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Here in Midwest, basements are common. I know in many parts of the country, they are not typical. But we are lucky enough to have them here. However, basements seem to be a catch all for junk and clutter. Although we moved just over a year ago, we are part of the junk of the basement crowd. Rather than throwing it away, we just moved it along with us. We have collected lots of seasonal decor over the last year (I blame Target and their 75% off sales), and I realized as I was putting it all away that it would never fit.

So I decided that I would make it one of my 2010 goals to get the basement in shape. With the help of clear plastic bins from Target and a few trash bags, the project was a breeze. I used the motto “When it doubt, throw it out”. I actually donated things to out local Goodwill, but you get the idea. It was just time for things to go. I’d say 90% of the items in the basement are holiday related. The other 10% are old pictures, cards, my husband’s military things, etc. I am super pleased with how this turned out and I tried to group my Christmas decorations by bin as I was putting things away this year (i.e. tissue paper, bows, ribbons in one, boxed ornaments in one, etc.) so that it will be easier to find things next year. I also put all of my apothecary jar fillers in one bin and just generally tried to make life easier when I need to find something. When I get a minute (or an hour), I plan to get my label maker out so I can make things even easier on myself.

This entire project cost about $30 (or 5 bins at $6 each). I already had a ton of bins and just had to purchase a few more in the same size. I always buy the 70 qt. clear plastic bins. Always. I think they are the perfect size and I love that I can see what is in each one without opening them. Also, I feel like the bigger containers can get SO heavy. If you can’t lift them, they aren’t going to work. I really wanted to get wreath holders for the wreaths I made here and here, but Target was all out at their after after Christmas sale. Hopefully I can get some next year.

Do you have a messy basement? Or a super organized one? Let’s see pictures!



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  1. karen

    GOOD JOB. Now you can come and organize mine. Brett piled everything in one corner and anything that was a little organized is now all messed up and he moved out so getting him to help is a lost cause. The theroy is when i'm gone they will just toss.

  2. *~Dani~*

    I am almost afraid to ask why you have so many Christmas trees. However, I do love the organization. I will have to show a picture of mine.

  3. thesandris

    I was wondering about all the trees too! But I think they are those little porch trees.

  4. *~Dani~*

    Well, when I looked the top 3 appear to be 4 foot trees and the other two are the ones for the porches and then a big one? Am I right?

  5. Jennifer

    LOL yes, they are the porch trees, the trees we use on the driveway and the ones we used around the fireplace.

  6. Jennifer

    The top three are the ones we used in the driveway. And the bottom two boxes (four trees total) are the mantle ones and the porch ones. And the bottom box is the white one.

  7. *~Dani~*

    I forgot about the driveway trees!

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