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~Good morning!  I don’t have much to report on here other than snow.  We had a snow day Friday and some of the roads are still pretty sloppy around here.  It looks nice from inside though!  B is out of town and had a heck out of time getting to his destination.  I believe his got in around 9 hours after he was scheduled??  That makes for a LONG day sitting at the airport!

~Can ice-skating be on my tv every night?  Or can Tara and Johnny maybe just give commentary on all the sports?  Their snark is amazing.

~What is everyone doing for Valentine’s Day?  Any big plans?  I’m going to spin class and, uhh, that’s about it.  LOL!  Tuesday is Pączki Day (that’s what we call Fat Tuesday in the Detroit area) so the boys and I will for sure get some paczki’s to eat!

~If you love Lululemon like I do, run to your store and see if they are having a sale like my store had over the weekend.  Pants on the “We Made Too Much” racks were $39 and I picked up a shirt for $29.  That is incredible for Lululemon.  B also picked up a few Men’s pieces. Such good deals!

That’s it from here.  Have a great week!

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5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Lauren

    Omg what lulu??!
    I was just at somerset again today.. and 3 times last week. I know I reaaallllly need to get a life. But now I’m so mad that I didn’t go accros- I was to lazy go all the over there 🤣

    • Jennifer Post author

      Somerset Lulu!!!!!!!!!

      Also, there was some celebrity at Somerset when we were there Saturday. They were in a bulletproof SUV (just left it running outside Saks) and had two guards with body armor on. I had no idea who on earth they were (neither did B), but I have never seen anyone shoe shopping at Saks that had guards with body armor. LOL!!!!

  • Lauren

    And we were there Saturday too. That is funny!! Crazy how we cross paths all the time. One day I will see you and person and be star struck 🤩

    • Jennifer Post author

      You are going to be real disappointed! LOL!!!!!! Hopefully we run into each other on a day that there is a big Lululemon sale so there is some excitement for you!!!!