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Please e-mail me with the name of your subcription box, the month you’d like reviewed and any requirements you may have.  I love to review all types of subscription boxes, but I do ask that all boxes submitted for review be identical to boxes that paying subscribers will receive.

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256 thoughts on “Contact Me

  • April

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just happened to find your blog through a google search of Disney Dream cruise. Would you mind if I emailed you a few questions?
    Thanks so much!

  • Colleen

    I stumbled on your blog looking for a PUMP logo & had to stop in & say one love all your posts and we have a lot in common from liking to save $$ & a 3 yr old son. I’m also going to send you an email regarding the new workout from the convenience of your home for Mom’s.. the new Les Mills Pump. I never even heard of it until now but it is by far my soulmate workout!!

  • Michelle

    Love your blog! Just stumbled upon it while googling Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas (going next week). Look forward to reading everything else!!

  • Mariana Rey

    Hi Jennifer,

    I keep trying to follow your blog but it sends me to this random page, through google, & won’t allow me to follow. I don’t know if you’re aware of this issue or if you have any suggestions on how to follow you. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, who knows, but I just want to follow your blog!

    Thank you,

    • Jennifer Post author

      Hmmm, I have no idea? It might be because I use WordPress and not blogger and they changed the way you can follow people? I will look into it! Thank you!!!

      • Mariana Rey

        Alright, that would make sense since I’m on blogger. BUT I did bookmark your blog so I could read your latest posts.

        Have a great weekend!


  • Natasha

    Hi, I’m new in reading your blogs and they are really fun to read. I was looking at the graze box and tried to order one but it states that we need to be invited. Only those with subscriptions can invite to join. Can you send me an invite to join? I think there is a code. Thanks.

  • Katie

    i randomly came across your blog today when i was googling beauty boxes, from what i have read all day today(thanks for keeping me entertained at work this afternoon, when i should have been working! lol) i love your blog so far. Very good reviews and very real!

  • Merissa

    I just want you to know that I LOVE your blog! I have been reading it from the very beginning for a couple of weeks now, and am enjoying all of the past posts. I should have commented on the blog post that referenced Dianne from Fat Camp, but she is my Facebook friend! My friends and I became obsessed after watching the show and looked her up and she happily accepted our request! Haha!

    Anyways – love your blog and will soon have read through the entire thing!

  • Antonia

    Hey there. First off, your subscription box list is great and highly addictive. I had a few questions for you, hope you don’t mind. Do you get asked to review boxes by the companies and therefore get free subscriptions? Or are you really having to pay out-of-pocket for all the boxes you subscribe to which, based on all your reviews, seems to be a pretty good number of them. I see you have a couple affiliate links (great for referrals), but I was wondering if the companies at least give you the boxes for free.

  • Liz

    Hi Jennifer, are you subscribed to Fancy box? From what I see, it looks a lot like the PopSugar box but you can choose categories such as Men, Women, Home, Kids, Workspace etc…. I would love to see some reviews on them!

  • Melissa Gartner

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’ve printed your ship review of the Disney Dream cruise you took. We’ve just booked a 4-day Bahamas cruise on the Dream with my parents, and I wondered if you ever went back and wrote your port review. Thanks! Your comments will help me make sure my 3-year-old will have a reasonably good time onboard! 🙂

  • stephanie

    Can I just say how much I LOVE reading your blog!! Super fun. And now because of you I want to subscribe to every subscription box possible (I’m sure my husband will send a big thank you for that) ;).

    Thanks again for the fun reading!
    Steph 🙂

  • Krista

    Just wanted to say I love your blog and wanted to let you know that when you subscribe to Olfactif ( beauty/perfumes )the first month is free… just thought i would give everyone a heads up.. since you are so great with the coupon codes and the information about who does what and who has what available on your blog..


  • Beth

    Hey, Jennifer. I’ve been following your blog for a while now but have never commented. I stalk/creep probably over 100 blogs and have for years. I decided to start my own blog in WordPress, but I need help. I can’t find anyone else who’s using WordPress, everybody is Blogger, but I notice that you are. Do you know someone who does WordPress designs? So far I just blog pretty much for myself, but I wouldn’t mind linking up with people and sort of “meeting” other bloggers, but I’m afraid to let people see my blog until I make it cute. 🙂 Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Also, I don’t know how you always find the 90% off at Target…I never get that good of deals!

  • Lauren

    Quick question about Stella & Dot…. It says $5.99 (or whatever it is) flat rate shipping… so does these mean no matter how much stuff I order, rather it be one pair of ear-rings or 5 things it will still cost the same for shipping? Thanks! 🙂

  • carol

    Hi, I am trying to order from hello fresh but it is not giving me an option for the coupon code. There is no place to put it in. Am I missing something? Also how did you pick your meals? Its only showing me what is there with no option. Thanks

  • carol

    I love the Sakus shoes, I buy them on Amazon. You can find the as low as14.99 if you do a search. I bought the flip flops and sneakers. All told it was less them 50.00 for both. Not a bad deal.

  • Stephanie A

    2 things…..
    1. as far as flip flops go I LOVE Cobians… purchasing directly from them or a surf & skate retailer they are pretty pricey but I did see a 2 pack (of the kind I perfer) on for a little less then what one would cost purchasing directly. They are super comfy and added bonus my dog chewed the strap on them and I was still able to wear them (I couldn’t find them for a while so I had to make it work :/).

    2. We also subscribe to The Little Book Club! Just like your subscription ours came a tad late as well but at least it came. Mikaela is 4 months old and our theme this month was LOVE. The books we received were: Counting Kisses, I Love You Through and Through and Guess How Much I Love You. 2 of the 3 books I had previously considered purchasing but for some reason I didnt but now we have them! 🙂

  • Stephanie A

    Rainbow flip flops are pretty good too! Again a bit pricey but you get what you pay for! They hold up well and have a great “warranty” policy.

  • Erin

    I have a question on Avocare, could you fill me in on that. How does it work, ect. Also we just did a Disney Cruise in July out of New York. Can’t wait to cruise again. We are going in Nov to Disney World and stay at the new Art of Animation. I am not a blogger, cut enjoy reading them all.

  • Erin

    For the Disney Cruise we sailed from New York to Canada. They also do a cruise from New York to the Bahamas. For the Avocare, I was just wondering what is does. Or what the 24 day challange is.

  • Stephanie

    I tried to post my favorite things today but I definitely messed that up! Well… I wanted to say I LOVE your blog I have been hooked on reading up on all your subscription boxes. I think I am addicted… But some of my favorite things right now are Bubble and Bee pit putty, it fantastic and they have so many different scent options (orange vanilla LOVE). I also love By Nieves “C” perfect skin oil, I have been using it a little over a week and it is great! LOVE Earth mama angle baby wash and lotion!! I know I most likely posted this in the wrong place. Sorry 🙁


  • Heather Shotwell

    Hey I would love to get some information from you about getting a blog started. I want to do one but I have no idea what to do to get started.

  • Suzanne

    I was trying to use your e-mail link & it would not let me! I think that it is my computer. I am getting ready to do a website & possible blog. I saw that you use WordPress. Do you use the .com or .org version. I have almost decided on the .org version since you can do more but just wanted to see which you use. Thanks!!

  • laura

    Hi Jen,

    I hate to bug you but I see you use Capture a moment photography and wondered if you thought they would do a good job for senior pics for a guy? I suggested them for my co worker after I saw them on your facebook pics…. If my co worker goes with them should she mention your name so you could possibly get a referral discount?



  • william moultrie

    Hi Jennifer
    I must simply say hello to you as I have just looked at your blog for the April lip factory box and just wanted to say I am a makeup artist living in the Bahamas 🙂

  • Jessica

    We love your site and your comprehensive listing of gift boxes! So we were wondering if we could introduce ourselves and send you a gift box if you would be open to receiving one from us.
    We are a ‘healthy’ gift giving service for moms-to-be. All of our products and services are carefully vetted to ensure clean ingredients and healthy pregnancy promotion.

    Please let us know if we can speak soon. Thanks.


  • Mopsyluv

    Hi first of I just want to say you got me addicted to subscription boxes and blogs all at once. Not sure if that is always a positive thing. It can be an expensive addiction. I suppose they will soon have to have SB Anonymous. I do love reading your blog and seeing all the different choices I have. I was wondering if you had come across Cooper & Kid. It’s like a dad box they can do with their kids. It looks so fun. It def looks like something up B and L’s alley. It is an expensive one and they are still trying to start-up it looks like. I want to try it but I know I will get in trouble.

  • Andrea

    A couple of questions…
    1. What are the list if names/blogs about halfway down?
    2. How do you add the banners/links on the right? I assume you get credit or payment if people click?
    3. I’m just starting a blog, and it seems like we’re a lot alike. I’m OBSESSED with subscription boxes (Wantable is my current favorite-cosmetics). You’ve mentioned that some companies send you things to review. I’m guessing I missed that boat, but I’d like to be able to share what I write.
    4. I just started selling Kitsy Lane. I have lots of customers, but only one sale so far. Any recommendations?
    5. I love to share stories about my boys/dogs. Do you think readers will get annoyed?

    I just want to do it right! I LOVE your blog! How on earth are you able to do such great giveaways???


  • Sabrina Foust

    I should have put this one in my last post but forgot. I received a 25 gift card to hello fresh in my love with food box that I wont use. Would you be interested in the codes?

  • stephanie a

    I too came across the same “aged up” issue with Citrus Lane. My profile shows my daughter’s date of birth but for some reason CL aged her up a month. It really does’t bother me all that much since by the time I get the box she is half way through her current month of age so the age up seems appropiate. With that said…I am typically please with my CL boxes however this month I was a little confused. We received an 8 month old box (again aged up for a 7 month old). Our box contained the same snack containers as yours, a very small “sample” (I mean 1 use if that lol) of Califronia Baby body wash and lotion, a dry food mix in packet and a hanging toy for 0+ months. While the toy is cute I am not really sure it’s “appropiate” for a 7 month old…let alone an 8 month old, totally okay for 4/5 month old or younger, so that will most likely be regifted. I am teetering on renewing my subscription as we receive Stork Stack as well and they seem to flip flop, in June’s CL we received a sun hat and in July’s SS we received a sun hat and it seems usually one is eh and one is yeah for each much, lol.

    Side note to my novel, we are also still waiting for our June Little Book Club box. Its been a few unfortunate events for them, but I am still in. I would like to see them sort out their shipping issues though…I received a notice from that my package was sent July 11th and then the other day The Little Book Club stated they were just now able to send out the books. I have to admit I am a little confused. lol

    Thanks for listening/reading! 🙂 lol

  • kelly

    I have to let you know that I love your blog and I come on here everyday (as you probably know) and I tell everyone about your page too, I feel like I mention it all the time, and just referred some people to check it out today too. <3 love!!!!

  • Jordan

    I want you to know that before you I was only getting Ipsy. Now I’m getting Birchbox, Bulu, Citrus Lane, Bluum & Stork Stack! Haha! & also thanks to you I am now a member of the fb box sell/trade…and Oh. My. God. Where have I been & how have I been living without that group?? I just joined today & put several things up & already have several replies! I love your blog & thanks so much!

  • Jennifer

    Hello! I am also in search of a graze code and would much appreciate it if you happen to get one for me. Right now I am going the munchit route and think graze may be the better value. Thanks!

  • Alison

    how often do you get L’s hair cut? It’s always perfect. since October last year I’ve gotten N’s hair cut every 2 months, and I go to a fancy kids fun place and drop $20…. but last time they missed strays. Can I take him anywhere? Should I find friend’s mom who does it from home? Do you cut their hair?

  • Jean Marmion

    Hi Jennifer –
    I just wanted you to know that I am the request you got this evening for Instagram. My user name is lyttmab. I didn’t realize you were private. My apologies. I love to follow anything and everything to do with Subscription Boxes (I am just getting started) so I already follow you on all of your social sites and I saw “instagram” on your home page, so I clicked it and then saw that a request had been sent. Just wanted you to know that I am not some stalker! LOL!

    Anyway, I love your blog and you have, by far, the best variety and info regarding subscription boxes, that I have seen! Great job! Don’t ya’ just love ’em!!! Thx for doing all the leg work! Much appreciated!
    Hugs –

  • Megan

    I just wanted to “thank you” for your amazing subscription box list. It is extremely long and thorough! Not only does it include the name and prices of each box, but also descriptions, discount codes and latest updates on each. That had to be extremely tedious to complete. I don’t even have the time to read it all right now! So I can imagine how long it took to compose.

    So I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to do all of that for us. When I subscribe, I will def use your links so that you will get credit. You def deserve it! I would even suggest adding a PayPal donation box to your site. I’m sure others, like myself, would be willing to donate a couple bucks to say thx for the legwork you’ve already done for us.

  • Lisa Davis

    Hey Jennifer – Have you ever heard for Beauty Army?

    Shows you can pick your samples after going through their custom setup for your skin type and such.

    Gosh I love your list of monthly goodies. I wish I had the money to order them all. I have signed up for Birchbox (and got in within a week) and I am on waitlist for IPSY…seems it takes a while for them. Considering POPSUGAR…although $35 per month is a lot…after looking at your reviews I might do it soon. Oh and I signed up for Goodies Co. – I can’t wait to see what I get from them.

  • Lindsey

    Hi Jennifer

    As a subscription box addict myself, I LOVE your blog! 🙂 Thanks! Two questions for you:

    1. I just sent a stuffed box to Twice and was thrilled ($76 worth of thrill… Woohoo!). Do you have any suggestions for sites that may take men’s clothing? My husband needs a closet purge 😉

    2. Have you ever heard of My Paper Pumpkin? It is a monthly subscription through Stampin Up. I haven’t been able to really find reviews on it anywhere, but I LOVE it. I always thought stamping would be fun to try, but it is WAY costly! With Paper Pumpkin you get all of the supplies you need to make 4 cards a month… Ink and all. I took a bunch of pics of my latest box if you would have any interest in checking it out.

    Thanks again for a great blog! Look forward to seeing what goodies you post everyday 🙂 -Lindsey

  • Casey

    Hi, love your blog. Just saw two new sub boxes out there that looked pretty interesting. Haven’t tried them yet myself (my fiance would NOT be happy if he saw more boxes!) but I thought I’d share the info. The first one is the mystery box shop and the second one is the booty bin. If they are really great I’d love to read about them on your blog.

  • IndiaLynRose

    Hi my name is lyn and I JUST started blogging (Monday!)
    I review subscription boxes and don’t have a lot on my blog yet. I was wonder what subscription box company’s are most willing to give complimentary boxes to new bloggers?

  • Jean

    Hey Jennifer –

    Just wondering if you are familiar with the FB page, Subscription Box Giveaways:

    I went under their file list of bloggers that review boxes and saw you weren’t there. You are by far one of the BEST and certainly are better than several on that list (sorry, a little snitty, but true!ツ). I am a member and would love to add you if you are interested. Maybe you know something I don’t . . . Let me know what you think . . . It’s another place to post give-aways and gain more followers for your site so it seems like a good idea but again, maybe you know something I don’t. Just a huge cheer leader for you and wanted to let you know! ✿◡‿◡✿
    ❥ jean

  • stephanie

    In response to and their family of sites…

    For first time customers one can save a pretty penny on a box or two of diapers, toys, books etc. During a few searches on all of their sites, I didnt find there items to be less expensive (typically ran about the same may be a little more). They do have sales throughout their sites where you can get some great items for pretty good prices (I did get some Kicky Pants pjs for super cheap). In my opinion they are amazing for connivence…all orders that are $40 (I think) qualify for free 2 day shipping. Its one of those when the weather is bad, you really dont want to pack up the kids and all the crap that goes with it or you just want to be lazy (providing you dont need the stuff that day), buy your stuff on-line and its delivered in no more than 2 days. Each time I have ordered I have received my items the next day! The other benefit is even if you order from their multiple sites, they all ship together. Total timesaver!

  • Suzanne Bateman

    Hi Jennifer – I just happened to stumble upon your blog a few months ago. Wanted to let you know that I love coming here and reading! Have a great day! 🙂

  • Bethany

    Yesterday I received my surprise gift from JewelMint. It was a bottle of pink nail polish. I believe the company was called ‘Butter’, it is a very pretty shade of pale pink. My earrings haven’t come in yet, but they went ahead and sent the gift. My earrings are going to take a few more weeks to come in.

  • Abby

    So, I think I remember you saying that you use the laundry pods from Honest. Well, I have been using the liquid and just switched to the pods. They drive me nuts! I always find a big chunk of the detergent left on the bottom of the washing machine. Do you have this problem ever? Just wondering if it’s just me.

  • Ashley

    I’m not sure if you are familiar with Freemans Beauty company but right now – Oct. 31 I believe , they have a Mystery Spooky Bag, its $20 & its a mystery bag full of products from each one of their lines, $90 value from what the email said but I googled it a bit before I purchased mine and everyone seems to be getting a lot of great things & some boxes different than others, this sounded like something right up your ally so I thought I’d let you know!

  • Jenny

    Hi, I’ve been keeping up with your blog. I really love it! It helps me when I get my monthly boxes. I am beginning my own blog, all because of your posts! You really do inspire me! Please come by and visit whenever you can 🙂 also give your inputs. Thanks!

  • Catherine

    Hey, I love your blog. Seriously. I visit it daily. I think that the reason that I like it so much is that it’s not just box stuff. That is of course what I looked at first, but I like the fact that you feature other things too. Anyway. 🙂

    • Jennifer Post author

      Aww, thank you so much for the kind words! I started blogging long before I discovered the fun of subscription boxes and I hope to blog long after the crazy (which I hope never ends)!

  • carol

    I may have broken my rods again. Having a problem with the stupid army hospital and don’t want to drive all the way to the surgeons which is two hours away. I have a few boxes coming and I cant wait. I got a golden tote and cant wait to see whats in it

  • stephanie

    Target clearnace….OMG!! I spent $38 and got too much stuff.

    Halloween decorating kits (Mickey, Minnie and Hello Kitty), cake pop kits, board books (like It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown), confetti, window clings, bubble wands and refills and way more candy than I should have or that I should admit too.

    I am so jealous of the little girl Halloween jammie!! My Target didnt have any 🙁

  • Genevieve

    Hi Jennifer!

    Do you know anyone who might want my stitch fix coupon from the October Pop Sugar box? I won’t use it but if someone else could I’m happy to mail it to them.


  • michelle

    If anyone has been saving their Shoptiques gift card from the POPSUGAR October box, like me, I think now is a good time to use it! They are offering a 15% off code for today only-‘Mobilelove’ and you dont have to use the mobile site to checkout. I actually couldn’t figure it out on my phone so I went to my computer to checkout and it worked! But wait, there’s more! They are offering Grab bags for $35, you get $50 worth of goods or $50 worth $100! You fill out a questionnaire with what items you want, your size, must haves, least haves etc. So with the coupon code and my $25 credit I only paid $26.79 with shipping for the $50 grab bag! Fingers Crossed its good stuff! Here’s my referral link to get another $15 credit, not sure if it will all work together, but lets hope!

  • Sabrina foust

    I was going to mention that we have a huge international market here in cincinnati. It has all kinds of candy,foods, and drinks from a ton of countries. If there is anyhting you would like to try or want again let me know and I can see if we have it. It’s not that far to ship.

  • Krista

    Wanted to let all of you know PAWBOX has been hacked.. do NOT use the link off this site.. Jennifer.. double check this or take it down.. I was just trying to reach their site for my cat for the holidays.. and it came up as having been hacked..


  • Melissa

    Hi I’m starting a new subscription box service and I would love your HONEST opinions on my new website. Also I can offer you coupon codes to share with your audience. Enter Coupon Code NEWBOX at checkout. Thanks

  • Krista


    I don’t know if it was miscalculation on behalf of popsugar, poor planning or what, but if I recall, wasn’t there something about registering by the 4th for the Feb Box…
    I realize people can make alot of mistakes when you overreach for a mark- especially with such a money making holiday like valentines. However, I noticed when i tried to sign up it was NOT Feb box i was signing up for but March’s.. I dislike dishonesty in a company, it shows their integrity. If i am wrong.. then someone has very poor planning and logistical management skills…


    • Jennifer Post author

      I want to say it was in an email or something? Order by 2/7 for vday delivery? I would guess it was a while supplies last kind of thing? I can dig up the original email if you want or it could be on their Facebook?

  • Andrea

    Hi Jennifer!
    I love the idea of your muffin tin meals. My 8 year old is SO picky, my 5 year old not as much. I see you’re using yogurt, fruit, and fruit snacks? What are some other things that are a hit with your boys? I’m open to any and all suggestions!

  • Alecsy Christensen


    I have a great subscription box that I would love for you to review! It is a monthly subscription box filled with all local products from Utah, called the MercoBox. We would love to send you one!

    Let me know if there is some way we can get together on this!


  • Taste For Sweets


    We are Taste For Sweets (, a newly launched monthly snack subscription box service. Our subscription service helps people discover new and delicious snacks from around the world which we deliver to their doorstep. We work hard to find popular and unique snacks from across the globe that people will love.

    We are reaching out to you since we would like to be listed on your blog site. Also, we are currently running a new member sign up offer with coupon code “TAKE50OFF”. Your interested readers can use the code to receive 50% off their first box order.\

    We are very excited and look forward to working with you to promote our new great service.


    Taste For Sweets Team

  • Paolo McCarty

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am a student and I am trying to learn as much about BarkBox as I can. Your BarkBox reviews came up in a google search I did. Could you tell me what you really like and dislike about BarkBox and give examples? Thanks so much!

  • Christina

    You should use spell check on your posts before you post them. As a fellow blogger I can tell you that if you try and sell ads at some point, the typos may hinder you.


    • Jennifer Post author

      Totally agree. It’s something I need to work on. I really need some sort of grammar check because auto correct gets me a lot.

  • Linda


    Recently I learned of a new company called They are a tampon delivery service that donates 25% of their profits to the charity of your choice! In their boxes they include: chocolates, tampons/pads, cramp tabs, tea, and a surprise.
    I noticed you did not have a review for them and hoped you could do one soon. They seem like a great company, but I would like to know if it is worth it.


  • Taylor

    Hi Jennifer!

    I came across your blog while Googling about the age difference between my boys (who are also 4 years apart). So, I’d like to share my own rambling with you – in the eventual form of an actual question.

    Ethan is 4 1/2 (5 in August) and Evan is 2 1/2 months old (born Jan 7, 2014). It seems as though Ethan hasn’t wanted to have anything to do with Evan since, like, 5 days after we brought him home. The sparkle has worn off for him – he doesn’t want to help feed him, doesn’t want to hold him, most of the time he pretty much acts like Evan is a complete inconvenience for him. Sure, there are moments… small, fleeting moments… where he seems to embrace him as his brother: like the other day in the bath tub when Evan was laughing hysterically at Ethan’s, well, “Ethan-isms”. It was the first glimpse at Ethan actually interacting with him instead of behaving as though he’s a fixture in our home that cries and eats and poops.

    There’s a small chance that in my sleep-deprived state I’m being a little dramatic but this is still a far-cry from the bond I expected them to have as brothers; I know they’ll go through stages in their lives where they’ll be closer than other times but there’s a small (okay, a large part) of me that fears they’ll simply co-exist in our home without ever developing a true bond due to the age difference.

    So here’s the question: was your oldest ever this resistant to accept your youngest or was there a bond from the start?

  • Tiffany

    I want to start getting a beauty box subscription but i hear a lot of mixed reviews on all the products! Some of the boxes I’m thinking about are Beauty box 5, beauty army, birch box, or ipsy. Which box do you most recommend and enjoy getting? Or any others that are your favorite! I would like to stay under 15$/month if possible!

    • Jennifer Post author

      Let’s see. Of those I think ipsy is going to give you the best bang for your buck. I really like Birchbox because I love their point system and they have such a big assortment of brands they sell. I get Beauty Box 5 and got an amazing deal on a one year subscription (I think it’s like $7/box). I have not tried Beauty Army yet!

  • Shana

    Hi Jennifer! I was wondering if u could post about your fave things for baby…i am having a baby after not having one in 10 years….things have changed so much….i read your blog all the time and u have introduced me to some pretty cool things!!

  • Sabrina foust

    I just had to share. I ordered a new large mystery box from fancy. I have never had trouble with them before. However, I noticed that even though my shipping address seems correct on fancys site, it also states that “shipping info was updated by system” and it appears my package is out for delivery in Virginia. I live in ohio. I tried contacting fancy and they didnt kmow what happened and neither did fed ex. I am wondering if they just gave me the wrong tracking info. I am going to give it until about Wednesday I guess to see if I get anything. Have you heard of anyone having issues with fancy shipments?

  • Erin

    Living social has a deal on the conscious box. $10 for one month. $28 for 3 months. I just got into subscription boxes so I signed up. I enjoy your blog and have used several of your tips

  • Heaven

    Hi there!
    I wanted to email you with a question, but when I click “Email Me” it just tells me that my email client is not set up. I manually go through Yahoo to send emails. I couldn’t find your actual email address anywhere, would you mind sending it to me!


  • Sabrina foust

    Just an FYI, reddit exchanges are up again. They don’t have a makeup one but they do have one for everyday essentials to carry in your purse. They also have a few kid friendly ones, like stuffed animals and rubber duckies.

  • Storm

    Hi I noticed you have the Music Box subscription listed. Im really interested in buying a subscription but I was just wondering if you had done a review yet? If not you should!

  • Barb Weinberger

    So happy I found your site while Googling for Advocare info. I love that you put it all out there with no cost surprises!
    SOOO, I want to sign up as an Advocare distributor to get the discounts on product. I went to the signup site and it asks me if I know a distributor already If you give me your details, I would gladly say you are the Distributor that I know 🙂

    • Jennifer Post author

      Thank you!!! I signed up to get the discount myself! Here is a link to my site and it will let you sign up as a distributor at the top:

      I will shoot you over an e-mail to see if you want to join my friends Facebook Group about Advocare. It’s a great place for questions and help!

  • carol

    I got my front door fashion on Friday, so excited. By the way in a previous post I called it back door fashion, sorry my bad. By the way if you look up ‘ Back door fashion” you get some very interesting results !!!!! LOL
    Wow there was so much stuff in the box. Everything was packaged as an outfit from clothes to jeweler with a personal note on each one. Everything was name brand even DL 1961 jeans. All prices except for the jeans were on the same price line as Stitch Fix. I can not believe how nice everything was. !!

    • Jennifer Post author

      LOL!!!!!!!! I am not even going to google that! I need to order that I guess huh??? How many things are you keeping?

  • Jessica Shepard

    I would looove to have you review my all natural mineral makeup. It’s made organically, I use the exact same ingredients as “popular” brands, but @ apx 75% off their prices. Visit my website & pick out a few colors & I would happily send them to you for your review.

    Let me know what you’d like to try! Thanks! I look forward to reading more of your blog & hopefully your review of Sheer Bare Minerals!

    Thanks sooo much!

  • carol

    I’m not sure what I’m going to keep, good thing I have five days to decide. I really like the dl 1961 but I know I can find them on ruelala from between 79 -99 so they are out. But they sent some others ones I like. I just don’t know!! I think I got about 5 complete outfits with jewelry to go with it. If I kept it all it would be about 1021.00 or so not bad for name brand stuff and complete outfits. But way out of my budget. I think you should give it a try, they really do listen to what you want.

  • carol

    If I was still updating and using my blog I would post some pictures, there would be a lot of them!! They called me today to see how I liked my box and she gave me her personal cell number if I needed anything. They are really good with customer service they follow up a lot and are very cheerful!

    • Jennifer Post author

      My Subscription Addiction has a swap section. Makeup Talk does swaps. And there are also a bunch of Facebook groups!

  • hannah

    Hi! i was wondering if you had done a subscription box review on embellished boxes? I would like you hear your opinion on it! thanks !

  • Kara mishmash

    I’m not 100% sure but I think I remember you mentioning wanting the skip hop hedgehog plates/bowls/utensils. They have them now!! Also they have a 4th of July sale for free shipping and a free hedgehog id case/coin pouch. It ends tomorrow!

  • Sara

    i LOVE the photo of all the boxes on your kitchen table when you got home from vacation. I get around 18-20 a month, but I know the way my boyfriend rolls his eyes when a large assortment comes in. I cannot even imagine your husband when he saw all those..haha.
    I was curious about the blue box at the top of the pile. It says ‘kitty’ on the side. I have multiple dog boxes but haven’t gotten a cat sub yet. Any suggestions?

    • Jennifer Post author

      The blue box is “PetBox” they do dog and cat boxes both. I get the dog box, but the box shows the “cat” on one side and the “dog” on one side. That might be one to try??

      He just laughed when he saw them! I honestly didn’t think the stack of boxes would be that big!

  • carolyn

    was just wondering what you did with all the stuff you get from the boxes that you don’t want or have to many of do you have a site where you trade boxes or do you just do give a ways. i just ordered two box subscriptions this weekend and can’t wait for them to arrive.
    carolyn h

  • Lauren

    Was just wondering… do you use I got a free full size nailpolish in my last order and thought you’d find that awesome:-) Also, they are now advertising pinchme for men so I’m getting my husband to sign up for twice the fun! Anyway if you already knew all this then nevermind, but thought it might be something cool to share with your readers. Happy saturday!!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I have used Pinchme. I think I have gotten 3-4 samples? I never remember to do it when the new samples come out and they go quick!

  • stephanie a

    So I’m thinking you probably already know this…but I thought I would share anyway. From one frequent Target shopper to another….did you know they give you a $0.05 credit/bag when you use resuable bags? Am I the only one who was not aware of this??

      • Stephanie a

        I try (key word there) to keep the bags in my trunk this way they are always with me. With that said it works when
        a. I remember to put said bags in the car after using them and b. I remember to actually grab them when I go shopping.

        I can remember my kid and my bag, but reusable bags not do much. Lol

        When you come up with a better plan please share!! 🙂

  • tasha

    I was just wondering if you’ve ever done, or plan to do a list of subscription boxes that let you skip months? I realize you have the most detailed and longest list I’ve seen collected so I’m sure this would be difficult!

  • Deborah

    I just saw on a blog about the prize candle, They do have a subscription called the prize club here’s the link I saw it on with a coupon….Thought you might want to know.
    Have fun…

  • Alexandria Tripp

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m the owner of The Sweet Pea Post, which is a monthly subscription letter that focuses on stationery products and craft supplies. Each letter will contain 5-6 stationery products or craft supplies samples as well as 1-2 surprise goodies. The price for a month is $4.79 for the USA & $5.39 for International this includes shipping and handling.

    I was wondering if you could add a my Subscription Letter to your List and exactly what I would need to do make that possible. If you could get back to me when ever you are available. Thank you so much!

    Alexandria Tripp

  • Tiffany Evans

    Hey! I’ve tried to submit a comment a couple of times but it keeps disappearing:)

    If you aren’t interested, will you please just let me know?


  • Lisa

    Hi Jennifer,

    We’d love our monthly subscription box, Kitchen Table Passport, to be included in your list. You can explore the world right from your kitchen table each month, with a box including photos and interesting facts about another culture from people who have been there, a unique herb & spice mix and recipe to make a local dish and the shopping list for basic ingredients to complete the recipe (chicken, onions, etc). 6 & 12 month subscribers also get local souvenirs! It is a great way to get together with family or friends over a meal and see, taste, smell, and experience another culture – from home.

    Please let me know what we can do to be added to your list.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Cassy

    I enjoy Little Life Box, an eco product box that has a great cross-section of natural grocery store items. You usually get 3 full-sized items and several deluxe samples. Plus chocolate. 🙂 —Cassy

  • Lavinia Gass

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  • Kate

    Hi, just a quick question. I saw in your stitch fix blogs you say you can peek into your account to see what you are getting. I can’t figure out where to do that? Can you help?

    I love your blog and read it everyday! Thanks for that!

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  • Rachael

    Any thoughts on the togospa subscription? I loved the product from PSMH. According to togospa’s facebook page they are having a flashdeal today; but, I can’t find mention of that deal anywhere else.

  • Chris Ellen

    About Key West…..
    I live in FL and have been to Key West [and most of the keys] a few times. The keys are unlike anywhere else in FL. They’re flat, basically featureless with very sparse vegetation. The coral reefs have [for the most part ] turned brown or colorless from climate changes and are no longer interesting to snorkel over. In the past, boats at anchor or passing through have flushed toilet waste directly into the water so the water quality is questionable. I think boats are now required to have a holding tank but I know most people try to get around using it unless they’re being inspected by local authorities or the Coast Guard. Key West seems to me to be basically a party town which is fine if drinking alcohol/bar hopping is a priority for vacationing. There are no sandy beaches [or any beach, really] to speak of or extensive lush vegetation [shade is really needed in the FL heat !]. It takes a long time to get there by car. I’d recommend taking a cruise where it’s a port since 1 day would be enough to see it IMO. During special events/party weeks there is a possibility you might see many people parading around almost naked or in sexually suggestive/kinky costumes. Sometimes even the dogs are dressed up in kinky outfits ! There are many many lovers of the keys but I’ve never been able to understand the attraction. Florida is full of beautiful, charming, beach side and family friendly towns and the long drive to Key West does not seem worth it. I would research Tripadvisor for activities and hotels before considering a trip there.
    I enjoy your blog and reviews very much….your sons and doggies are totally adorable.

  • Lauren

    Hi Jennifer!

    I have been trying to send you a private message through the contact me, but I am receiving an error.. do you have an email I can contact?


  • Sabrina foust

    If you get this a bunch of times I am sorry.

    I have noticed, not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t do comments and the left side of the screen is cut off on my computer. On my iPad i still can’t do comments.

    Also, if you had interest in hosting a 31 party, right now is the to do it. I sell, but I am sure you can find someone closer to do it for you, but if you have like a 1200 buck party, can be online or whatever, you get, 250 in free money to spend, plus, 3 free items of choice, free tote and 3 free exclusive items. I know you had mentioned something to me before, just thought you might be interested if you knew someone who sold.

  • Sydney Weaver

    Hi Jennifer!

    Me again! I meant to mention, of course…he he…that I feel my UPwords cards would go great in your religious subscription boxes. Don’t know how I missed that…ha ha

  • Cindy

    Not printing extreme deals??? Start July 4th 3 item limit..5.00 purchase is actually total of sale items prior to sale..1 cent paper folders pencil tops sharpeners rulers protractors pencils 10 cent comp BKS pens 25 cent compass scissors glue markers sharpies highlighters gluestix pencil boxes..well worth it

  • Donna Bliss

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  • Jon

    I want to get my wife a panty subscription, and your reviews have pushed me towards two potential subs.
    Bootaybag and Splendies. Out of the two of those, I was wondering which you liked more, panty wise for quality and style. I want to make our anniversary (and and Valentine’s which are very close to each other), very special.

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    How will you advertise the product?
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  • Renee

    So now that birchbox has changed their points system and now Sephora has play, out of the three , ipsy play and birchbox which do you like best?

  • Collin Williamson


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  • Kathy

    All of a sudden I’m not receiving your daily email. I tried to re-subscribe but says already subscribed so I tried with another email. Am not receiving with either one, and it’s not going to spam. Just wanted to let you know as I might not be the only one. This started last week.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Hi Kathy!

      I have been updating tags on some older posts and sometimes they get captured as “new” posts in the feed because I have changed them, so I had to turn the newsletter off. It should be back on next week! Sorry for the confusion!

  • kathy

    Hi Jen,

    i am not getting my e-mails anymore. this happened one other time and I subscribed again and was fine
    this time, when I try to subscribe again, it says I am already subscribed
    Not in my spam either, e-mailed stopped about 2 weeks ago, was waiting to see if they started again, but they have not

    I have a suggestion for you too, it would be great if there was a way to filter out info on boxes that are not of interest, would eliminate some e-mail clutter – thanks for you help

    • Jennifer Post author

      Hi Kathy!

      I have the e-mails on hold right now as I am updating categories on some old posts and it considers them “new” and may include them in the e-mail posts (and no one wants 100 posts in their inbox I am sure).

      As for filtering posts, I am not sure if there is a way for me to filter by individual preferences, but I can check into it!


  • Ren

    Hey, it looks like you are still logged in. The last three reviews have an edit button on the heading and when I went to leave a comment it says Jennifer is still logged in. Thought I’d let you know. Ren

    • Jennifer Post author

      I don’t think you can now. You have to make your picks before the first game started today at 12:15pm EST. You can probably still see it though?

  • Josie Staley

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  • Lorie Juckett

    Aren’t you affiliated with Little Lace Box? I never got the last two boxes I paid for and now the site is showing there’s no option to contact them for help. I’d like to be reimbursed if it’s no longer in business.

  • Veronika Bagriy

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