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~Good morning! Things have (sort of) settled down around here. B was in the hospital for a couple of nights over the weekend which was quite unexpected. He was having a lot of pain in his stomach and went to Urgent Care Saturday night. They weren’t sure what it was (appendicitis was suspected), so they transferred him to the hospital where they decided it wasn’t the appendix, but instead was colitis (maybe from something he ate?). They treated him with tons of antibiotics, and he is feeling way better.

~This weekends craziest includes my cousin’s wedding in which W is the Ring Bearer!  I’m not going to lie; I am a little nervous.  We’ve talked about it a zillion times, he’s practiced walking, etc. but I am a tad worried about what will happen when there are all those people looking at him.  Any tips?
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.20.24 PM

~I still have a few subscription boxes coming this week including SprezzaBox, POPSUGAR Mini, Pretend Play, Love With Food, Bespoke Post, Play! by Sephora, ipsy, BeautyFix (for some reason it’s showing in tracking as undeliverable, so I may need to look into that), CrateChef, Beauty Box 5, and a handful of others.

~Have you tried the new Choco Chip Oreo cookies?  I thought they were a good, not my favorite Oreo (that’s still the S’mores one), but good.  L approved and B liked them too.  I think I would still prefer to eat either a plain chocolate chip cookie or a plain Oreo over these, though.

That’s it from here!  Oh, wait, if you are on SnapChat, what’s your Snap name?  I am currently obsessed with it and need some new people to follow.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Rose D.

    Just have W walk to you. Yes, you (or B) will have to stand at the end of the aisle, but that will give him a goal. That’s what I have always seen family do, and it works.

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, that’s part of the plan. I am still worried though!! LOL!!!

  2. Amber Rinaldi

    we had very young ring bearer and flower girl and at the rehearsal we had them practice so many times. and it did help to have one of the parents near the end of the aisle!! snapchat name: arinaldi10 — nothing too exciting going on, except my dog and random things that happen 🙂

  3. Christine


  4. Brianna

    My little guy was a ring bearer in February, he was three and a TOTAL spaz. Like all over the place. So we decided it would be better to have him walk down the aisle holding hands with the Maid of Honor. It worked well and was super cute.

  5. Lin

    He looks so handsome in his suit. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! I don’t have snapchat yet but plan on getting it soon. What is your snapchat name?

  6. Britney

    At our wedding the ring bearer walked down the aisle and stood by his dad (bestman/my BIL) for a few minutes and then went and sat down between my MIL and his mom. He did such a great job!
    When my brother was little he decided to punch himself in the head with the pillow then and LAY ON THE PILLOW during the wedding… It can go so many ways, but either way they’re so cute!

    1. Britney

      Also, W looks super cute!

    2. Jennifer

      Yeah, WB sounds a bit like your brother ;).

  7. Nich

    nich512, still learning and love following orhers snaps. Glad B is well and William is so handsome!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! Just added you on snap!

  8. Ashley

    What is your snap name? Do you do stories? I can’t get into doing actual stories but I use it with individual friends all the time.

  9. Nicole

    Oh man, colitis is the pits! I got it last year (for the first time ever) while I was at a music festival. Obviously, that’s about the worst place you can be for something like that. I thought I was getting over food poisoning, but things went all bad and I thought my appendix were about to explode the pain was so bad (I’ll have 100 C-sections versus that pain). It ended up just being colitis and they gave me some sort of drugs to relieve the pain, but whew…I feel B, it’s no bueno.

    Also, my snap name is nicoliaspicolia. What is yours, I need non-famous people to follow! Their celeb lives make me feel like a peasant, lol.

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, he had been having pain for a few days, but it keep getting worse, so he decided to go in. No fever. No other symptoms. Just pain.

  10. Sarah

    We had my 5 year old step son as the ring bearer at my wedding and he didnt exactly want to do it because he was nervous. I ended up bribing him with a big toy he had been wanting, i told him it was his prize for doing a good job and gave him a few simple rules to earn it. He got all exciter about earning the toy, which he knew he would not get if he misbehaved badly. There were a few issues, like when he absolutely refused to wear his tie, but the excitement of that toy ( as well as the threat he might not receive it) made him do a great job.i dont think this would work if he had serious stage fright though.

  11. Lia

    My tip is dress nice and plan to walk with him if it comes down to it. At my wedding last fall my adorable flower girl was a champ- right up until it was go-time. She totally melted down. In retrospect I should have just told her mom it was ok to take her to her seat but I was nervous myself. So her mom, who had recently given birth and was therefore in a comfy maxi dress, walked with her. The pictures are hilariously tragic. Lol

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