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*Miscellaneous* Boxes

~Dollar Scent Club: $1 – $2.25 – $3/month (+ S/H). Dollar Scent Club delivers high-quality air fresheners to your doorstep every 3-5 wks for a great price. We are not your everyday club… you pick the style, you choose the fragrance, you tell us when to ship. We are the club with choices. With a good variety of both home and automotive fragrances and styles our products are a good match for everyone.

~Cooler Can Monthly: $4.50/month. Cooler Can Monthly is the only monthly koozie subscription service on the planet. Each month you’ll receive unique drink Koozies from shady dive bars, Ma & Pop shops and quirky businesses from across the country.

~Red Dirt Music Box: $6 – $29/month. Red Dirt Music Boxes is the only subscription service of its kind, introducing music lovers across the U.S. to up-and-coming Texas & Red Dirt Country artists. Boxes ($29/month) Include: • CD/Album Download from Featured Artist of the Month • At least one Merch item from Featured Artist of the Month • Song/EP Downloads from additional artist(s) • Band Bios • Tour Date List • Genre Articles • Extras/Misc. Envelopes ($6/month) Include: • CD/Album/Song Downloads from Featured Artist of the Month • Band Bios • Tour Date List • Genre Articles • Extras/Misc.

~TwelveCase: $9.99/month. TwelveCase is a subscription service that sends you a brand new iPhone case every month. Each month’s case comes with a beautiful new design that you won’t find in any store because they are designed by, and exclusive to, TwelveCase.

~Monogram Monthly: $10 – $30/month. Monogram Monthly subscription box is for the girl who just can’t get enough monograms in her life! You can opt for the standard box ($10/month) which includes two to five custom decals mailed directly to you every month or the Premium Box ($30/month) which includes two to five custom decals mailed directly to you every month plus two to four monogrammed and/or personalized items each month.

~Mgrambox: $10 – $15/month. Mgrambox is a monthly monogram subscription box for your cell phone. You can opt for a Standard Case ($10/month) which is a slim profile case offering protection from surface scratches or a Shock Proof Case ($15/month) which is a 2-part case offering maximum protection from just about everything. A variety of different case sizes are available for the iPhone and Samnsung Galaxy.

~Phone Case of the Month: $10/month. Phone Case of the Month delivers you a unique, one of a kind phone case every month.

~Music Box: $10/month. Music Box is a new subscription service that sends music from emerging artists and fun gifts to your front door every month. Items that may be included in your monthly Music Box are CD’s, concert tickets, posters, autographs, t-shirts, stickers, wristbands, and other band mercy.

~Hellofilters.com: $10.49 – $11.49 – $16.49/month. Hellofilters delivers amazing air filters to your door, as often as you’d like, for less than the big-box stores.

~WaltLife: $11.95 – $21.95 – $30 – $39 – $48/month. Walt Life is a monthly subscription box for Disney lovers.  They deliver monthly mystery boxes to Disney fans, both young and old. Their Disney subscription boxes can include Disney pins, officially licensed Disney items, or Disney Parks items, and are delivered to your door every month. The following subscription options are available: Pin Edition ($11.95): Receive 1 Authentic Disney Trading pin every month. Pin Collector ($21.95): Receive 1 Authentic Disney Limited Edition collector’s pin to your door every month! From rare and classic collectibles to holiday pins, park pins, and new releases, you’re bound to get a pin that will be put in the top of your collection. Classic Box ($30): Each box contains 3+ surprise items that will make you feel like you’re at your favorite place. Magic Box ($39): Features a minimum of 4+ mystery items from the most magical place on earth. Boxes can be customized by age and gender and shipping is included. Magic Plus Box ($48): Features a minimum of 4+ mystery items plus a Disney Parks item from the most magical place on earth. Boxes can be customized by age and gender and shipping is included.

~P.O.M. Eyewear: $12/month. P.O.M. Eyewear is a monthly reading glass subscription box.  Their experienced eyewear designers will personally curate a box of reading glasses based on your style choices delivered in 1, 3 or 6 pairs at a time to your door! Or, get a monthly subscription and have a pair of readers in every room of your house, every vehicle, coat pocket, at work, in your bags, etc. Never go to a store to buy them again. #Peaceofmind delivered.

~FestiDrops: $12 – $20 – $35/month. FestiDrops is the first festival subscription, focused towards distributing limited edition art, apparel, and chances at music festival tickets. Three box options are available: “The Simple Life” ($12/month) which includes 1) FestiDrops Quality Exclusive Limited Edition Hat Pin, (1) FestiDrops Exclusive 12″x18″ High Quality Print, & more, “The Good Life” ($20/month) which includes (2-3) FestiDrops Exclusive Limited Edition Hat Pins, (1) FestiDrops Exclusive 12″x18″ High Quality Print featuring the Art of the Month, & more and “The High Life” which includes (3-4) FestiDrops Exclusive Limited Edition Hat Pins, (1) FestiDrops Exclusive 12″x18″ High Quality Print featuring the Art of the Month, (1) Bandanna or Dab Rag & more.

~Festy Box: $13 – $25 – $40/month. Festy Box is a Music Festival monthly subscription service that delivers the quality festival accessories, apparel, and exclusive artwork to your door. The following subscription levels are available: Tier 1 ($13/month) – includes 1 pin, slap pack and more, Tier 2 ($25/month) – includes 2 pins, larger slap pack, small festival goodies and more or Tier 3 ($40/month) – includes 3 pins, larger slap pack, small festival goodies, larger festival goodies and more.

~Guitar Crate: $13.98/month. Guitar Crate brings guitar strings to you, plus everything else you will need to jam out. No more trying to find a music store open at 8 PM after work. No more forgetting to get a new pair and playing on that rusty set one more time. Just let us worry about getting the goods to you. The best part is that they throw in extras every month. Think awesome surprise meets how did I ever play guitar before without this.

~FilterSnap: $14 – $22/quarter. FilterSnap is a subscription service which delivers air filters to your door when it is time to replace them. You can select the size of the filter you need and the frequency (the default is quarterly) and also the quality of the filter as follows: Basic ($14/quarter), Standard ($17/quarter) or Ultimate ($22/quarter).

~BBEO: $14.95/month. BuddhiBox Essential Oil (BBEO) includes one essential oil roll-on, a deluxe essential oil sample, a crystal, and a guided meditation valued at $40+ each shipment. Essential oil blends created by alchemist, yoga teacher, and reiki healer Julie Quinn.

~PureFormulas Essential Oil Box: $18.75/quarter. When you subscribe to the Essentials Oil Box, you’ll receive seasonal boxes of essential oils, a diffuser, collectible recipe cards, exclusive content, and more!  Note: The first box is $38.70 as it includes a Starter Kit with USB Diffuser + 1 Seasonal Box.

~Feedbands: $19.90/month. Feedbands is a vinyl-by-mail subscription service. Each month they find a killer band, press their new album to vinyl, write the band a big check, and send the record out to subscribers. The artist keeps all the rights to their music and gets paid up front.

~My Monogram Box: $19.95 – $34.95/month. My Monogram Box is a monthly box of monogrammed apparel and accessories delivered to your door. The My Monogram Custom Box ($19.95/month) include one monogrammed item each month has a retail value with shipping of at least $40. The My Monogram Deluxe Box ($34.95/month) includes three monogrammed items each month and has a retail value with shipping of at least $70.

~Motivation in a Box: $19.99 – $39.99/month. ach month you will receive hand-selected audiobooks which are designed to motivate you to overcome any obstacle, teach you how to do it, and be your personal coach in the game of life. Depending on your subscription preference you will receive anywhere from one to three audiobooks each delivered to your door each month.

~Artistry Gift Wrap: $19.99/month. Artistry Gift Wrap is a monthly subscription box service bringing you specialty designer gift wrap from artists and designers all over the world. Boxes will contain items such as gift bags, ribbons, bows, gift boxes and more.

~DDP Swag Bag: $19.99/month. Each month DDP will send you a special package with new items that have not been released on the site. The retail value of the package will be between $35 and $50. You will get the newest items before anyone else at a fantastic price!

~AromaBox by HerbStop: $19.99/month. AromaBox is a monthly essential oil subscription box from HerbStop. Each box includes 4 bottles (1/6 oz or 1/3 oz each) of essential oils, and/or essential oil blends, and/or roll-on essential oil blends.  Along with your aromas, you will receive a description of each oil, 3 tips on using each oil, as well as any safety information.

~The Tan Box: $20 – $30/month. Tan Box sends hand selected tanning lotions, products and accessories tailored to meet your tanning needs. Each Tan Box includes 4 tanning lotions, products and accessories. Also available is the Ultimate Tan Box for $30/month. Samples in the Standard Tan Box retail for between $5 and $15 each while samples in the Premium Tan Box are considered the “top shelf” products and retail for between $15 and $25 each.

~Movie Blox: $20 – $23/month. Movie Blox is a monthly dvd subscription service. Each box contains a dvd ($20/month) or a Blu-Ray ($23/month), popcorn, candy plus fun surprises to help make your movie night memorable. Boxes are available for children and adults.

~Craft Beer Hat Club: $20/month. Craft Beer Hat Club sends you hats and beanies from the best craft breweries in the USA. Once a month CBHC members will receive the coveted hat or beanie from the spotlight brewery of the month.

~The Nanny Box: $20/month. The Nanny Box is a subscription box by nannies of nannies. Each nanny box is curated with special and unique items sure to put a smile on your face! Items can include confetti, jewelry, healthy snacks, lifestyle products, stationery, electronics, books and more!

~The BuckBin: $20/month. The BuckBin will include 6-8 items that will appeal to your party side. Some the items will include your typical party items like pong balls, koozies, beer bongs, and other drinking items you can’t have enough of, but the kicker items will be things that you have never seen before.

~Mystical Mojo Box: $21 / $33 / $51/month. Mystical Mojo Box is a premier monthly subscription box intuitively designed to invoke Soul Transformation by providing items that spark Positive Energy and Soulful Insights! They offer three options: Crystal Mojo Box ($21/month), which includes 2-3 Crystals to go with the Theme of the Month. The Mega Mojo Box ($33/month) which includes 5 or more special items to bring a little magick & mindfulness into your life with monthly themes. And the Mojo Jewels ($51/month), which includes 2 -3 Quality Jewelry + Accessory items shipped to you each month.

~QBOX by SQUIX: $21.98/month. QBOX by Squix is a monthly subscription box specializing in germ-fighting products of all kinds. Each month you will receive a box of three curated Squix products plus a surprise gift at your doorstep.

~CleanerFilters.com: $22.94 – $24.94 – $29.94/month. CleanerFilters.com eliminates the hassle of finding the right air filter by delivering replacement filters to your doorstep when it is time for you to change your filter. Their subscription service allows you to choose how frequently you want filters delivered to your home (every 30, 60, 90, or 120 days).

~Tinselbox: $23.98 – $44.98/month. Tinselbox will contain curated holiday or seasonal items that the crafty and creative TinselBox team has hand selected for you. The Tinselbox Signature box ($23.98/month) includes unique, curated holiday décor and activities. The Tinselbox Specialty box ($44.98/month) including even more unique, curated holiday décor and activities

~BooksTo.Me: $24/month. BooksTo.Me will send you a hardbound book of all the Instagram pictures you have uploaded on a monthly or quarterly basis (your choice). Books are 8′ x 8′ and BooksTo.Me will automatically generate the layouts for your books, meaning all you need to do is wait for your book to arrive and enjoy.

~The Handy Box: $24.95/month. The Handy Box is the first monthly subscription box designed for handy men and women, DIY’ers (do it yourself-ers), and those enjoy projects around the home. Each box includes will include 4-6 different tools and gadgets to help you complete projects of any size.

~SpouseBox: $24.99/month. SpouseBox is a monthly themed subscription care package service for military spouses and created by military spouses. Packages are filled with goodies not easily found in stores and are from brands who support the military community. In addition, each month will feature one military spouse handmade item!

~Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome: $24.99/month. Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is a mystery subscription box from the people at 13 Deals. Every month you will receive an exclusive mystery box with goodies ONLY for the people on the monthly mystery box program.

~Steezy’s: $25/quarter. Steezys are the new charms for your headphone cords. The name is a combination of “style” and “ease” and it’s easy to have great style with Steezys on your cords. Each month you’ll automatically receive 4 awesome new Steezys in your mailbox.

~Retro Pop Box: $25/month. Each Retro Pop Box™ will contain 4-7 items, valued at over $45, that are carefully curated for a maximum jolt of nostalgia from YOUR FAVORITE DECADE. The unique pop-culture products within each box will span the decade and touch on iconic events, music, shows, movies, toys, candy and more!

~Teal Prep Box: $25/month. The Teal Prep Box is a customizable subscription box which send you three preppy items every month! At least one item will be monogramed every month! Items can include clothing, jewelry, and all things preppy!

~Craftly: $25/month. Craftly is always on the hunt for “the next cool thing” and strives to find unique and high-quality items to include in their monthly subscription box experience. Every month, you’ll receive a delivery of 4-5 full and deluxe size items in art, tech, snacks, grooming products, home goods and more!

~Vinyl Me, Please: $27/month. Each month you’ll receive an album on vinyl delivered straight to your door — albums that aren’t just good, but essential for any record collection. You’ll also receive a custom cocktail pairing (recipe) and an album-inspired piece of art from one of our favorite artists.

~Warm Hug Club: $27/month. Warm Hug Box is a monthly hug in a box. Each Warm Hug Box will include an affirmations set, tea, a gemstone, an essential oil blend, a mascot, handcrafted bath salts and soap and a surprise.

~Pampered Teacher: $29/month. The Pampered Teacher Box is filled with special surprises in the categories of fashion, comfort, health and classroom to brighten your day! Each box is filled with surprise accessories and useful products for you, plus fashion tips and teacher inspiration!

~Mystery Box: $29/month. Mystery Box Shop is a monthly subscription club for everyone who wants Christmas every month. Items range from gadgets, collectables, electronics, jewelry and everything in between!

~ElementaryBox: $29/month. ElementaryBox is a monthly subscription box for teachers. Each box includes something motivational for the students, something educational for the classroom, a personalized gift for the teacher, and shared teacher tips & ideas. Boxes are created with the teacher’s grade level and number of students in mind and even the box and packing materials can be useful in the classroom! 6-month minimum.

~Little Dreams Monthly Monogram: $29.94/month. Little Dreams Monthly Monogram sends a box of carefully selected and personalized accessories, jewelry, clothing, or stationery to show off your style directly to your door. In addition, they promise that at least two of the items will be monogrammed.

~RC Subscription Club: $29.95/month. RC Subscription Club is a monthly remote control subscription box. Each month you will receive $60+ worth of remote control toys (helicopters, cars, trucks) from HobbyTron’s vast inventory.

~SudzBox: $29.95/month. The SudzBox Monthly Subscription Box is an experience like no other. If you love cars, this is the box to get every month. You can find over $50.00 worth of car related products in our monthly subscription box such as: detailing/car wash products, apparel (t-shirt), detailing accessories (microfibers, pads, etc.), interior/exterior accessories, decals/stickers, coupon/discount codes and other epic goodies.

~SquintBox: $29.95/month. SquintBox™ is a new subscription service delivering a curated assortment of delightful hand-crafted miniatures to your door each month!

~Stars Hollow Monthly: $29.95/month. Stars Hollow Monthly by Lit Cube is a brand new subscription box featuring 3-5 products which are inspired by the Gilmore Girls & the fictional town of Stars Hollow. *Inspired by*, meaning items that relate to, are inspired by, or are artistic renderings of the show and its inhabitants/characters.* You can expect anything from tee shirts (on occasion), home decor, fashion accessories, bath & body items, and much much more.

~The Pumpkin Patch: $29.99/month. The Pumpkin Batch offers high quality, hard to find pumpkin products year round to pumpkin lovers. Each subscription box is full of delicious flavors and sweet aromas of pumpkin and pumpkin spice. Each box will include 4 – 6+ pumpkin or pumpkin spice inspired products curated from small businesses across America.

~Hustle Crate: $29.99/month. Hustle Crate is for everyone whether it be the entrepreneur, the creatives, the hustlers, the dreamers or the achievers. Boxes will include everything you need to inspire your inner hustler from notebooks, planners, books that will change your life, exclusive case studies and other tools for success.

~The 90’s Box: ~$30/month. The 90’s Box sends a monthly box of 90’s nostalgia to your door. Every box always comes with items with retail values of over $40. Everything we send you goes into one of 7 categories: Toys, Games, Activities, Fashion, Pop-Culture, Lifestyle, & Snacks. There are usually 5-7 epic items in every box that you will enjoy.

~MoonBox by Gaia Collective: $30 – $40/month. MoonBox is a subscription to a set of spiritual goodies and online ritual guide, arriving at your doorstep at the beginning of each month. With your membership, you will receive monthly gifts of crystals, essential oils, herbs, guided mantras and meditations, and any other items that their featured artists might come up with! You can also add a wearable gem for an additional $10/month.

~BellyCrate: $30/month. BellyCrate is a fun, bellydance-themed monthly subscription service. In each box you’ll receive one featured item and several smaller items. The featured item could be a larger costume piece like a skirt or a top, or a prop such as a veil or fans, or an accessory set, like a necklace/bracelet/earrings combo. You can look forward to a wide variety of items – hip scarves, bindis, zils, henna kits, dvd’s, cd’s, and more! If it’s bellydance related, it’s fair game!

~Spinbox: $30/month. Spinbox is a monthly vinyl subscription service. Each month you will receive one unopened curated vinyl record.

~The Teacher’s Box: $30/month. The Teacher’s Box concept is a monthly subscription box service, but for teachers! Many of the items in The Teacher’s Box are everyday things found in a teacher’s desk at any given time, from safety pins to snack foods. There will also be something educational included as well, such as card games, manipulatives, or even a book. On average, each box will contain 5-6 items.

~SinglesSwag: $30.98 – $46.98/month. Singles Swag is the first monthly subscription service designed exclusively for single women! Each month, you’ll discover: fun, trending fashion accessories, organic bath and beauty products, delicious artisan-crafted foods, top-selling books on singles related and life-improvement topics and exciting surprises, just for you. The full-size box ($46.98/month) includes 5-7 items while the SinglesSwag Petite ($30.98/month) includes 3-4 items.

~Gramsly: $32/month. Gramsly is a curated monthly box for those 50+ years of age. A typical box contains 10 to 15 snacks, personal care items, and games. Boxes can also be customized with photographs and messages from you to your loved one.

~Ginger Snap Crate: $33 – $59 – $99/month. Ginger Snap Crate is a monthly subscription box that sends custom designed products, made from your favorite photos. You can opt for the MiniBox ($33/month), the Box ($59/month) or the Crate ($99/month).

~Grand Box: $33/month. The Grand Box is a monthly subscription box for your older family members (boxes are aimed specifically at those over 65). Every month, your loved one receives a curated care package containing something healthy, something fun, something surprising, or something from you (if you opt to do so).

~Be Our Guest Box: $34.90/month. Be Our Guest Box delivers an awesome box of carefully selected Disney inspired products and goodies to your door every month with a value of at least $50. Boxes will include different goodies such as: collectibles, seasonal items, special event merchandise, trading pins, vinylmations, mystery packs, plush, candies, snacks and much more!

~Kites and Ivy: $34.98/quarter. Kites & Ivy is a monthly subscription box for college women. Each box will include a variety of carefully selected bath and beauty products, accessories, and other fun essentials. Items could range from face and body lotions, hair products, nail polish, makeup, a headband, a scarf or a tumbler – and so much more!

~BloomsyBox: $34.99 – $48.99month. BloomsyBox brings the best blooms from around the world–like South Africa, Holland, France, and South America–to your door in less than 48 hours. BloomsyBox has three different options depending on the size of the bundle you would like and the type of flower you are looking for.

~Traditions in a Box: $35/month. Traditions in a Box sends subscribers a surprise holiday box up to six times a year. Boxes include holiday history, decorations, family crafts and activities and MORE!

~White Peach Pottery: $35/month. White Peach Pottery boxes will contain a variety of pottery pieces valued at $50+. The pieces you receive will be exclusive to the box you receive, and will not be available on their website!

~Smile Designed: $35/month. Smile Designed delivers care packages designed for someone who is needing encouragement. Each box is designed with the recipient in mind so each box may be slightly different. Items will include snacks, items that bring comfort and relief, and things that will cheer you up and keep you busy. You can opt for monthly ($35/month) or quarterly ($38/month) boxes and one-time only boxes are also available.

~BuddyBox: $37/month. BuddyBox is a monthly curated box specifically designed for those suffering from depression. Every month, they will create a special box filled with things to help, inspire and comfort those with depression. Each box will have a different theme – for example, products and tips for a good night’s sleep or items to recharge the body and mind. The contents are a surprise and will be different every month.

~Shae Shoc Box: $37.99/month. Every month you will receive all the newest music and merchandise from Shae Shoc Records before anyone else, a personal hand written note from Beckah Shae, and hand-picked extras of her favorite things that will only be exclusive to Shae Shoc Box subscribers.

~Steam Chest: $39/month.Steam Chest is a monthly subscription box full of original steampunk art. Every box will contain a guaranteed unique t-shirt along with 3-6 items such as exclusive trading cards from Twisted Skies Card Game, merchandise from films, music from Steampunk style musicians, E-books from Steampunk authors, crafting items, gaming merch from Steampunk specific games, jewelry, baubles, knick-knacks, coffee mugs/tea cups and steins- again with unique and sometimes handmade Steampunk art.

~Gizmo Crate: $39/month. Gizmo Crate includes 5-6 of the best gadgets and healthy snacks and foods across the spectrum of weird, wonderful and delectable from all over the globe for you to enjoy.

~Passion Box : $39/month. Passion Box from Fruits & Passion is a surprise box containing the best that Fruits & Passion has to offer, worth a minimum value of $70 in products. Fruits & Passion aims to reinvent the world of fragrance, body care and ambiance products by drawing on the best of nature to captivate the senses.

Park Pack: $39.95/month. The “Park Pack” is a monthly mystery box of Disney pins and includes an exclusive Limited Edition 500 pin, as well as 2 open edition pins guests can not yet purchase at Disney Parks. The limited edition pins are part of a series and may include characters from animated features or attractions at Disney Parks. Boxes will be released on the first Thursday of every month.

~Nurses Nest: $39.95/month. Nurses Nest is a quarterly box full of essentials for nurses.

~Box of Car Stuff: $39.98/month. Every month you will receive a mixture of luxury, commonly known brands, eco-conscious and value product brands. Your Box of Car Stuff will include a selection interior and exterior maintenance products, polishes, waxes and other car grooming products.

~Mickey Monthly: $39.99 – $59.99 – $89.99/month. Mickey Monthly is an unofficial Disney subscription box. The following three box options are available: Snack Only Box, Monthly Combo Box and Souvenir Only Box. The Snack Only Box which includes monthly snacks and treats directly from Disney World. The Snack Only Box comes in three sizes: Yummy Essentials ($39.99/month and 3-4 snacks), Twice as Nice ($49.99/month and 4-6 snacks), Kingdom Cravers ($74.99/month and 6-9 snacks). The Monthly Combo Box is a combination of snacks and souvenirs from Disney World. It also comes in three sizes: Simple Combo ($39.99/month), Mickey Sized ($59.99/month) and Mother Load ($84.99/month) and include 4-12 items customized for your preferences. The Souvenir Only Box includes monthly souvenirs from Disney World and again is available in three sizes. Pixie Sized ($39.99/month), Just Right ($49.99/month) and Want It All ($74.99/month). Sizes range from 3+ items to 6+ items and will include a variety of magical souvenirs both big and small.

~SheroBox: $39.99/month. SheroBox sends monthly boxes filled with different goodies for home, beauty, family and life in general. All of their products are from women entrepreneurs and woman-owned or operated businesses.

~Valor Blocks: $40/month. Valor Blocks is world’s first and only subscription box for the armed forces. They are currently offering the U.S. Army Block which features 4-6 U.S. Army®-branded items & an exclusive T-shirt every month and it appeas they will be adding more blocks down the road.

~Bouqs Club: $40/month. TheBouqs is your source for flowers online. Each month you will receive a beautiful “Bouq” or bouquet of flowers. They ship direct from the farm to bring you affordable and beautiful flowers every month.

~Adrift Gifts: $40/month. Adrift Gifts is a monthly subscription box for beach lovers. Each Beach Box has 2 (or more) beach inspired items. Items will be a little salty, sometimes waterproof and always fun.

~Royal Treasure Chest: $40/month. Royal Treasure Chest is a monthly vintage subscription box. Every month, you or your friend, family, or lover will receive a box of three vintage items on a journey! Items will range from scarves from another era, jewelry from a forbidden romance or forgotten books. Each treasure is unique, genuine, and hand-picked. No two boxes will ever be the same.

~Caring Crate: ~$42/month. Caring Crate is a unique, monthly Canadian subscription box service for those dealing with mental health issues, chronic illnesses – or anyone who needs a little extra self-care. Each monthly box will contain 4-5 full-sized products related to health and wellness.

~Not Another Bill: ~$47/month. Not Another Bill is a UK based monthly subscription service. Each month they work with a handful of exciting brands to bring subscribers something exclusive and unique that matches their profile. They aim to curate something special, something that lasts, and something that you won’t find on the high street.

~Fruit for Thought: $47.99/month. Every other month you will receive a beautifully presented gift with a different fruit (and an occasional vegetable) theme. Included will be 5-7 items with an assortment of scents, flavors and colors relating to that theme, which may include home accessories, jewelry, luxurious bath and body products, artisan products,  stationery, yummy goodies and much more.  Also available is the Mini box ($33.99/month) which includes 3-4 items.

~Boxwalla: $49.95/bi-monthly. The Boxwalla Film Box will contain two films along with inserts with detailed information on each film, some to be read before, and some after watching the film. The Boxwalla Team will also send subscribers additional material via email.

~Pusheen Box: $49.95/quarter. Every Pusheen Box will have a curated assortment of mystery items with a total retail value of over $100! Most of the goodies inside are totally exclusive to the box and can’t be found anywhere else. The boxes may also include rare first edition items before they are released in stores! The types of items that could be inside include clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, stationery and more!

~ProtoCrate: $49.99/month. ProtoCrate is a monthly subscription box of materials, supplies, & printed samples for 3D Printers. It’s part Filament of the Month club, part DIY project kit. Each month you’ll receive a 1kg spool of PLA filament, printed models, project ideas, and much, much more.

~Quarterly Co: $50 – $100/quarter. Quarterly co. is a subscription service that enables people to receive physical items in the mail from influential contributors of their choice.

~Unbox Love: $50/month. Every month the Unbox Love team puts their heads together and comes up with an awesome date idea, puts it in a box and delivers it to your doorstep. Activities included are designed to allow couples to learn about each other, experience something new together, and make memories that will last.

~Treatmint Box: $50/month. Treatmint Box is the first-ever subscription service dedicated to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Each box contains 4-5 items which are a mix of practical gifts and inspirational items: think gorgeous art prints, all-natural beauty products, cozy socks, organic scarves, tech goodies and fine paper products.

~Wonderful Objects: $54/quarter. Wonderful Objects is a quarterly subscription mystery box from the family entertainment and travel destination Wonder and Company. What you will receive is a mystery, but objects will be high-quality and creative and will come in a variety of categories including small home goods, decorative objects, stationery, paper goods and writing implements, and whimsical odds and ends.

~Cannonball Collective: $95/quarter.Cannonball Collective is your ongoing resource to discover, learn, shop, and share. Each quarter, Cannonball Collective serves up a curated collection of goods and inspiration delivered straight to your doorstep. Each Kit is chock full of the products and inspiration you need to try a new experience for yourself and have some fun along the way… it’s like a magazine that comes to life.

Discover Our America: Unknown. Discover Our America is a monthly box subscription that empowers people to experience and celebrate each U.S. state’s uniqueness. Monthly, they carefully pick 5-7 products from each state to help you experience it in a new way. Every month, subscribers will receive a new state-themed box. What’s inside:Food, goodies and a photo-filled overview of the state, highlighting its unique history, geography, culture and places to see.

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  1. Kelly S

    I get Quarterly boxes from the curator Veronica Belmont, and I would highly recommend her boxes! She always does a theme and everything is always food related. Usually local items from California, like this quarter’s box was all garlic related. Quarterly has great customer service as well, and no they don’t pay me to say that! I definitely recommend checking them out.

    1. Jennifer

      I really need to look into quarterly boxes!!!!

    1. Jennifer


  2. Bethany

    I just subscribed to three Quaterly boxes, I set them up so I’ll get a different one each month. I’m getting Christopher Jobson (July), Jessica Comingore (August), and Joshua Foer (September). I can’t wait!

    1. Jennifer

      That’s a fun idea!

  3. Julie Dinkins-Borkowski

    Do not subscribe to hobbytron. I signed up for a 6 month program. The first box came late, and contained a broken helicopter. I just received my second box, and I got another broken helicopter. Check the BBB reviews. They are a horrible company that rips off their consumers. I wasted $179 to subscribe to nothing but broken toys. You will be very disappointed with this company.

  4. ipoopicker.com

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  5. Brenda McCracken

    Mr Ghost’s is down.

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