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*Geek / Gamer* Subscription Boxes

~HalfBloodPrints: $8 – $18.99/month. HalfBloodPrints is a monthly fandom artwork subscription box. Each month you will receive the items below in a specific theme based on books, movies, tv shows and other awesomeness: 1 8×10 print on premium heavy weight matte card stock, 1 bookmark designed by HalfBloodPrints, 1 4×5 calendar magnet for the following month and 1 custom sticker or special surprise! The Premium Box ($18.99/month) will also include 1 custom designed T-shirt.

~Loot Tees: $8.99/month. Loot Tees (a part of Loot Crate and Loot Wear) sends subscribers one soft, limited edition t-shirt.  They offer up to 3XL for women and 5XL for men at no additional cost.

~Loot Underwear: $8.99/month. Loot Undies (a part of Loot Crate and Loot Wear) sends subscribers a pair of 92% Polyester 8% Spandex fun and nerdy boxer briefs each month.

~Loot Socks: $9.99/month. Loot Socks (a part of Loot Crate and Loot Wear) sends subscribers two pairs of fun and nerdy socks to your door each month.

~TeeBlox: $9.99/month. TeeBlox is a subscription service that delivers branded geek and gamer shirts directly to your doorsteps every month. You can select one of the following themes: I’m Feeling Lucky – a random selection from existing TeeBlox categories (Games, Movies & TV Shows, Beer & Liquor, and more), Game – a curated selection from classic 90’s games to today’s top rated games, Movies & TV Shows – a curated selection from today’s hot TV Shows or Beer & Liquor – a curated selection from famous beers and hard liquor.

~The Geeky Decal: $10.60/month. The Geeky Decal sends cool geeky decals to stick to geeky stuff. Each month has a different Fandom Theme and includes 4 to 6 vinyl decals, varying sizes & shapes, one 5×7 geeky art postcard and one geeky art magnet.

~level40two: $13/month. level40two is a monthly Cosplay Fan Box. Boxes include exclusive autographed Cosplay photos delivered right to your door! One of a kind artworks, trading cards and more.

~My Little Pony Box: $13.24/month. MLPBox is a monthly subscription box for My Little Pony lovers. Every box will contain 1-2 MLP items! Not all subscribers will receive the exactly same thing. Some customers each month may receive completely different items than others who have subscribed in order to help keep the experience a surprise for all customers.

~Loot Wearables: $14.99/month. Loot Wearables (a part of Loot Wear and Loot Crate) sends subscribers one exclusive top or bottom in unisex sizing up to 3XL.

~Loot for Her: $14.99/month. Loot For Her (a part of Loot Wear and Loot Crate) sends one apparel or accessory just for women in sizing up to 3XL.

~Gamer Girl Monthly: $16.99/month. Gamer Girl Monthly is a subscription that sends geeky gaming jewelry and collectibles to your door. Every month, a box arrives with 3+ pieces of jewelry and other cool gamer stuff selected by girls, for girls.

~HorrorDervs: $17/month. HorrorDervs is a monthly horror subscription box featuring hand picked collectibles, treats, and custom made items.

~Geek Chic: $18/month. Geek Chic is a mystery box of awesome geeky themed accessories delivered every month!

~Fan Empire: $18.45/month. The Fan Empire is a subscription service which delivers SURPRISE monthly packages filled with 4-6 customized items that are magically geeky, straight to your doorstep. The best part is, it’s prepared once a month by real fandom nerds with YOU as a fan in mind.

~TrollPack: $18.99/month. TrollPack is a monthly subscription box of awesome troll gear. Each box includes epic prank gadgets and incredible humor T-shirts – everything you need to be an Epic Troll and have a good time!

~Fanspirations: $19 – $36 – $56/month. The Fanspirations Box is a compilation of multiple themes (including Ice & Fire, Anime, Heroes, Potterhead, etc.) delivered right to your door. You can select from the Perfect Deal ($19/month), which includes 3-4 items, the Favorite Deal ($36/month), which includes 5-7 items or the Best Deal ($56/month) which includes 8-11 items.

~Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly: $19/month. Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly delivers a box full of hand selected high quality fandom inspired designs. Each month will have a different theme and will contain 4-7 specially hand selected high quality fandom inspired designs, a retail value of well over $40.

~1Up Box: $19.92/month. 1Up Box is a monthly swag distributor that offers something remarkable, something creative, and something unique in which all geeks and gamers can fancy. Each month they assemble a mystery collection of 4-6 items, including an epic shirt, all of which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered.

~BRICKBOX: $19.98 – $29.98 – $39.98/month. BRICKBOX is a monthly subscription box filled with awesome LEGO contents. Each box will contain a minifig and you will find other items like custom tiles, stickers, surprise bags, T-shirts, custom accessories, and other cool items. The following subscription options are available: BRICKBOX Classic ($39.98) includes a licensed BRICK set and at least one Minigure plus a varying mix of accessories, blind bags, mixels, T-shirts, flashlights, etc. BRICKBOX mini ($29.98) includes exciting and unexpected. One month it could be a BRICK set, accessories and stickers OR a set of Unique Minigures. BRICKBOX loot ($19.98/month) was designed for the Minifig collector and sends minifigs and accessories.

~HorrorPack: $19.99 – $24.99/month. HorrorPack is a monthly horror movie subscription. Each month you will receive 4 DVD’s selected by the HorrorPack team.

~Box of Dread: $20/month. Box of Dread is a monthly horror themed subscription box. Boxes include handpicked, awesome Halloween and horror-related collectibles as well as promotional products from horror movies, TV shows and games. Items to be included in various boxes range from shirts to stickers to action figures and movie memorabilia.

~Loot Crate: $21.99/month. Loot Crate is a monthly geek-and-gamer subscription box. You can expect to receive hand-picked, awesome geek and gamer products in each box. From shirts, to stickers and gadgets, they have also included limited edition and collectible items from brands you know and trust. Loot Crate also allows current subscribers to “Level Up” or upgrade their subscription. Level Up is $9.99-$14.99/month (in addition to the cost of your monthly Loot Crate) and you can opt for 2 pairs of themed socks ($9.99/month), 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters ($14.99/month) or one wearable ($14.99/month) which could be a cool hat, nerdy loungewear or a t-shirt.

~FanMail: $21.99/month. FanMail is a mystery box designed for lady geeks (by lady geeks!), which means that each box is filled with amazing products from the fandoms you love! FanMail boxes contain a variety of memorabilia and collectibles, some old, some new, some handmade, some fanmade. Among the items you may find are exclusive comics and t-shirts, jewelry, stationery, books, autographs, photos and much more.

~Geek Fuel: $23.90/month. Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box filled with t-shirts, toys, digital games, limited edition collectibles and all things epic.

~Box War: $24/month. Box War is the monthly subscription box that places you in a contest for a prize! Boxes include supplies and a creative challenge. Each box holds supplies with retail value greater than you will ever pay, and each month you will have a shot at the prize!

~Cosmo-Cube: $24.95/month. Cosmo-Cube was started by guys who love pop-culture and the idea of subscription boxes. The Cube will consist 4-5 mystery, geeky/nerdy, gaming and pop culture gears along with a T-shirt and Poster that has the winning arts.

~My Geeky Goodies: $24.99/month. My Geeky Goodies is a monthly surprise package delivered straight to your door filled with geeky and nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables! Every pack of goodies will come with either a custom t-shirt (in your size) or a POP Vinyl Figure, and 4-6 other super cool items for you to get excited about!

~Vault Drop: $25/month. Vault Drop is a monthly subscription box by Game Stop. The drop will include an assortment of gamer and inner geek collectibles along with GameStop exclusive items and a special coupon valued at over $40!

~TMNT Box: $25.90/month. TMNT Box is a monthly subscription box for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans. Boxes include $40+ retail value in merchandise and subscribers can select between the “Classic TMNT Box” which includes products from just the classic TMNT series and movies or the “C-C-C_Combo Box” which includes products from every TMNT series from classic to modern.

~Blindbox Comics: $25.99/month. Blindbox is a monthly comic book subscription box that includes five regular monthly releases and one exclusive variant cover.

~CosBox: $26 – $31/month. Cosbox is the only subscription box made especially for cosplayers! In the Basic Box ($26/month) you can expect to find 1 plastic or heat effected medium, 1 makeup item, 1 cosplay necessity and 2 other items relating to the theme of the month. In the Themed Box ($31/month) you can expect to find 4-6 themed items for Cosplayers who want to learn new techniques with more advanced items.

~Powered Geek Box: $26.90 – $39.90/month. Powered GeekBox is a monthly subscription service that includes geeky, gamer, and pop culture gear. The Powered Geek Box team goes around the country searching for the best gear there is to assure an epic box every month, every time. The Premium Box ($39.90/month) includes 6-9 items, while the Deluxe Box ($26.90/month) includes 4-6 items. Formerly known as Powered Up Box.

~Gorilla Gamer Crate: $26.94 – $47.94/month. Gorilla Gamer Crate is a subscription box company that focuses strictly on video gamers (tailored to the PS4 and Xbox One). Each month they curate the most EPIC gaming gear and console accessories based the monthly theme. You can opt for the GCC Lite ($26.94/month or the original size for $47.94/month.

~Brick Builders Club: $27/month. Brick Builders Club by BrickSwag is a monthly subscription box for Lego lovers. Each monthly box will include exclusive t-shirts, trading cards, parts packs, brain-boosting activities, master building techniques and more.

~ComicBoxer: $27.99/month. ComicBoxer is a monthly comic book mystery box. Each month the ComicBoxer experts hand pick 5-7 of the hottest new release comic books, variant covers, first appearances, #1 issues, and more – and send them right to your door!

~Comic Book Zwaag Bag: ~$28/month. The Comic Book Zwaag Bag is a Monthly Celebration of Comics Culture! Each month, you are guaranteed a T-shirt, at least one comic book, and a total of $40-$50 worth of swag based on a monthly theme!

~Lucha Loot: $28.95 – $41.45/month. Lucha Loot is the first monthly subscription lucha libre themed “blind box.” Every month they curate a new box full of lucha libre related treasures – guaranteed to include an adult “commercial” mask, t-shirt and the latest issue of Rudo Can’t Fail, a new English language lucha libre zine – PLUS bonus goodies, many exclusive to Lucha Loot.

~Fanipack: $29/month. Fanipack is the ultimate subscription service for anime fans. Each Fanipack contain 5-6 items from a list of featured anime series or films that we announce at the beginning of that month. Examples of items that may be included in the box are mangas, keychains, plushies, stickers, and lanyards. The exact contents of each box are kept a secret until after they are shipped and received.

~Nerd Block: $29.94/month. Nerd Block is a monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables! Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (in your size) and 4-6 epic items for you to tear into!

~Gamer Block: $29.94/month. Gamer Block (formerly known as Arcade Block) is a monthly subscription box from the makers of Nerd Block. Each months you will receive a limited edition t-shirt, video game collectibles and much more.

~Horror Block: $29.94/month. Horror Block (from the makers of Nerd Block) is a pop horror subscription box. You can expect to receive items from franchises such as The Walking Dead, Alien and Friday the 13th. Each item is carefully selected and put through a series of in-house testing based on quality, brand association, collectability, and most important – fun factor.

~Comic Block: $29.94/month. Comic Block (which is brought to you from the folks behind Nerd Block) contains a selection of hand-picked licensed merchandise and comic books. Each Comic Block also contains a limited-edition T-shirt designed just for subscribers.

~Sci-Fan Block: $29.94/month. Sci-Fan Block is a monthly mystery box filled with the very best in science fiction entertainment. Each Sci Fi Block contains 4-6 items including one exclusive t-shirt delivered right to your door.

~Loot Anime: $29.95/month. Loot Anime (brought to you from the folks behind Loot Crate) is a monthly mystery bundle of figures, collectibles, manga, apparel, accessories and more from some of your favorite anime and manga series with a new theme every month! Each crate has a value of $60+.

~Loot Gaming: $29.95/month. Loot Gaming is a gaming subscription box by Loot Crate. Boxes will feature 4-6 collectibles, apparel, accessories and more from the biggest and best video game franchises. Each box promises $60+ in value and most items will be exclusive to Loot Gaming.

~Akibento: $29.95/month. Akibento is a monthly box of epic gear for amine fans. Each month they assemble a mystery collection of 6-8 items, including an exclusive epic t-shirt, with a value of $60+.

~Geek Me Box: $29.99/month. GeekMeBox is a monthly subscription service filled with 5 to 8 geek & gamer products. The products are a mystery so every month is a surprise!

~IndyStash: ~$30/month. IndyStash is a monthly subscription box service dedicated to independent comic and creators. They deliver 4 or more high quality, hard to find independent comic right to your door each and every month.

~Game Box Monthly: $30.50/month. Game Box Monthly sends you a different, awesome indie tabletop game to rock your next game night. They send games tailored to your preferences and you’ll never have to worry about receiving a game you already own.

~Narwhal Bacon Box: $31.95/month. The Narwhal Bacon Box is an awesome box of reddity things. Every month you’ll receive five or more products representing popular internet culture, viral products, and popular media from around the globe. Boxes are centered around a monthly theme which is announced in advance.

~Legion of Collectors: $31.95/month. Legion of Collectors is a DC Comics subscription box. Each box includes exclusive products created in partnership by DC & Funko, including apparel, collectibles and accessories worth at least $50 in value.

~Marvel Collector Corps: $31.95/month.Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription box service designed by Marvel and Funko. Created for the Marvel Collector, each box delivers 100% exclusive premium collectibles, apparel, and accessories direct from the Marvel Universe to your doorstep.

~Smuggler’s Bounty: $31.95/Bi-monthly. Smuggler’s Bounty is the first (and only) official Star Wars subscription box. Each box contains $50 of value in exclusive, high-quality Star Wars & Funko collectible products. No fluff, no filler!

~ZBOX: $32.98/month. ZBOX is a themed monthly UK based mystery box for fans of games, movies, cult TV, comic books and purveyors of all things popular culture. Each month’s box is strictly limited edition and will contain products from your favorite brands and franchises that go with the month’s theme, including Pop Vinyl, Funko, Star Wars, Marvel and more!

~Brick Loot: $33/month. Brick Loot is a box subscription company for LEGO and Brick fanatics! Subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with 4-8 hand-picked, unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building.

~Anime Bento: $35/month. Anime Bento is a monthly subscription box delivered right to your door filled with anime apparel, toys, and collectables! Each Bento contains $50 worth of imported items including small figures, accessories and snacks.

~DBH Collector’s Box: $35.98/month. The Design by Human’s Collectors Box sends epic t-shirts to your door each month. Every box includes two exclusive, high-quality tees designed by industry leading artists.

~retrogametreasure: $36.94/month. Retro Game Treasure sends you a selection of games for the retro consoles you select with ONLY the types of games you like! On Average there are 3-5 retro games are in each Treasure Chest.

~Mine Chest: $36.99/month. Mine Chest, the first official Minecraft subscription box, is a bundle of hand-picked, official, Minecraft goodies, delivered right to your doorstep each month. Exactly what’s included each month is a closely-guarded secret, but expect an exclusive t-shirt every month, exclusive items, a premium collectible chest, a unique project, and a selection of official collectibles.

~The Bam Box: $37.98/month. The Bam Box is a monthly mystery subscription box full of geek, nerd, gamer, sci-fi and horror collectibles. EVERY box contains a limited edition or exclusive item!

~Generation A: ~$38/month. Generation A is a U.K. based monthly box with curated products to inspire your inner creative geek. Every month the boxes are filled with 5 – 8 items curated relative to a theme.

~Toy Den Nerds: $38.50/month. Toy Den Nerds boxes feature a variety of items such as Funko Pop Collectibles, Funko Mini, Unopened Action Figures, Signed Comics, tee shirts (Don’t Forget To Give Us Your Shirt Size), other fun items along with an autographed picture of the Toy Den Nerds.

~Firefly Cargo Crate: $39.99/Bi-monthly. The Firefly® Cargo Crate is a mystery subscription service delivering a collection of 5-7 exclusive Firefly collectibles, Including shiny figures, cunning apparel and other such finery every 2 months. Each box will have a value of $65+.

~Wizarding World by Loot Crate: $39.99/bi-monthly.  Wizarding World by Loot Crate is a bi-monthly subscription that brings the magic of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts right to your doorstep. No need to go to Diagon Alley. In each shipment they’ll bring the magic to you with 5-7 unique and officially licensed collectibles, apparel, figures, memorabilia, and more.

~Generation A: ~$40/month. Generation-A aims to provide products to inspire the creative mind by lateral thinking, the pursuit of greater design and facilitating the process as a whole! Every month the boxes are filled with 5 – 8 items curated relative to a theme. You can expect to find something to read, wear, remind, use, inspire and collect to keep you being creative.

~Infinity Crates: $43/month. Infinity Crates is a monthly “geeky” subscription box. All Infinity Crates are guaranteed to include a Funko POP vinyl figure, a geeky t-shirt screen printed with a unique design by our own talented artists as well as other geeky mystery merchandise!

~Awesome Pack: $44.99/month. Awesome Pack is a monthly subscription box for families. They focus on sending fun facility activities that are customizable to your family’s size, ages and genders. Each pack contains a board game, a fun activity that you can do as a family, like a science, craft, or DIY project, small (but cool) activities like magic marker books, card games, mini games, puzzles for each child in the family and an Awesome Pack Activity Box.

~Supply Pod from Outer Places: $46.98/Bi-Monthly. Supply Pod from Outer Places is a monthly subscription box where science meets science fiction. Each box is curated around a science-fiction theme. Past boxes have featured The Martian, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and X-Files.

~Hero Box: $49/month. Hero Box is a monthly must-have superhero box. Every box is jam packed with $70+ of SuperHeroStuff plus a few exclusive bonus items you won’t find anywhere else!

~Loot Crate DX: $49.99/month. Loot Crate DX takes the Loot Crate boxes you have grown to love to the next level. Each monthly box will include 4-6 Items for the Pop Culture Connoisseur with a retail value of $100+ of Retail Value.  You can expect to find a brand new assortment of collectibles, home goods, apparel and more from your favorite franchises in your box each month.

~Qbox: $61/month. Qbox: Spy Lifestyle in a Monthly Box is about empowering everyone to live the spy lifestyle through monthly mission experiences. Items in the box will range from Fashion, Tactical Gear, Entertainment to Educational materials and let’s not forget Tradecraft. If that wasn’t enough they also guarantee a new T-Shirt with each box monthly. Each monthly theme is based on a mission set.

~Collectible Geek: $96.75/quarter. Collectible Geek offers the collectible cache, which is a monthly package built for the ultimate collector, geek, or enthusiast. Each Collector’s Cache comes with five meticulously chosen items such as t-shirts, Funko products, nerdy toys from the staff at collectibleGEEK, featuring a different theme each month. Subscriptions are $96.75 for 3-months or $186 for 6-month. You can also opt for the “I Want It All” cache which is $230.25 for 3-months includes a larger selection of items.

~Ghost Post by Disney: $199/quarter. Subscribers of the Ghost Post will receive one mystery package every month for three months. Each box includes 7-9 objects designed specifically for the Ghost Post and each object interacts with your iPhone using a free custom app. This will transform your iPhone into a spectral device that allows you to listen in on the secrets of the Haunted Mansion. Help the ghosts in this iPhone-enabled fully interactive narrative.

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