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~Good morning! This week is flying by!  At least, I think it is anyway.  I have spent a ton of time getting the revamped subscription box list set up (and still have a bunch to do), which is probably why the week is flying for me.  Hopefully, I can get it all finished up this weekend?  Maybe.

~School is still going well for the boys.  L had a great time seeing Mary Poppins and I guess W’s class has been working hard on making parent Valentine’s gifts ;).  I can’t wait to see what they are making!

The Boys

~Subscription box wise I am expecting Your Bijoux Box, Yogi Surprise, Dottiebox and a handful of others to round out the week.  My POPSUGAR is showing up in FedEx now, but it hasn’t started moving yet, so that’s not going to arrive until next week.

~Did you see that there is yet another new Oreo flavor? “Filled Cupcake Oreo” is going to be released on February 8th or if you were in NYC, they had an “Oreo Vault” earlier in the week where they were giving out free packs. People are saying they taste like chocolate / sugar.  LOL.  That sounds about right. For real though, what flavor are they going to come out with next?

~Did you watch Teen Mom this week? What about the Bachelor?  Olivia is crazy.  I can’t help but wonder if they make Ben keep her around.  There is always one crazy on the show that sticks around way too long!  As for Teen Mom, Ryan was fabulous this week. So smiley and happy!  Farrah was crazy (as usual) and Amber / Matt (I figured out his name) were even crazier.  Does he really have all those kids Amber didn’t know about?  That’s not a good sign Amber.  Not a good sign at all.

~I am a little behind on this, but the Anna Sui + Starbucks collaboration has launched! It is online only and nearly everything is already sold out (I’m sure you can find some on eBay though).  I doubt they will restock, but you never know? They might?  I’ve got to admit, that boutique mug is super cute.
Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.38.04 AM

That’s it from here!  I hope you have a great day and a fabulous weekend!




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  1. Zelene

    :O I did not know about this starbucks collaboration, thanks for sharing with us, I was able to pick a mug (but not the cute one) I hope they do not cancel my order, because as soon as I complete it almost everything went Sold Out :S I love my Alice and Olivia mugs and I know I will love this one too 🙂
    This oreo parade is getting crazy with the flavors, our favorite at home are the Halloween oreos, but a friend of mine always tell me that all taste the same :\ but just to confirm we will need to try this new one 😀

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! I will need to confirm this as well! I still like the smores oreos best!

  2. Alyssa

    Teen mom was crazy this week. Amber has said online Matt doesn’t have 7 kids but he does have more then the 2 fans know about. Also according to the teen mom a closer look that came on after the episode Farrah only gets crazier and has a full on fight with producers on camera later in the season refusing to be on the show anymore cause they won’t let her go on some other show.

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