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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~This week is flying by! I can’t even believe it’s already Thursday!   I think I have spent most of my week organizing / thinking about legos!  L is loving the new set-up in the playroom and has spent hours playing out there this week in his new space.  It’s awesome.  I think it’s going to work nice for homework too.  B got the shelves we picked up at IKEA hung and the little lego guys fit perfect on there.  I just need to go back and get one more shelf and more little jar containers and I think we’ll be set!

Love it!

~I don’t think I have too many more subscription boxes coming this week, but I know for sure I am waiting on Lip Factory, Five Four Club and Hammock Pack!  And my order of  Crispy Cakes from QVC is coming today as well!  Oh, and it’s possible that the mystery shipment in UPS is my Haute Look beauty bag, but that seems super fast so who knows what that is?  I’ll find out in a few hours!

~You all know about my fascination with all these different Oreo cookie flavors right?  Well, there’s a new one out.  It’s Root Beer Float ones.  Who thinks of these flavors?  I want to be on the Oreo cookie flavor board!

image credit: teamproscience/Instagram

~OMG I posted a picture of my Nicky Hilton Fancy Box on Instagram and tagged Nicky Hilton and Fancy Box.  And OMG wouldn’t you know it, but Nicky Hilton not only liked it, she commented on it.  Pretty sure this means we are BFF’s now!

My new friend Nicky Hilton and I talk on Instagram. LOL!

~The new snack system is officially a hit.  If you missed it I have a bin in the refrigerator door and one in the pantry filled with snacks for the boys.  If it’s in the bin, you can have it for a snack.  So simple, yet it took me forever to actually do.  L is all over it and WB does whatever L does, so it’s perfect!

The fridge snack bin

~Speaking of WB, he’s getting adjusted nicely to his big boy bed.  The first few mornings he got up early (like 7:30am which is basically the middle of the night for him), but he’s back to his normal schedule now and I even had to wake him up at 9:45am yesterday because he was still out.  Last night he made B put his elmo blanket in his crib because that’s for “babies”.  Big boys use duvets I guess?  LOL!

Well they sort of use them

~I painted my fingernails for the first time in ages yesterday (you should be able to see it in my Instagram sidebar) and I am always forget how fancy it makes me feel to have my nails painted.  Why is this?  I even type different with painted nails which is so odd.  I swear it’s the most inexpensive way to make you feel like a million bucks.

~My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order is still in progress, but so far I know I am getting the Rosanna “Alphabet Studio Mug”, the Kate Spade “le pavilion” iPhone case, a Superhero Junk Food tee for L and new Keen’s for both boys. And then the dilemma comes in.  I love the Tory Burch Eloise Riding Boots and the Tory Burch 59mm Polarized sunglasses, but I am not sure which one to get.  I like the sunglasses more and would probably wear them a ton more, but I “need” nice tall black boots.  Which should I get?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

What’s on your mind today? Any big weekend plans?  What’d you get from the #nsale? And don’t forget to link-up!

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