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~My last Monday Morning Ramblings was last May during WEEK 9 of out Stay Home Order in Michigan.  WOW.  And when you stay home, there just isn’t a lot to blog about which explains the lack of ramblings between now and then.  Well, that and I have been slacking.

~I am loving that March Madness is back this year!  Sports have been kind of hard to get back into with the lack of fans in the stands, but I am not noticing it quite as much during March Madness as I did during football season. My team (Michigan State) is long gone from the tournament, as well as most of my other selections, but I LOVE the madness so much!

~I got my brows laminated last week and am happy with the look.  I don’t know exactly how how it works, but it’s basically a perm for your eyebrows? It takes 6-8 weeks and FOR SURE makes my brows look fuller.  I have been using castor oil at night in hopes that will help with growth as well.

~I am still loving Pure Barre (LOVE being back in the studio), Fruit Punch Spark, TikTok and all things Poshmark. I have a newly discovered love for neon (neon Techloom Bliss APL’s are my favorite right now), oversized sweatshirts (WAY oversized), walks outside when the weather is nice, and Robinhood. For whatever reason I haven’t been going to Aldi as much as I used to before, I haven’t been watching much (any?) network shows (sports and streaming services only lately) and I am still trying to get back into reading (I’m able to focus better, but still have trouble sitting down with a book and getting into it).  This may sound odd, but I am also trying to avoid “fast” fashion (Target slides I wear a few times, random Walmart tie-dye purchases, etc).  I read a few articles on the environment impact recently so I am trying to buy more “preowned pieces”, or items I plan on keeping for years and years.  The Target / Walmart pieces themselves aren’t the issue – it’s how I am using (or not) using them. It’s not going perfectly (more of a work-in-process), but I am trying!

That’s it from here! Hope you are all well!

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  1. Rose G.

    YAY YOU! On trying with the fast fashion. I try my best too. We are all works in progress, but trying is the first step!

    1. Jennifer

      It really is the first step! I am getting better!!!

  2. Angie

    Your brows look great, I had not heard of that, just learned something new.

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