So What Wednesday!

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I thought it’d be fun to play along with Shannon and her So What Wednesdays!. This week I am saying “SO WHAT” to:

-So what if I went to the casino alone tonight?? I love it and I won $110!!
-So what if I have gone to every Target in the Metro Detroit area in the last few days? I needed all that stuff for 90% off. Although, I also need to buy more bins to store it in.
-So what if I booked a Disney cruise for my toddler’s 3rd birthday. Sure, he will never remember it, but I will remember it and I know he will love it.
-So what if I once made coffee without a filter at the country club I worked at in college. I was under the impression that the filter just kept the machine clean and I didn’t feel like going to the basement to grab more filters. It appears I was wrong. And so what if another time, I made coffee (with a filter), but forget to put the pot underneath? Turns out that makes a mess too. And so what if they never let me make coffee again? I didn’t care.
-So what if I got Jersey Shore Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD for Valentine’s Day. I wanted it and my husband remembered and I think that is romantic!

So what are you saying so what to??

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  1. Corin

    We're going a Disney cruise too, and I don't care that either of my kids will remember it! But I know we'll have a good time.

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