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~Good morning! I feel like this week should be over by now. LOL! B should be home tonight / tomorrow and I am so ready!

~So far this week the kids have been to camp, out for pizza, to Toys R Us to use some gift cards they had, to a new playground, and we went to the local fair yesterday. And it’s only Thursday!

~The Glow Ride at cycle was super fun. Loud, but fun.  Theme rides are my favorite.  It doesn’t even feel like you are working out!  Well, okay, it does, but it also kind of feels like you are at a dance party.   They have an 80’s/90’s ride with pizza/beer after coming up which should be good too!

~Have you gotten your eclipse glasses yet?  Seems like they are getting pretty hard to come by now?  I found mine (and some for my cousins) at Kroger, but from what I am hearing all the stores near me are sold out now.  I know a lot of people bought theirs from Amazon and now it turns out they aren’t safe, so that’s probably making them harder to find in-store too??

~L (he’s 9) is pretty interested in cooking and I am looking for some ideas on what kind of foods he can make himself (with me there of course)?  He’s pretty good at pancakes, and I’m thinking along the lines of grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, etc. Any suggestions??

That’s it from here. Have a great weekend!




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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Janet

    They have some pretty good junior cookbooks. They have some at Amazon used around $4-5. One I liked was the Everything Kids Cookbook. They also have a Junior Better Homes and Gatdens Junior Cookbook. You can get lots of great ideas from these.

  • Anie

    Thats about the same time my sister and I started baking. Did everything but placing it in the oven… we eventuay did.
    Maybe some easy no baking needed type of dessert for starters?

  • Zelene

    There is a pokemon cookbook that my husband wanted to buy (but we did not), maybe you could take a look if your kids are still into pokemons.

  • Jenny Louthan

    Michael sprung on my yesterday about going down to SC so we can be in the 100% totality. It will only be about 90% at our house so we are going to my parents in Charlotte tomorrow and then into SC on Monday and back. I hope the weather holds out and its not crappy but I feel like if we are so close we should go out and do it. We shall see if its worth it.