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I hesitated even posted these pictures, because I do not any of you to think I am some crazy hoarder. In reality, I am more of a stockpiler of things I will use and can find super cheap. I hate having to pay full price for things I could have gotten on sale, so I stock up when there is a deal, even though I may not “need ” them right away. Also, I use this closet as a place to rotate toys in and out of my sons playroom. And I store birthday / holiday gifts in here.

I should have taken before pictures of the closet, because things were spilling over on to the floor and it was a MESS. I grabbed some plastic bins I had on hand, got out my label maker and went to work. I grouped things by category (art supplies, play-doh, games, etc.) so I would have a better idea of what I have on hand. Had I done this sooner, I wouldn’t have ended up with two CandyLand board games! Toys R Us had an amazing deal on board games a while back and I stocked up! It may look a little crazy, but I have seen pictures of other people’s stockpilers and this is nothing!

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  1. The Estes Family

    My Jesse and Noah would go crazy in that closet!!! I don't think you are crazy… are a fun mom and Lucas is blessed!!!!

  2. The Estes Family

    You may like it but I HATE moon sand….just wanted to let you know in case you haven't opened it yet!!!!
    Jesse got it everywhere and it is hard to clean up!!

  3. thesandris

    That's a lot of stuff but at least it's well organized. But very soon you will not be able to just have his X-mas gifts in a closet like that. You'll have to find somewhere better where you can actually hide them.

  4. *~Dani~*

    That is organization at its finest. I am also envious because I know you got all that stuff at bargain prices!

  5. Brian

    This blog is so easy to follow.

  6. Brian

    End this charade now!!!!

  7. Jennifer

    Do you like all my foreign comments? Anyways, I cannot wait for you to start your blog!

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