Monday Morning Ramblings 3

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~Good morning! It’s Week 9 of our Stay Home, Stay Safe Order in Michigan (it was extended until 5/28) and if you would have told me this 9 weeks ago I would have never believed you.  What.a.ride.  I’m not getting my hopes up much will open after the order ends, but we shall see.

~I thought I’d share a few of my favorite items from these last, uhh 2 months: 1) Uno! Uno! is basically the only family game we can all agree on.  I cannot handle Monopoly (it never ends) and not everyone in my house is into Yahtzee (although it’s my favorite), but everyone loves Uno! 2). L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up. This stuff is so amazing I cannot believe it is still in stock anywhere.  It is even better than the reviews.  It covers all my grays (and I have SO MANY right now), doesn’t make a mess.  Highly recommend. 3). TikTok.  I fell down the TikTok rabbit role and couldn’t be happier about it.  If you need to burn some time, TikTok is for you. 4). Bike Rides. We have been on more family bike rides these past few weeks than we have been on in years.  L just got a new bike for his birthday (we gave it to him early because why not?) and W is going on longer rides than ever!

~I joined a local Farm Share and my first Pickup was last week.  I did the 1/2 Share which works out to $21/week.  It is through our local cider mill, so they add in cider and donuts during the first box of each month.  They also include recipe using some of the items in that week’s box.  I love it!

~Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!  B made Eggs Benedict for me (his first attempt at ever making it) and it was DELICIOUS. Brunch is probably my favorite meal to eat out and I have been missing it!!!  I cannot even tell you how much I appreciated this!

That’s it from here! Hope you are all well!

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3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Ramblings

  • Sandy

    What’s your trick with the root cover up spray ? I bought it (after you raved – and my roots needed it !) and I found it to be REALLY sticky… am I spraying too close ? I recently bought the L’Oreal Magic Root Rescue but I haven’t tried it yet…

    • Jennifer Post author

      I spray from maybe 4 inches away? But I guess I also don’t touch it after. I don’t think its sticky though?? You shake it really good before you spray it right?

      • Sandy

        I’ll try it again the next time I have to go out in public….. I managed to get my hair colored the DAY before the salons closed in NJ ! (another reason I am loving this “work from home” stuff !! )