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~Good morning! Same old same old around here. With both of the kids at school, I have been trying to do some deep cleaning and need some help! What do you use to clean grout with? Mine is filthy and all the normal google tips – Mr. Clean Eraser, Vinegar Mixture, etc. aren’t working!

~Anyone have any idea what is happening with Beauty Box 5? I have been following along (I have been an annual subscriber for years), and it’s not looking good. They haven’t updated their Facebook since August 28th (August boxes were supposed to go out in early August and never did) and aren’t replying to emails it seems. I filed a chargeback on my credit card I will report back on their findings.

~I need to make a trip to Nordstrom Rack the next few days to make a return (my Z by Zella leggings ripped!), and I am wondering if there are any benefits to going on certain days?  The one near me isn’t super close, so I don’t go often and don’t know any of the Rack secrets!

That’s it from here! Have a great weekend and GO GREEN!

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  • Carol

    I found a life hack that works great on tile. It’s the Clorox gel toilet cleaner!!! It’s a little messy but all you do is start at the top, squeeze bottle so that it drips down the grout line, then after sitting a few minutes, just scrub with a sponge. I was Leary the first time, but it worked great and now is the only way I do it

  • Maria

    I’m sure it is super terrible for both the body and the environment, but the only thing that worked on our grout (we live in a rental – and the prior tenants did not take care of the place!) has been Scrubbing Bubbles and Kaboom. I used Kaboom first (let it set – keep the fan running – it will smell bleachy for a while) and it worked miracles. I haven’t needed to use it since but the Scrubbing Bubbles has kept the grout clean. I would rather use natural cleaners but they just didn’t work on our stuff. I hope it helps!

  • Marilyn

    I use Tilex mold and mildew. Be patient, it doesn’t look like it’s working but you spray & wait and it magically disappears by the next morning. If you’ve waited too long, there is an extra strength cleaner by X14 bathroom cleaner but you need ventilation.