their house? I would assume it can be done right? We have a storage under our stairs in the basement, but not on the main level. I wonder why more builders / architects don’t take advantage of that space?

That’s about it from here!  What do you have going on this week? What boxes are you expecting?


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  1. Jenny

    Pretty sure I will get sucked in and watch all of Fuller House this weekend. LOL Hmm I better look and see what I have on the schedule. And yes it used to come on Friday nights at 8pm. I think. I remember all of us sitting around to watch it.

  2. Susan

    When I was taking architectural drafting in college they talked about dead space. And under the stairs is a spot most builders leave as dead space. I don’t know why they don’t put a little closet there… Or bookshelves or I have seen on pintrest a dog bed!!! Another spot there usually ends up with dead space is when you see Sheetrock going from the top of kitchen cabinets to the ceiling. In that case I think they should just take the cabinets all the way up so I can put like my holiday dishes there or something.

    1. Jennifer

      Exactly!! I have empty space between my cabinets / ceiling. I believe it’s for decorative items, but that space just collects dust in my house. Bigger cabinets would be better!

  3. Susan

    I think that is because they put prefab cabinets in now days instead of custom built. I put decorative stuff on top of mine but we had to lay 2x4s up there because the tip was sunk down about 3 1/2″

    1. Jennifer

      I think mine were meant to have “stuff” on top, but who knows? They would look kind of off if they went to the ceiling, but then again, maybe it’s just because I am not used to it?

  4. sarah

    Omg i cant believe people really live in houses like that ! I try not to think too much about designing a house i will never have, but i can understand why people do it for fun. I have a closet under my stairs that serves as the cat litter box room!

  5. Chrissy

    This is the popsugar LE that went on preview sale earlier this month, yes?

  6. Lilly

    Our house has a full room underneath the stairs, and out of many custom special features of our house, this one is my favorite. 🙂 It’s small compared to the other rooms, but it has to be to fit under the stairs. This “Harry Potter” room, as I call it, is a larger closet space/ small room and is SO handy. The couple who had the house built for their large family of 5 children, whom they home-schooled, had a friend who was a master home builder and he built their house with many special extras due to their friendship. He put extra large walk in closets with built in drawer chests and shoe storage units in 5 of the very large walk in closets, and one room, which was a girl’s room judging by the pink paint when we bought the house, had 2 walk in closets.. I guess she was old enough to already be a clothes horse.
    After we bought the house, we found hidden extra things like a hidden steel bolt safe, a hidden panel for the security system, laundry chutes, and many other special features like this everywhere in the house.
    The original owners only lived here for 3 years, sadly, as I have talked with the builder and he confirmed that the house was designed to be their home of a lifetime.

    Our under stairs room was most likely originally used to store things used in their home school classes, as there is a nearby room which the builder told me was originally built to be a very large school room for a dozen or so students. It’s used as our dog’s family room now, as it opens to the back yard, but the proximity of the room to the under stairs room make me think the room under the stairs was for their book and study material storage and for foul weather gear storage.

    Since our household consists of 2 adults and zero children ( not by choice), I use our ” Harry Potter room” for very light storage in the front of the room, next to the door. It’s where I usually temporarily place large sub boxes I haven’t gotten around to opening yet, and our maid keeps our vacuum cleaner just inside the room, as it’s a handy place for her to store it, being centrally located downstairs.
    The front wall. which shares a wall with a computer work station and 4 double cabinets probably originally used for cookbooks in our kitchen, is used to hang our guests’ coats as it has a built- in row of sturdy coat pegs/ hooks. Some on an adjacent wall are child level, again, going back to the former emphasis on children and home- schooling.
    I store our extra comforters and large linen items like Euro pillows in the middle to back portion, as this area also serves as our ” storm room” for lack of anything better at this time. The vacuum cleaner comes out first, of course, as it would be a hazard in high winds.

    I call the room our ” Harry Potter room” in jest, but it is completely finished with like- new carpet, painted walls, light fixtures, and HVAC vents like the rest of the house, thank goodness. When there is a rare power failure ( usually due to a major storm front), it gets really warm in there in a hurry.

    We have Maglites and a few emergency supplies handy and this is the best place we have to go to during storm season. I want to turn it into one of those steel lined safe rooms, but hubby just rolls his eyes at me.

    After living with the room and the storms we endure regularly here on the coast, it’s my feeling that every 2 story house designed in this area of the country should and could easily have a room of this type under the stairs, and they should be the steel- lined, specially reinforced safe rooms. Much easier and cheaper to put a safe room in with new construction than to build in afterwards.

    1. Jennifer

      I can’t believe I didn’t respond to this! That little Harry Potter Room is so smart! If I ever move or build a house I am going to have to ask for something just like that!

      What part of the country are you in? we have basements (I’m in the midwest) and we can go in the little room under our stairs in the basement or we have a very tiny bathroom down there that we could ride out a super nasty storm in.

  7. Jenna

    I’m super excited about fuller house. I try to spread it out over 2-3 week. However it will be tough with this show because i’m so excited for it!

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