24-Day / 10-Day Cleanse Challenge Grocery Shopping List!

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The Challenge

Here’s what’s on my shopping list for the 10-Day Cleanse portion (aka the first 10 days) of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge.  Actually it’s probably list for the entire challenge and frankly, should be my list every.single.time I go to the grocery store!

Proteins / Meats:
~Skinless, boneless chicken
~Canned Tuna (in water)
~Egg “Starters” (aka egg whites)
~Sliced Turkey – from the Deli Counter (not in a package)


~Green Beans

~Natural Peanut Butter
~Nuts (dry roasted or raw – like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews). I like the Blue Diamond 100 Calorie Packs.
~Brown Rice
~Spray Butter
~Whole wheat tortillas
~Oatmeal (I am going to make myself like this)


The following is from Advocare and is a longer list of “Yes” and “No” items during the Challenge (and after), as well as, recommended portion sizes.

Recommended Portion size at each sitting is in parentheses – ** is unlimited.

~Dry roasted nuts like Almonds, walnuts, etc. (2oz – about 24 almonds)
~Skinless, boneless chicken breast (3 to 4 oz for women and 4 to 6 for men, palm size, 1 inch thick)
~Lean meats in whole form, not ground/Fat trimmed. (3 – 4oz for women & 4-6oz for men. Palm size, 1 inch thick)
~Fish that swim like Halibut and Salmon ect. (3 to 4 oz for women and 4 to 6 for men, palm size, one inch thick)
~Tuna canned in water (1 can)
~Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes for breakfast most days. (do not add anything but water and ice) (You can drink these during the cleanse portion or save for the last 14-days. I plan on saving UNLESS I am in a bind and need a quick meal).
~Advocare Bars for fast complete snacks or meals on the go. (larger men may need 2 if under 150 cal.) (Not until last 14 Days of the Challenge)
~Lentils – any type of natural beans or legumes. (1 cup to 2 cups prepared)
~Oatmeal – Old Fashioned Rolled oats with no added sugars or flavors. Oat Bran. (1⁄2 cup dry)
~Splenda, sucralose or Stevia to sweeten.
~Green tea.

Fresh or frozen Fruits and Vegetables (not canned) (Recommended to be eaten with proteins):
~Avocado (1/4 to 1⁄2)
~Yams/sweet potatoes (1/2 your fist)
~Broccoli (**)
~Green beans (**)
~Asparagus (**)
~Spinach (**)
~Tomatoes (**)
~Cucumber (**)
~Carrots (1 lrg or 1 cup mini’s)
~Corn (1 cup or 1 ear)
~Edamame – soybeans (1/2 to up to 2 cups)
~Peas (up to 2 cups)
~Lettuce and other leafy greens (**)
~All berrys (up to 2 cups)
~Apples (1)
~Bananas (1)
~Cantelope/honeydew (1 cup)
~Pineapple (1 cup)
~Oranges 1
~Grapes (1 cup)
~Mango/kiwi and other tropicals (1 cup)

Other Items:
~Olive oil, Expeller pressed vegetable oils, sesame oil. (1tbsp.)
~All types of vinegars.
~Braggs soy protein – to replace soy sauce. (drops)
~Deli Chicken and Turkey that is not processed, “added” to, or “pressed/ formed together. (3-6oz)
~Brown rice and whole wheat or brown rice pasta (1/2 cup prepared)
~An array of fresh and/or bottled herbs and spices for seasoning (**)
~Fresh Mint, Lemons/limes and 100% cranberry juice for flavoring water. (**) Egg starters – egg whites (1 to 4 eggs depending on protein needs)
~Mustard, relish, pickles, low fat mayo (1tablespon)
~Zero calorie butter spray
~Whole grain bread, rice or rye crackers. (1 slice, 5 crackers)
~Advocare Muscle gain Vanilla for adding protein to just about anything (1 to 3 scoops) ~Advocare Mulitvitamin and minerals Coreplex, antioxidant plus, omega plex, probiotic and other personalized supplements for your goals.
~Advocare Spark and Rehydrate (1 to 4 servings) Soy milk (1 cup)

Food that shouldn’t be confused during the 24-Day Challenge.

~Palm, palm kernel or sunflower oils
~Nothing ever with Hydrogenated oils – Fractioned is fine, that is totally different
~Never anything with High fructose corn syrup
~Table Sugar
~Anything fried
~Fruit juices
~Dairy (I’m avoiding during the first 10-days of the cleanse and then will add in small amounts)
~Bottom feeder seafood like lobster and shrimp
~Nothing with bleached, unbleached or enriched flours….always whole grain.
~No nhips, donuts, pastries, crackers.
~Alcohol- get when you are having a social gathering not for regular use.
~White sauces


Hopefully this helps if you are wonder what on earth you need to be doing to prepare and want to know WHAT you are going to be eating!  I am going to go to do a post later today or tomorrow with meal ideas and some prep ideas.  If you don’t plan and prep and have the right foods on hand and READY to eat, its going to be 100x harder to be successful.

And if you are still thinking of joining us, but haven’t ordered yet, there’s still time!  You’ll get stuff mid-week and only be a few days behind.  Not a big deal at all!  And if you have no idea what I am taking about, but want to know, I’m going to direct you here.





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