Monday Morning Ramblings 3

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~Good morning! I hope everyone had a great Easter (if you celebrate it). My cousins came down from up-north, so we all dyed Easter eggs on Saturday night (I think the more people you have dying eggs, the more fun it is) and then hunted for eggs / baskets (does your bunny hide baskets?) on Sunday. Then my parents had everyone over for Easter dinner and another egg hunt! Just a great overall weekend. As usual we lost some eggs and can only imagine when we will come across the missing ones ;).
IMG_4980~Subscription boxes coming this week include Adidas Avenue A, Beautycon BFF Box, Five Four Club, Wantable Makeup, Wantable Intimates and one or two more.

~How is everyone doing in the Bracket Challenge??? I am always so amazed / impressed at how good people are at making their picks. I always do so badly!  If you are in the top 10 (or think you might have a chance at winning) and I don’t know who you are (aka you didn’t submit your name in Rafflecopter), PLEASE comment here.  It’s too late to enter in Rafflecopter and win a random prize, but I need to know how to contact you if you win the bracket (or come on second or third).  I am seriously begging! PLEASE!  I know some people have been on vacation and have missed my 9000 other posts on it, so here it is again.
Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.33.57 PM~Is anyone watching the new season of Teen Mom 2?  What a train wreck.  I thought the OG Teen Mom was crazy, but there was so much drama in that first episode of TM2.  Leah and her early mornings / long car rides (that’s 3 hours of driving to school a day), Kailyn and Javi fighting (what are we missing here?  Why is he so mad?) and then there is Jenelle. Oh Jenelle!

That’s it from here.  What do you have going on this week? What subscription boxes are you expecting?

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3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Amber

    My bracket is done-so after the Oregon loss 🙁 I’m living for the drama on Teen Mom 2 right now! Did the segments seem a little short to you though? They all felt like they were only a couple of minutes long.

  • Britney

    There are four college teams we do not cheer for in this house… UT, Alabama, OSU, and OU. With that being said OU has ruined my bracket for sure, I really hope Villanova puts them in their place!

  • Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Teen Mom 2: I’m still not sure what Leah is doing or not doing…is she really just exhausted all the time or is there still a problem? Right now I do think Corey’s house offers more stability for the girls…Yet on the “Teen Mom: A Closer Look” shows she looks fine…. Chelsea: I’ve seen so many posts of people saying they think something is weird about Cole..but I think he seems like a great guy and he has made both Chelsea and Aubree very happy.. You know papa Randy would speak up if something wasn’t right and he has said he really likes him…I will admit I paused the TV for a few minutes to look at that picture Chelsea had on her phone…lol but I still think he is a douche… Kailyn: wasn’t that long ago that her and Javi were ready to they are talking about having another baby… First I think they need to figure out their issues and his issues with Jo… baby Vivi is precious and Isaac was so cute talking with her and drawing a picture of flowers for Vee…. Janelle… she just leaves me speechless every…next week it looks like we get to meet her new man…who I think I read was just arrested recently!

    Do you receive Sarah Michelle Gellars Foodstirs box? I don’t remember seeing any reviews of them…