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~Good morning! B’s traveling this week, so it’s just the little boys and I! Not sure what our plans are yet (besides the dentist), but we’ll find something to do.

~I made Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Magnolia Table Cookbook for a BBQ this weekend and OMG they are amazing. I usually make my Aunt Karen’s Cookies, but I was out of oatmeal, so I gave these a go. They have 1/2 the butter that most cookies do and use only brown sugar (no white sugar) and I thought, no way, these are going to be gross. Nope. Get this cookbook and make these cookies. NOW. One tip: Roll your dough in a ball instead of just dropping the dough on the cookie sheet. They just look prettier.

~My year of reading continues! I finished up Final Girls over the weekend and will be starting Behind Closed Doors tonight. I am jon the waiting list at the library for Sharp Objects and would *like* to get it read before I start watching the new HBO series, but I doubt I will be able to hold off! One book I didn’t like that I finished recently was Mrs.: A Novel I had no idea who was talking, how they were all related or really what the book was about until the last like two chapters. This one was a miss (no pun intended).

~I am still loving Pure Barre and have been going 3-4x/week.  I’m still running and cycling as well. I’ve been working out on a regular basis for just over a year now and it’s coming up on two years from when I decided it was time to lose the “baby” weight.  I am planning on doing a “how I lost the weight” post, so stay tuned for that!

That’s it from here.  Have a great week!

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  1. Zelene

    I need to give a try to that cookies, my kids love chocolate chip cookies but they are very picky so sometimes I am very afraid to use new recipes ?
    Let me tell you that I have been seeing your pictures and you look amazing ? I started my loosing weight jurney more than a year ago the only problem I still love to eat things I shouldn?t ? but it is going well, right now the Dr put me out of gym for a month and I have to change my diet and I still have 2 weeks to go but after that I will be in mode training/cardio and good behavior again ??

  2. Ashlee

    You look so great! I?ve been following your blog for a while and I?m trying to lose that baby weight too. I would love a post on how to do it!

  3. Cindy A Pauly

    U look amazing! 10 years younger at least! Awesome job!

    1. Cindy A Pauly

      Should be very proud of yourself girl!

  4. victoria

    I LOVE that book Behind Closed Doors! It’s definitely strange, but I bet that situation happens more often than people would like to believe.

    I would LOVE to hear about how you lost weight. I am struggling to lose my baby weight too and need motivation. I need help in every aspect. I suck at it.

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