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~Good morning and Happy New Year! We had a super low-key NYE. We let the boys stay up till midnight (which they thought was awesome) and we all did the countdown together. And then took our first selfie of 2017! A perfect way to start off the new year.

~No mail today, but I do have some boxes coming this week including The Boodle Box, Mommy Mailbox, Smart Art, Happy Legs Club, BookCase.Club and a handful of others. I think I mentioned a few times that I was also waiting on my December Stitch Fix Men’s shipment. Well, it seems to have gotten lost in transit. Actually I’m not sure it ever shipped? Regardless I reached out to Stitch Fix to get it all resolved. They apoligized, credited my Styling Fee (as they should have since we never got the Fix) and also waived the Styling Fee on our next Fix.

~I *think* Target Christmas Clearance should be 90% off today.  At most stores anyway.  I know some went yesterday and that usually means that the rest will go today. I came across this Threshold throw and scanned it because it looked like a holiday item (because of the glitter) and sure enough it was.  It’s $29.99, so it *should* be $2.99 today.  They also had a grey if you’re headed out to look.  I know I have posted about Target’s after-holiday sales a million times, but the key is NOT to just look in the “holiday” section.  You gotta hunt the entire store.  If you are looking for Christmas throw pillows, check the area where ALL throw pillows are sold.  Same with holiday pjs, candles, doormats, kids toys (like Hot Wheels), lip balms (EOS, Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, Lip Smackets, etc.)  If it looks like a holiday item, scan it and see!


~Is anyone doing the Advocare All-In Challenge this year?  If you are, keep me posted on how it goes!  I thought about it, but I think B wants to do it too and he’s traveling a bunch this month so I am going to wait.  If you haven’t ordered and plan to, get the “Unflavored” Herbal Cleanse and mix it with your Spark.  It’s the best of the bunch. Trust me.  Also, tomorrow is the last day to get the freebies with it (the AdvoCare BlenderBottle®, measuring tape and a set of meal prep containers (3-pack), so keep that in mind.

That’s it from here!  Have a great day!  And to all my Western friends, good luck today!!! #RTB

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  1. cindy

    R stores still 70…today!. Said not doing 90.already returns r salvaged! They said no Detroit metro 90.. But u said yes there were?

    1. Jennifer

      I think they say that every year? But I know a few parts of the country went 90% off yesterday. I’m going to go later. I’ll reply here and let you know what they say. Where did you go this morning?

    2. Jennifer

      It was 90% off at mine!

  2. Adrienne

    Dearborn, MI Target this morning was 90% off but Canton was still at 70.

  3. JacLyn

    What was the website you’ve posted about before where you can check to see if holiday sale items are on sale at a Target near you?

  4. Ake

    Brickseek was useless for me this year. Not only did the inventory numbers seem to be wildly off, but nothing was ever marked as on clearance, even when it obviously was. Oh well.

    I got a fabulous haul of 90% items today. I was most pleased about finding the rattan stool my mother wanted. Didn’t think I would! I also got some wrapping paper/ribbon/tissue, paper plates/cups/bowls, some very nice thank you cards and stationary, coasters, a doormat, Mrs. Meyes cleaning supplies and hand soaps, a candle, whiskey stones, and plastic wrap. Very pleased about the plastic wrap as it had all sold out within 30 minutes on the first 50% off day. Someone must have made a return! I started with two throws in my cart, but talked some sense into myself at the end and put them back; they weren’t really my taste and I was just getting them because they seemed like a good deal. Not counting the stool, I only spent $15.

    Thanks so much for teaching me the ways of Target clearance!

    1. Jennifer

      The quantities have worked for me, but the pricing is all wrong!!!!!

      Great finds! I love when furniture is included in the 90%!

  5. Judi

    Love that you are showing up in pictures! It’s nice to put a face to the “voice.” And thanks for the reminder about checking throughout Target for the sales; I always forget that.

  6. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Our Target went 90% this morning….I was there when it opened and got some good stuff (posted a pic on my FB)…It was pretty picked over though from the 70% off sale.. I follow the All Things Target FB page and some of the ladies posted pics of their stores …some of them were still fully stocked like Christmas hadn’t even happened yet! lol ..

  7. cindy

    Yea I know they say it every year and they wait till its shopped out but they didn’t restock returns at our 3 stores after new some furniture at 90 only cuz of boo boo on their part over text the received Saturday! Bar carts stools! Accent tables and lamps! Glad u faired well at your mega east side store..lots of toys I normally get stickered this year!..bummer

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