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I was reading Tina’s blog today and at the end she asked if anyone has ever met a celebrity. And it got me thinking, who have my readers met? Or just ran into while out and about. I’ll share first:

Ice-T: And Coco. I was behind them in line (check-in and security so they probably thought I was stalking them. I wasn’t, I swear) at the Phoenix airport a few years ago. No one really bothered them, but I’m not sure that I would run up to Ice-T for a picture either.
Pauly Shore: Bryan and I stayed at the same hotel (it was the Marquis Los Cabos in case you need to know that info) as Pauly Shore in Cabo. We saw him at the pool everyday and at the restaurants at night. Totally nice guy. No one at the hotel bothered him at all. But, we saw him again at the airport and everyone wanted their picture with him. You could tell he was a little annoyed, but he took pictures and sign autographs with every single person that asked. And FYI:, he wears speedo like swim trunks.
Kid Rock: Living where I live, who hasn’t met him at least once? I’ve run into him on several occasions, but my all time favorite was before one of his shows in East Lansing, MI. He was playing at a small club (there couldn’t have been more than 50-100 people there), just before he got huge. Before the show, he was hanging out in the bar area and playing pool with Johnny Spirit, who was in full body paint.
Robin Williams: I personally have never met him, but he came to visit the troops while B was serving in Afghanistan. B said he was very nice and really anyone who goes and visits the troops at war gets a thumbs up from me!
Chris Chelios: Does anyone else know who he is or do you have to be a hockey fan? Anyways, I have ran into him at the bar a few times and he was on our flight to Las Vegas back in March. He flew First Class and so did B. Had B been sitting next to him, I would have made him switch with me (I sat it in the back with all the other “second class” people). He seemed like an okay guy, except he left his trash on his seat by the gate at the airport and I hate when people (famous or not) can’t pick up their trash and walk it two feet to the garbage can.

That’s all I can think of for now. I also waited on a few celebs back in my waitressing days and have come across a some local professional athletes shopping and at restaurants. So who have you met? I know two of my readers ran into Britney Spears!!! I can’t wait to hear!!

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  1. Ruth Haberstroh

    How about when you had your picture taken with Nelson on a cruise. Not exactly
    A List but still kinda famous.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG, I totally forgot about Nelson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brian H.

    First, “The Weasel” should have been nice to both of the people on the planet who still wanted his autograph 20 years after he was famous.

    My Kid Rock encounter was in Dave G’s trailer in New Baltimore. I think Bob was with a guy with checkered hair.

    Why didn’t you give up the celebrity linked to Kid Rock who was actually in your house multiple times when we were kids?

    Your sister in-law should blog about her encounter with Howie Mandel.

    1. Jennifer

      Well, I didn’t want to name the other celebrity because that’s more than like a brush with celebrity. I mean, I could probably see that person at like Kroger whenever….

      I can’t wait to hear about her meeting with Howie Mandel. If I recall correctly, doesn’t she also know John Tesh???

  3. melanee

    we stayed at the same hotel as shaun white while in vegas. the red rock. he was flocked by the ladies every time we saw him.
    when i was in high school i got to go backstage at a tina turner concert. i didn’t appreciate the magnitude of meeting her back then. when i was in jr. high school me and my then bestie got to go backstage and hang out for a long while with guy, rob base, the boys, and some others (they are all r&b groups that were big about 20 years ago).
    that’s all

    1. Jennifer

      Oh, I remember rob base!!!!!!!!!!! And that is so cool about Tina Turner!! Wow!!!

  4. Kelly

    I saw Larry king (and his super model looking wife) at a hotel in NYC about 17 years ago. I also met dolly parton at dollywood in tenn. She was super sweet. Her waist is crazy small.

  5. Cindy

    I hesitate to put in my two cents….since you guys are probably too young for “my people”…and some of them are NOT that exciting. However… I have run into Bill Laimbeer several times. The first was at Beaumont Hospital while taking my mom to an appointment. My funniest one is….wait for it….John Boy Walton (Richard Thomas)…at Ginopolis restaurant….have a picture with him…lol.

    Because of my previous work for the Pistons owner….I’ve “encountered” virtually all of the players, particularly Joe Dumars. Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen/Twilight movies)…at my boss’ (her stepfather’s) funeral. If you count political people…I have a lot….one of my favs was HRH Crown Prince of Luxembourg (Henri)…. Oh, Ron White (comedian, love him-tater salad) at Pistons game. Aretha Franklin (Pistons). I guess most of mine were through my work/Pistons games….

    I think I know who you are talking about…at Kroger… Thumbs up on Chelios!

    ps…..Not trying to be a “one upper”……

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